ABREACTION. This is the discharge of mental rubbish, by means of laughter, or any other means of emotional discharge.

AKASHA. The group name for the elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

AKIVA. The rabbi Akiva Ben Joseph lived around 100 BC. He is remembered in the legend of the four rabbis who entered into the Garden of Enlightenment. The story is a tribute to his enlightenment and wisdom.

ALYCTA. A Goddess of Spirit, Lord of understanding, a daughter of Freya, and wife of Modi. One of the unspeakable Leiters.

ANTI. A prefix used in this book, to describe anything one universe up.

ATMA. A level above the elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth, which has yet to be discovered. This is Spirit friendly, but not psyche friendly.

AZURINENESS. A term used to describe an indescribable high state, associated with the colour of azure

BERSERK. A Viking warrior who took a vow, never to retreat.

BUDDHI. A level above the elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, yet to be discovered, and is psyche orientated.

CABALA. The main Jewish mystical system, best known for the Tree of Life.

CHAOS. A state where everyone is changing everyone else's reality. At the bottom one gets all the kicks. In the middle, one kicks, and gets kicked. At the top, one does the kicking.

CHARISMA. A flow probably between serenity across universes.

ENABLEMENT. The assumption of ability.

ENGRAVING. A past incident associated with pain and unconsciousness, and therefore cannot be properly remembered.

GLASNOV. A Russian term for political openness.

GNOSIS. Faith and knowledge through experience.

GODSHIP. The emotion of being God.

HALFMAN. An insulting Viking term for a homosexual.

HEL. The Viking place in the afterlife for all oath breakers.

HOENIR. The silent God, and associate of Odin. The Zen God who is always one universe up, from the one's current universe.

JARL. A member of the Viking upper classes.

KARL. A freeman, or member of the middle class.

KOAN. A Japanese Zen device to aid enlightenment. Eg.:- "What is the sound of one hand clapping."

KOSHER. A Jewish term, used here to denote absolute Spirit cleanliness.

LEITER. A God of spirit. A son of Odin. The seeker. The Leiters are unspeakably horrible, even by Viking standards, so no one will talk about them.

LEITRANA. A Goddess of spirit. Daughter of Freya, and wife of Leiter.

LOVE. The opium of Spirit. The emotion of death and rebirth. Take a dose of opium and drop down a universe.

M'GUMBO. A name used in this book to name the Sky Father of any primitive religion. A name given to the writer for the Negro God, and husband of Black Eve. Black Eve lived 200,000 years ago, and according to scientists, is the common ancestor of the whole human race.

MAGNI. A God of the Psyche, and as a son of Thor, shares many of Thor's attributes and the Hammer.

MODI. A God of spirit, and as a son of Thor, shares many of Thor's attributes, and the Hammer.

OBEINGNESS. Beingness outside the universe, beingness outside matter, energy, space and time.

ODOING. Doingness outside the universe.

OOB. Out of body.

PAIN. Can be caused by trying to be something that one is not.

PERESTROIKA. A Russian word for political freedom. It is used here as Cosmic Revolutionary Socialism, for use after one has gained their enlightenment. A revolutionary Fire flow.

POSTULATION. Positive thinking. "What I say is".

RAGNAROK. The final battle of the Gods of the ego, where they have to give way to the Gods of the psyche. A time when all one's most terrible psychological disasters come true. The Viking Apocalypse.

REAL TIME. A time span suitable to the event. Doing something in present time sometimes means doing something instantaneously which is impossible.

ROKER. A God of Spirit, and lord of logic. A son of Mimir, and member of the unmentionable Leiters.

RU'AH HA-KODESH. Jewish Holy Spirit or Fire Spirit. This has a very high proof rating.

SANA. A Goddess of Spirit, and lord of truth. A daughter of Surt, and a member of the unmentionable Leiters.

SATORI. A Japanese Zen term for the quiet elation of jumping a level.

SIN. Guilt without apparent cause. The misdeeds of Spirit and the God within. They are beyond understanding and visualisation. Due to lack of responsibility, they are projected and transferred on to the body.

STIORNA. The wife of Hoenir. That which is, and ability.

STONEHENGE. A large British circle of large standing stones.

SURT. The Fire God. The Destroyer.

TELEKINESIS. Moving mental or physical objects from A to B. An even more drastic fire flow than Perestroika.

TELEKINE. The verb or action derived from telekinesis.

THOR. A God of the ego. God of intention carried out. Owner of the hammer, when it is not being borrowed.

TPR. Total Personal Responsibility.

TYR. A God of the ego. The faithful warrior and bomb disposal expert. The God who has lost a hand.

TYWAZ. Old English name for Tyr.

UNBEING. Reversing beingness back through its origin.

VOLVA. A Viking lady shaman, versed in the feminine mysteries.

WITAN. A Viking Parliament.

WODENAZ. An old English name for Odin.

WYRD. An old English Sky Mother, and first known God of the English.

YGGDRASIL. The tree of the Viking Gods of the ego.

ZEN. A reality flow. The reality clash between the universe on is in and the next universe up.

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