4.8. THE NEW WORLD. THE NEW WORLD. Welcome to the New World. A large chunk of fossilised mentalism goes. To get out of the grief of losing the Old World, one must create the new. There is no God to do things for you. One must discard anything to do with fossilised mentalism. One must concentrate on useful ability and emotion. This is universe of Free Will and all the problems that go with it. What kind of world does the student wish to live in? The entry point is via the New World. We need plenty of energy. This is an area of do it yourself. The student must create any psychic ability he requires. "We" takes on new meaning. "We" definitely means I and other Spirits. It may also be lead in to spirit sexual reproduction and merging. Use creation or synthesis alternately or use the one that works best. Everything one wants must be enabled by running it through the sweeper. Things will not take off until the Energy Series is working again. THE AKASHIC ELEMENTS. There is a large problem in the way. That is mass in the form of the Akashic elements. The particular element is Water. We require a sweeper that will cut through this. Akasha (the games element) is definitely a block to free will. Love comes in. It looks like a honey trap. It is very good honey. It is however the opium of Spirit. Love is the emotion of death and rebirth. We have used too much opium in times past. THE UNIVERSE OF EMOTION. There is an infernal triangle of love, responsibility and pain. Love and responsibility hate each other's guts. Love and responsibility must be reconciled. Love and pain certainly go together in marriage. The writer was happily married for 24 years. LOVE AND THE PSI WARS. This brings us back to the Psi Wars. We battled it out for Mastery of the Universe. There are no signs of any winners. There must be a better way. Love is an opium for pain. We created love to heal our wounds. In doing so, we created cocoons or duplicate universes, to keep out trouble until we recovered. Unfortunately we never got out of these cocoons. We need energy, telekinesis and responsibility to repair the damage. As love is an opium, it can also be a weapon of war. Pain is higher than love, so if we handle pain, love will look after itself. There is no need for love within the sweeper. We need the Energy Series, not psychoanalyses. The writer contacted Sigmund Freud in his last life. Freud's Book of Dreams changed the writer's reality, from that of a hoodlum to someone more thoughtful. Psychoanalyses has served its purpose. We need ability instead. THE RULES OF GODSHIP. There is little difference between the rules and sins of Godship. This is a case of I have rules, you have sins. This is a sign that one is finally absorbing Godship. Spirit now takes full responsibility for the body. We need the Energy series to fill the vacuum of responsibility. It is time to remove Godship from the sweeper. Godship is now a substandard emotion. There is a definite need to reprogram Godship. CREATION. Eventually we will satisfy all deficits of energy and responsibility. This will take time and sweat. When there are no real deficits, it is time to run everything through the full sweeper (including Psi). There is a pain barrier. Use those parts of the Energy Series which are above pain to start. Starting below pain will go nowhere. At the end, there is death and rebirth, but try love instead. TELEKINETIC ENTHUSIASM. We need a benchmark which is above Godship. Telekinesis is a very strong energy flow. Enthusiasm is a desirable emotion. The two together make a good benchmark. Godship behaves like Loki in the Ragnarok. Godship scours the deep for rubbish to drag us down. The rubbish can be overcome. TRUE NO-THOUGHT. The writer found to his cost, that true no-thought can be mighty painful. One cannot even dream properly. One has to re-learn how to dream. Thought is a problem solving device for known problems. Trying to solve unknown problems is indulging in mentalism. We need to split the Energy Series. We need to remove all attributes which can be considered to be thought, and put them in a separate series. One can have position on both series at the same time. There is a great deal of pain in this area. The most likely cause is trying to be what we are not. Spirit may be only a unit of thought, until energy can be made to work again. This unit of thought needs drastic upgrading. We are also trying to reprogram the body, Spirit and one's genes. This reprogramming will highlight any health weaknesses we may have. This section is like an onion; it has plenty of layers to peel. SPIRIT ANGER. At this level, all attributes of Spirit are based on energy. However as we go up the tables, so energy becomes channelled to suit our objectives. Work and ability may have pre-defined objectives. If we want Psi on Demand as the objective, then nothing must stand in its way. Spirit Anger looks the best source of unchannelled and unprogrammed Energy. This can be channelled towards Psi. The results will depend on one's genes. One thing is certain, it has a terrible effect on mentalism. Do not use one's Ability List until the earlier parts of the list are discharged. Be prepared to break one's Ability List down into parts, as it can start to dig in. ONE'S ABILITY LIST. It is possible to put this through the sweeper, but only after mentalism, deep thought and energy are completely flat. One has to make the Energy Series completely active, for this is the source of all real ability. Physical energy is required, not mental energy. This is only available when mentalism is exhausted. One can expand their universe until it is Cosmic. This leads to Friendship which is a variation on Enlightenment. This in turn leads on to the Cosmic Superhighway, something only understandable to Spirit. There is a lot of pain and anger to burn out, caused by violations of Free Will and Responsibility.


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