It expresses itself in a number of dimensions:-

Reality is badly mangled by the Big Bang. The Big Bang is the origin of the Physical Universe. The Big Bang was the solution to some problem in Chaos, just what we may never know. BEFORE THE BIG BANG. This event was some fifteen thousand million years ago, give or take a few billion, and so it is optimistic to look at existence before this event. We can however look at things that do not depend on the Big Bang for their existence. Thus Mathematics should be independent of the event, but any form of thought is not. The student should work out his own list, as anyone else's is liable to be suspect to him. Can Awakeness be independent of the Big Bang and Space Time? After discounting Mass Pain, should the list be linear or circular? The writer will use linear listing for simplicity, regardless of accuracy. As the Big Bang was a solution to a problem, problems must have existed before the event. Although Time is generally thought to start with the Big Bang, this is only true insofar as the Physical Universe gives us markers by which to measure it, like day and night, or the spin of an electron around a nucleus. SANITY. A blockage to progress is one's sanity. To enter the Zen flow again, it is necessary to dispense with one's sanity. Dispensing with one's sanity is no problem. One must however dispense with any psychosis, which may still lingering around. Such psychoses, which are strictly body or brain orientated, include paranoia, schizophrenia, depression, mania and epilepsy. Epileptic enlightenment and epileptic awakeness should be quite interesting phenomena. Many people who made history, suffered from it. Epilepsy may be a source of considerable energy, not always for constructive purposes. The average person has spent half their lifetime, trying to appear a bit more sane than they really are, so it is time to dispatch any sanity that is not in present time, and to use real time sanity instead. Dispatching one's sanity is necessary to enter and dispatch the Zen flow. Zen and Enlightenment should be treated here as psychosis. Zen and Enlightenment may be highly desirable psychosis to the average person. Here they are still psychoses. Once body psychoses are out of the way, one can let the body take full responsibility for its existence. COLOUR In Spiritualist open circles, the following colour classification has proved useful to the writer. This is for visualisation exercises, and for clearing away other peoples mass, for healing and other purposes. DIMENSIONS. In examining dimensions visible and hidden, it is necessary to distinguish between observable and absolute dimensions, especially regarding time. Now observable time, the time of science, is a function of atomic vibration, but at the time of the Big Bang there was now matter and therefore no time. Observable time only started when there was space for matter such as atoms to form. This leaves a distinct gap in absolute time. Also if the physical universe is speeding up or slowing down in absolute time, there is no means of measuring this using observable time. It is also worth investigating the concepts of pseudo or parallel time, and possibly even circular time. If one travelled in parallel time into the future, it would be possible to see the future. It would however not be possible to alter the future, for the future lies in observable time and not parallel time. For space, let us suppose there are three parallel dimensions, x, y and z, corresponding to length, breadth and height. As one travelled in the parallel dimensions, all form in the observable dimensions will remain the same, and will be static in respect of the observable dimensions. The exception would be that as one moved in the parallel dimensions, so certain forms would dematerialise into ghosts and less, while other forms would materialise. We must be responsible for our actions in all dimensions, observable and hidden. RESPONSIBILITY TO. To an immortal entity, life and death are academic illusions, but that does not stop them from being heavy, and meditation on them feeling rather real. To handle death, one must first dispatch all available responsibility to. This is death to the current remnants of the ego, and clashes in marvellous fashion with any idea of psychic ability. If one is responsible to life, then death must not be inspected. If one is responsible to space time, then one must not indulge in any psychic activity what so ever, and stick to "nice clean safe mentalism" instead. The real death here is the Big Bang, and the living death that has followed. The real stopper of mentalism, is to command that everything be responsible to me. What can effect me, if everything is responsible to me? A person will be struck by the utter uselessness of the ego. As spirit has no real static beingness, it is also useful to look at me and spirit; they should be the same. Please note that this book is not written from beyond the grave. PRE-CHAOS After a good go at synthesis, Pre-chaos comes to the surface, bringing any Chaos and Big Bang attached to it. The original sin is long lost, but can be undercut by going back to Pre-chaos, which is a state before anyone did anything. At long last Heaven shows up. It is not above. It is not below. Heaven is twenty thousand million years in the past. The misdeeds of Chaos appear to revolve around control, that is starting, changing and stopping things. Problems probably arose over everyone starting, changing, and stopping things, which were not considered by others to be their property. It is no longer fashionable