4.7. The god within is best treated as a super ego. THE VICES OF FIRE. The Vices of Fire appear and are as follows:- Control can be most awkward, as there is strong linkage to the God within, indicates its source. Under the rules of Fire, there can be no moral codes, and thus no crime. In a society of immortal entities, the only possible "crimes" are variations of theft. Rape and enslavement are very real possibilities, but they are still variations on theft. The theft of God was one acquisition too many. MESSIAHSHIP. Would you buy a used mind from the writer? Force is the only truth! It is possible to make out a plan of messiahship as follows:-

  1. Steal as much of the minds of one's followers as possible.
  2. Convert this mind back into energy and return some, but not all.
  3. Anyone whose mind has been stolen will feel great relief, and will be very open to suggestion. They will believe anything you wish.
  4. The penalty for stealing any mind that one cannot turn into energy, is psychiatric depression and suicide. PSYCHOLOGICAL GODSHIP. We are coming out of the Elements, and into the next level. This is Godship. This is a deeper level of the Psyche. The entry point is Responsibility. Basically Godship is any state of Spirit above spirit boredom and serenity, when interacting with the Psyche. Godship carries no rights or special abilities, only responsibilities. There is however one possible right. That is to put one's hand on another man's shoulder and say "Bless you my son". A map of Godship is as follows:-

                    The works of a God
       Creation -------- Change ----------- Destruction
                         The Pit The missing element proves to be Spirit responsibility. Responsibility must be kept clean with synthesis at all times. The price of not keeping Responsibility clean, is black depression. Godship here may be a last fling of the elements. Should one be a God of everything, as in Water? Should one be a God of something, as in the element of Air? As for the attributes of a God, the list appears to be unprintable. If a machine is useful and is running, then it is useful to keep it running. It is not useful to make it break down. The Force appears to be far more useful than Godship, but cannot be described at present. The Force is a remnant of Fire. The body will be pleased to get the Gods off its back. Totality transcends the Gods. Godship here is an emotion. The attributes of a God can be assimilated into the self. GODSHIP. The requirements of Godship appear to be as follows:-

  1. Total personal responsibility for:-
    1. The Creation of the Physical Universe.
    2. The Creation of the Akashic elements, the Zodiac.
    3. The Creation of everything else.
    4. The latest legislation from the EEC in Brussels.
    5. World War III, when the UK leaves the EEC.
    6. The Population Wars of the 21st Century.
    7. Responsibility to one's fellow men, for all cock ups.
  2. For this, a massive rise in responsibility is needed.
  3. The original technologies appear to be lost technologies.
  4. At the time, we may have been one and not many. This may have been due to implosion, or collapse inwards.
  5. While the Akashic elements were in operation, they took responsibility for us, provided we used their guidance.
  6. Godship is a do nothing variation on serenity, or Spirit boredom. When received, Godship is best rejected.
  7. Godship must close down all previous technologies, to prevent any new creation.
  8. The way forward is through Responsibility, Energy and Synthesis.
  9. A God dumps all his sins on to his followers. GODSHIP OF RESPONSIBILITY. The joys of Godship of responsibility soon wear off when one is asked to be responsible for everything and everybody. THE FORCE. There should be Godship of Fire. However without Water and Air, Fire cannot exist as it is the escape path. Without Responsibility, Godship tends to cease to exist. Most of Responsibility is handled by Godship of Responsibility. THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE. The Physical Universe is a good benchmark, to steer one away from the intellectual. In the following list, Physical Energy is all important, and improves one's energy level:- GODSHIP OF EVIL. Good and Evil now return. Godship takes over from Responsibility and Mass. Evil is yesterday's God. Therefore using this logic, nothing can have been more evil than the Source. There is a flaw in this logic. GODSHIP OF CREATION AND DESTRUCTION. When synthesis is exhausted, creation can take over. Creation is only for Gods. Go on a binge of creation. Synthesis will be needed for cleaning purposes and when common sense returns. If one is going to create, then one must also destroy, otherwise one will get bogged down in one's own creations. Water, Air and Fire give way to creation, change and destruction. Godship starts to behave as a super psyche, and may well be just that. The limiting factor is still how much energy one can create. Energy is needed to finance progress. GODSHIP OF ENERGY. The elements are limited, so it is possible to be a God of Creation. There may not be any ability to go with it. When one tries to be a God of Energy, one is launching out into the infinite. Thus Godship of Energy is not available, at least in the short term. As soon as one tries for any ability, there is a deficit of energy. Thus one is thrown back into creating energy. Try going for the abilities one really wants. . RAW ENERGY. Energy is required to finance progress beyond the elements. This is a level of Energy. Two energies in conflict with each other, are liable to add up to zero. Sometime we may even have enough energy to finance psi. THE WORKS OF A GOD. That great distorter of reality and truth, the Big Bang returns. A God should be able to handle other peoples' mass, and convert it into energy. A possible assumption is that one can only create psi, by converting other peoples' mass into energy. Uncreation replaces destruction. Destruction belongs to the Elements. It is unnatural as one can never truly destroy, but only change. Uncreation is a great enemy of all fossilised linkages and hierarchies. Thus uncreation tends to break down all unnatural structures. Run uncreation, negativity and "Everything" through the current sweeper. With the breakdown of linkages and hierarchies, "Everything, etc." will act as a good catchall. The Gods have been introduced as a benchmark. The Gods of mythology are far better role models than anything Judaic. Godship is at a level above Spirit boredom. Like all establishments, it is mildly constructive. Otherwise it has all the vices of any establishment. It objects to being expected to do anything. All forms are very self important. ENERGY LEVELS. All will collapse as Energy become supreme. Energy dissolves everything, leaving just the I. Run a sweeper with energy and then the I to their illogical conclusions. It becomes apparent that the only subject that can create energy, is I. This can be a drastic blow. A massive increase in responsibility is needed. However this is not ordinary responsibility, but TPR (Total Personal Responsibility). All abilities belong to the Person within, who will become identified as God. God is an associate of the Gods. Everything must be relative to the Person. There is only one subject for a sweeper, and that is I. However various things will get in the way, and these must run through the sweeper, until the I is again dominant. Everything, Everybody and Everyone are unlikely to work for a while, as Energy has wiped them out. Personal Energy is essential to finance progress. CHARISMA. The next level to handle is that of Charisma and Telekinesis. The problem is that the entry point to Charisma is Telekinesis; the entry point to Telekinesis is Charisma. There is a solution to this. Run all the targets in the current sweeper, though the sweeper prefixed by "Charisma" and then "Telekinesis". This is a delightful flow. It has no respect for any God, theology, spirit or man. If this is the flow used by the Pentecostal Church, then it is easy to see the power used to sustain that church. Remove all mention of Gods and Godship from the sweeper. Insert "Charisma" after "Telekinesis". Charisma is above all Gods. Charisma does prove to have some vice. As it is a fossilised flow, it is below spirit anger. Thus it does deposit a some rubbish in one's immediate universe. This can make one feel quite unclean. Anger will clean this up. Telekinesis has a strong element of spirit anger in it. Ordinary anger makes a very good entry point. However I is all important. Anger and Telekinesis should only be used to allow the I to run properly. Anger is very rough on the body. Telekinesis is not much better. The target should be to raise the emotional levels of body and Spirit. A compromise is needed to handle Anger and Telekinesis. One must create the self, however horrible it may be. THE SELF IMPORTANCE OF A GOD. Self importance reveals itself as the great vice of mentalism and Godship. This is needed to maintain their existence. Gods are pretentious beings. As creation is a self important subject, it is advisable to switch to synthesis. Synthesis is far more Spirit friendly, when descending into the deep. This will however take out the current identity. Identity needs to be recreated by using anger and Spirit as subjects. Identity is desirable; Self importance is not. Godship can become as civilised as enthusiasm. GODSHIP. Now that Godship becomes acceptable as an emotion, one can investigate various levels. Godships in responsibility, energy, and revenge may be desirable. However one does not boast about them. As with enthusiasm, Godship is an emotion, and is no guarantee of any specific ability. It is well to try out specific levels of Godship in a sweeper. Aiming too high will bring in undue mass, and the identity will have to be recreated yet again. Free will appears again. Again it is self indulgence when viewed from above. It is Satanism when viewed from below. A lot of Machinery of the Universe has been inspected. It is time to restart the Engine. Blessing and forgiveness can be used on all items of mentalism. This will earn the dubious approval of mentalism. WAKING THE UNIVERSAL GOD. This is descending into the deep, so stick to synthesis. Now that one is at Godship, the Universal element must be handled. This demands a great deal of energy and responsibility of a universal variety. It is unlikely that one can wake up the Supreme Being. The linkage to the Supreme Being can be woken up. WAKING THE LORD THY GOD. It has taken the writer a long time to learn the following lesson. "Thou shalt respect the Lord thy God, for He is part of thy ultimate self". Now that God has been freed from the shackles of the Universal, God can be woken up. He needs