to blame thunder storms on the sins of the people; we blame the weather forecasters instead. THE IMPLOSION. The Big Bang makes a return here in inverted form, as the Great Implosion. An explosion is a violent expansion. An implosion is a violent collapse, like the breaking of an electric light bulb, as this contains a near vacuum. The Big Bang was an explosion for the universe. For psychic purposes it was an implosion, as psychic entities lost so much. Whether psi was given up willingly or unwillingly, will be left to the student to decide. There is also the question of whether the Great Implosion was before the Big Bang, at the same time, or after, and the relationship between the two. The Implosion also suggests sub nuclear particles. These are the smallest thing into which anything can implode. This leads on to psi particles, psi strings, and psi glue to stick the particles together. Psi glue is very real, and is a form of mass. The psi particle may be a seven day wonder. The question of the psi particle is not whether it is true or false, but whether it provides any material on which to meditate LAW. Justice is for winners. Trials, war crime trials, and punishment are for losers. Responsibility is bowing to the current winner, and hoping that he does not suddenly become a loser. Abreaction is seeing the funny side of bowing to a loser. Hopefully the student has now run out of three legged horses, on which to bet his money, or rather his responsibility. When there is nothing to be responsible to, the student can be left temporally in a rather lonely state. When the final awakeness comes, the whole of mentalism can be seen as a load of old cod's wallop (fish guts), and has about the same real value as fish guts. It is assumed that the student is a law abiding person, but it does help when the law is written down on paper. The problem with the law here, is that it concerns what the judge said a million years ago, and certainly before the start of this lifetime. Retribution is still mostly self inflicted, so that one cannot repeat past crimes, but it does help to know what these so called crimes were. The real crime seems to be any form of psi activity. By this logic, anyone performing any psi activity or miracle is a more dangerous war criminal, than even Adolf Hitler. They must be rapidly made a God or drastically suppressed, to prevent anyone following in his footsteps. The Zodiac appears here as the emotional side of the Big Bang. Karma appears to be a link between the Big Bang and the Zodiac. In view of the corrupting influence of the Zodiac, the present validity of crime and punishment before this lifetime, is in severe doubt. Karmic retribution appears to be the great barrier to psi activity. TRADERS AND POLITICIANS. Now some twenty billion years ago, in Heaven, a place where nobody does very much, it was decided to do something. There where two camps, the traders and the politicians. Zen and ability appear to have their roots in the traders. The politicians strove for some grand consolidated master plan, which became karma, and was probably designed to curb excess ability. This sounds similar to the European Common Market. Battles ensued, which lead to the Big Bang. Spirit has since the Big Bang, been groping around in the result, trying to use the best forms it could find, man being one of the better forms. AKASHA. Akasha here is the personal Akashic record. This seems to be the equivalent of one's birth certificate, passport and other documentation, the genetic map of one's genes, and criminal record including all undetected crime. This appears to originate from the time that One split into many, before the Big Bang. Each new entity was given a program, to make it different from all other entities. The entity no longer wishes to keep the program. As the material here can be somewhat violent, "Everything" makes a good catch all, to put at the top of the list. There is also the problem of counter intention. DISCONNECTION AND RECONNECTION Sweepers set up a lot of strain between Spirit and Body, which shows up as some rather dubious emotions. This is a problem of obsolete linkage, which can be resolved by disconnecting, and then reconnecting in a more suitable way. Anything that is still fossilised must be woken up, regardless of what it is. Disconnection from rubbish is fine, but for ability one must reconnect, especially to what is useful. If all connections are to be dynamic, then one must be able to disconnect and reconnect at will. This is regardless of the nature of the material, hopefully the right way around this time. Connections to rubbish will not be maintained for long in the dynamic state. BLACK EVE. Black Eve lived 200,000 years ago, on the grasslands of Africa, and is the common ancestor of all modern human beings. Some 50,000 years ago, man developed a tongue and a larynx suitable for speech and communication. In doing so, he became the only animal to choke easily, and to run the risk of dying from compacted wisdom teeth. The advantages of speech outweighed the disadvantages of a deformed mouth. With speech and the dawn of civilisation, man became a desirable vehicle for Spirits to take over. This was for their amusement and to work out theories, thus accelerating civilisation. The real problem to solve, is how to manage a body, when one is burdened down by twenty billion years of spirit rubbish. There is also animal mental rubbish from a rather shorter period of say half a billion years. Some early attempts were not too successful, hence the legend of Atlantis. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Personal responsibility means responsibility to oneself. The buck stops here. In practice this includes granting one's responsibility to one's family, one's boss, and anyone one consciously wishes to be responsible to. It is quite normal to have clauses defining one's responsibilities in one's contract of employment. When driving a car, one has certain responsibilities towards other travellers, whether on foot or in motor vehicles. It is quite normal to help anyone in need, provided one can give effective help. A person may feel responsibility for maintaining Mr. Patel's corner shop (open all hours). Otherwise how is he to get a tin of cat food during the evening. Cats are very demanding of responsibility from the people they own. There is no reason for anyone to give unwilling responsibility to anyone. It should certainly not be given to fossilised minds and three legged horses. As responsibility is essentially a concept of mentalism, even if it is unpopular . with mentalism, the true liberated Spirit is responsible to no . one, not even itself. Responsibility to Self is a good stepping stone. This begs the question, "Who or what am I responsible to". The main unwelcome responsibility demanders appear to be psyches arising from the Big Bang. There is also what one did to one's victims a million years ago. The Heaven of 25 billion years ago is of interest, in that the One divided up into many, and thus the One as it divided would have been Mr. Big to the parts that separated from it. Then there is the British Blasphemy Act, and the rubbish it protects, including the IRA. Tax collection always was a legalised protection racket. ENERGY. The synthesis of energy is marvellous for pulling in pain, and thus there must be strong linkage between energy and pain. The main currency of the Spirit World is energy. The old trick is convince beings that they cannot keep their energy to themselves, and that they must share it, usually by the use of force. Psychic abilities are very demanding in energy. To produce any real psychic ability, one must both synthesise and conserve energy. This in turn really pulls in the pain, and old energy stealing incidents (vampirism). CREATION. The main trouble with the word "creation", is that it has at least five meanings:-

  1. The creation of the universe, and favoured by psyches.
  2. My creation.
  3. The creation of ability in real time.
  4. Old fossilised creations or mistakes.
  5. Something for Spirits and not hard headed bodies.

We are in the physical universe. Meditation is done by bodies. DATA ANALYSIS. There are plenty of Ring Pass Nots, which are barriers caused by changes in reality. Their precise nature will become clear in meditation. The relationships between attributes and items, is the subject for data analysis, or what ever the student uses. Hierarchical or ranking order strings are favoured by mentalism. True data analysis deals with relationships in the form of a matrix or diagram. What ever is top in data analysis, is the item of immediate interest. Thus if one is going for a particular ability, then that ability comes at the top, and the way to get it comes second, and everything else come further out. Unfortunately any map is multi dimensional, and only relevant to a particular level. The writer will stick to strings, and leave the student to do his own data analysis. BORROWED OBJECTIVES. One's objectives come from quite a number of sources. Those in real time are no problem. We do however borrow the objectives of those we live and work with. This is probably a basis of collective civilisation, which is fine until it gets fossilised. There are also fossilised borrowed objectives from all times back to the Big Bang, and back to the One who divided himself up. Who did the One borrow objectives from? THE ANNIHILATION OF EXISTENCE. The next step is worse than death, for it deals with the end to one's own psychological existence. The roots of the Zodiac may appear, but can be handled as one's objectives. Even criminality can seem a desirable existence. Criminality here is the flip side of responsibility. When criminality arises, ask who one is responsible to. No universe other than the Physical Universe is now big enough for the writer. DEEPER LIABILITIES. The writer is a firm believer in one body, one ego, and one spirit. No one has ever accused him of having a split personality, or schizophrenia. That he has encountered multiple psyches is not a problem. One can play them off against each other. However in this section the writer wandered back into psyche land. There came a point where the upper levels looked too antiseptic and clean. It looked as though the writer was running a college for the Masters. On closer inspection using visualisation techniques, this turned out to be a college of liabilities. Spirit was eventually located. It was in the form of a gibbering idiot hiding behind the liabilities. It was having either a nervous breakdown or an identity crisis. These liabilities are like fish, deep frozen even before they were fossilised. They are difficult to bring up to real time. They can be brought up into real time eventually. They do have very low qualities like control. They also have high ones like postulation (what I say, is). MISSING PARTS OF SPIRIT. Many of the components that need to be recovered, are probably in some dustbin marked "Evil". The body has only access at present to part of Spirit. It is necessary to wake up the rest. To get these parts, it is necessary to wake up all external spirits. This may mean waking up someone