to be integrated with Spirit and the I, to become the new identity. A further massive amount of energy and responsibility is needed. Do not be afraid of using low cunning. Keep energy, responsibility and I clean. If there is rubbish in one's immediate universe, then clean up the I. SURVIVAL. If what an immortal entity wishes most is death, then this is not survival. Survival proves to be a good benchmark. Slot in Survival, Godship and Total Responsibility into the front end of the current sweeper. Survival brings in value judgement into thought, action and objectives, and is superior to responsibility. One result is that a lot of rubbish is thrown out. Creation, Godship and responsibility get thrown out. God is the answer to the death wish of Spirit. In God and mentalism do we die. It is useful to use one's ability list as a benchmark ("I psi, etc."). As creation loses its power so one needs to revert to synthesis. Godship, creation and responsibility are just dimensions of mentalism. The only one of any use is responsibility, as this provides the escape route. God comes back as the prodigal son after learning something about survival. THE APPRENTICE GOD. Godship should still mean any Spirit emotion above Spirit boredom (serenity). God becomes anyone who can perform one's ability list and psi on demand. Godship acquires a further vice. It can stand no rivals. Godship must absorb or dispatch all rivals. There is a complication. The list of the attributes of Spirit is at least two dimensional. Any arguments are probably due to minor extra dimensions. The cross over point between Energy and Ability is responsibility. A great problem in this section is pain. This is the penalty for trying to be what one is not. One cause is Wishful Thinking. The other main cause is trying to use an emotion as an Identity. THE PSYCHIC ENTITIES. It is unwise to use any specific ability as a subject in meditation. However every specific ability is linked to some archetypal entity in the deep. The following is a reasonable assumption. Any ability mentioned in mythology has been performed by someone at sometime. This is subject to misunderstanding by the chronicler, exaggeration and distortion. One can use an archetypal entity as a subject. Add a few to the following:- THE DEATH WISH LIST. This is a list of psychological archetypal entities and states. Most science fiction writers agree, that the thing most likely to be sought by an immortal being, is death. Why bother about boring old reality? You can be a couch potato constantly entertained by the television of mentalism. THE SINS OF GODSHIP. In the Jewish Cabalah, the left hand side of the face of the Allfather cannot be viewed by mortal man. It contains all the corruption in Creation. Such are the sins of Godship. Man cannot sin if he is awake. Only a God can sin. Godship contains all the virtues, vices and conservatism of any typical establishment. All British political parties seek to play God. They share the same faults. The way through is to use the Energy series. The deficits in responsibility, energy and pain tolerance are enormous. As Godship can stand no rivals, this is a killing ground between rivals. The main sins are listed below:-

"Sorry Squire, He came to pieces in my hands". Sorting out the Sins of Godship, demolish the attribute list above. UNIVERSAL GODSHIP. The linkage to the Universal God now has to woken up into real time. Like the God within, this is a great source of suppressor mechanisms. Expect plenty of sin and evil. Give priority to the Energy series. Those wishing to try total World domination had better hurry. The World is about to end yet again. Subjects include:- THE EVIL FROM PSI. In the past few billion years, Psi activity by a person has committed numerous crimes. These cannot be viewed by a body, as the circumstances are too bizarre. This can be viewed as Evil or yesterday's reality. Psi does not have sins. Psi has Evil instead. We need the Energy Series to sort out all deficits in responsibility, energy and pain tolerance. GAMES The games we play now come into view. This may be a point where one can switch to a different game. Fossilised virtue can be more deadly than evil. Add a few to the following list of Games:- ENLIGHTENMENT. There is enlightenment to be had. However the only one that can say what a good boy you are, is the body. Run the body through the sweeper, and look after its needs. The body will reward you. It gave the writer a small amount of clairvoyance. THE STUDENT GOD. The first rule a student God has to learn is that one must forget all about Godship. God and Godship are a matter of identity. A real God must do. The second rule is that there is no room for old fossilised identities and games. The third rule is that Psi (and all the junk with it) lies outside all petty universes, and is above Godship. Do not be in a hurry to pull it in. The penalty is reduced consciousness. The remedy is the energy series. THE UNIVERSAL. The Universal is itself an identity. Prefixing by the word "Universal" is a good way of digging deeper. It will expand one's universe. Remove the word altogether when the going gets heavy. Using the word "We" removes the need for a personal identity. "We" does suggest multiple identity. Even multiple identity is an identity. There is a solution to borrowed identities. One can postulate one's own existence and identity. If either "I", "We" or "Spirit" does not work, try one of the others. Spirit at this level is outside all current universes. Thus the current Energy Series is universal. A great deal of energy is needed. This is the time to put one's ability list through the sweeper. It is a good answer to states of no- thought. THE STUDENT CREATOR. We must jump to a higher universe. The lead in is by way of the God Within at that level. Gods create. They do not synthesise. The main sin of God at this level, is that He lives in a different universe. He must be persuaded to recreate the Physical World. As He enters our own universe, so "We" and "I" take over. Anything at the level of Godship does not synthesise. It creates. Anything above or below synthesises. As we shall be flipping in and out of Godship, this creates some chaos. Only use one's ability list as a last resort. There is a large black hole waiting for us. When fossilised Godship is overcome, we need a very large amount of energy and responsibility to replace it. THE SINS OF SPIRIT. Information on the Sins of Spirit is not available. However they do bear some similarity to the Seven Deadly Sins of the body. These are pride, lechery, envy, anger, covetousness, gluttony and sloth. It appears that responsibility for them is dumped on the body. It is now time to raise Spirit into real time in the Physical World. It is also time to make Godship recognise responsibility. APOCALYPSE. All this is likely to lead to confusion. Should one be using Creation, Synthesis or neither? A God must stop any further Creation. The confusion is resolved with a night's sleep, and running the Energy Series. This will propel a person through some very disturbing material. There are the rules, goals and objectives laid down by Spirit Godship. One has to meet the Archetypal Gods face to face. We thought they were safely absorbed into the personality. As for True Science this is just an apocalypse. It is advisable to run the Energy Series through both creation and synthesis. Synthesis is best for cleaning the Energy Series. PHYSICAL GODSHIP. This is hard to get into. Try prefixing with "Physical" to the point of absurdity. "Let Physical Godship create physical energy" This does raise more Sins of Godship. It also raises the Sins of Spirit. The main sins are psychology, playing with Godship, and perhaps creation. Everything moves into one's universe. "We" and then "I" have to take responsibility for sins. Keep the Energy Series clean. Godship is comfortable complacency. It is ultra conservative. It is slightly constructive. In relation to the body emotion of interest, it rates low. It is starting to appear that the true attributes of Spirit are rather similar to those of the body. Let us try raising some enthusiasm. It is necessary to unhook healthy attributes from the service of Godship. Responsibility is important here, as responsibility to one's peers or fellow men. The link between Godship and responsibility must be severed. If we had been more responsible to our fellows, then we would not have descended into Godship. THE ENGRAVING OF GODSHIP. The Energy Series will take on through levels of universe. Enthusiasm and interest will take one to the top of the current universe. Godship is both a heavy engraving and an emotion. Do we really need emotions? What we need is ability. If the ability is there, who needs emotion? Let us deal with the engraving. If there is an engraving, there must have been an engraver. We can rule out self mutilation. If everybody reduces everyone else's ability, then in the end no one can do anything. Thus this is one of the Sins of Spirit. We must drag everything through the emotional barrier of Godship. We must disconnect Creation from Godship. THE BLACK HOLE. With the removal of fossilised Godship, a gap appears. We must fill it with responsibility and energy. Make sure the following are flat before going on to the next step. The Black Hole just mentioned is about to get bigger. The next thing to do, is to make sure one's ability list can be created. This means using the list for real, and not just as signpost. Creation has been disconnected from Godship. It finds it's true place in the Energy Series. The Energy Series takes over. Creation is in the bowels of the Energy Series. Anyone wanting creation of anything, has to take the "Do it yourself" approach. Who is going to create for you? There is however one entity which must be woken up. That is the Creator. Creation is far more civilised with the Creator awake. The objective is to be able to synthesise everything in one's ability list. We require a massive amount of energy and responsibility. Thus most of the time will be spent on the shorter forms. Expect plenty of pain. Synthesis is more reliable than Creation. Creation can be used when it is not connected to fossilised creation. Subjects include:- THOUGHT. Thought is not in the real World. We must wake up thought and creation. To some people Thought is the real God. They then claim to be atheist. Thought joins the Energy Series. ORIGINAL SIN. Original Sin will only run if Spirit and the Sins of Spirit are flat. There are still plenty of fossils. END OF THE OLD WORLD. This is the end of the old World. It is a point of death and rebirth. Goodbye Old World. Expect a bit of grief at its loss. Welcome New World. This is good time to go on a diet.

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