else's as well. Expect plenty of bad temper on being woken up from deep sleep. This certainly expands one's universe. THE IMPOSSIBLE FLOW. Zen only deals with logic and reality. The Impossible flow deals with things far more basic. It appears to have its roots in the lost dimensions. By all logical standards, the Impossible flow cannot possibly exist. Reality here seems to move in curves and not straight lines. All mental and astral pictures become symbols of something deeper. This cannot be expressed in pictures or words. There may be other similar flows. IMPOSSIBLE ACTIONS. While time itself is probably linear or straight for most purposes, mental time appears circular. A number of psychics maintain that one cannot predict or see the future. One however can remember it. If one puts a book down on the table, walks away and then reverses time, the book should appear to levitate as one is not there. If one plans a course of action in the future, then one must take full responsibility for one's actions. This is as if that course of action had actually taken place. Such courses of actions are commonly known as day-dreams. There is a common result of planning the use of psychic power. This is that so much mental mass is generated, that psychic action cannot take place. SYSTEMS. It now appears that one is looking for psychic ability, in a system that cannot provide it. This is like trying to consult computer systems, why the sales to John Jones and Company Ltd. are down, by inquiring about the activities of Joe Blogs (warehouse man). Any linkage does not exist in the sales ledger or labour systems. There may be some linkage via the management system. It is time to look at systems, and to leave mentalism. That is if vested interests on the Cosmic planes will let us. A person is not meant to leave the shackles of mentalism and emotion. Observation and energy are all important. One control mechanism is to suppress any interest in anything outside mentalism. It is also necessary to dispatch any illusions, and there are plenty around. In case of trouble, or getting bogged down, suspect attack by vested interests outside, and other control mechanisms. THE PSYCHIC. The next level is extremely difficult to get into, but perseverance will pay. There is an awful lot of mass around, which does not answer to the name of mass. This may answer to the name of psychic mass. There are four basic entities within to look at. A NEW CYCLE OF CREATION. It becomes apparent that destruction is not the same as telekinesis. Destruction is in the lower range of telekinesis. Construction is in a higher range. Thus telekinesis becomes constructive and civilised when the rage and destruction have been discharged. Thus the psychological cycle of creation, namely creation, change and destruction is wrong at this level. A new cycle is needed, such as the one given below:- BEYOND ANY LOGIC. When mass can be recalled, without problems, we enter a cold world, where there can be no logic or emotion. This state means plenty to Spirit, but nothing to the body, as there is no logic. This state does enable one to handle mass, without using logic and emotion as a bridge. The penalty is that as soon as one rises above mass, one has to start using the table of body emotions. Mass is a form of death. Where depression is a problem, invoke the rage to clear the excess mass. Gnosis is still defined as "Knowledge and faith through experience". It will take out obsolete knowledge and beliefs. Disasters and failures as subjects will help to remove spurious clairvoyant and warning messages. UNIVERSES. A one dimensional universe will behave as a tube sealed at one end. Any contents will be available on the last in, first out principle. To get to the bottom item, one will have to tip out all other contents first. This is quite suitable for a single memory. It is also probably suitable for some sort of haunting, when attached to a point in space.

A two dimensional universe is rather like a book, or tree structure. Any data may have to be duplicated. Without communication lines being able to cross over, cross referencing is rather limited. Such a universe can only be accessed by one person at a time.

When there are more than two dimensions, communication lines can cross over, and cross referencing is far easier. Such a universe can be accessed by more than one person at a time. The writer is becoming most frustrated at the limits imposed by a four dimensional universe. OUT OF BODY EMOTION. The last time one did not have a body, was between lives. This makes a good entry point. Heaven is another entry point, but it does look very much like a brain washing station. There is much engraving in this area, which is closely linked to brain washing. It would seem that one gets an engraving, every time one takes on a new body. It would be most surprising, if the student has not helped from time to time, in the engraving of other beings. This in turn will lock in those engravings, performed by others on the student. Then there are those incidents in time long past, going back to the source. Some of the abilities recalled are best quickly forgotten. Should the thought of any of these abilities make one feel sick, then invoke the rage. This is purification from the other end. One may feel sympathy for certain German judges, who were brought to trial after World War II, for war crimes, after reality had changed. There is plenty of mass. If the rage or telekinesis should disappear, then assume that one is in an area of pure emotion, and not ability. While purification . is a dubious ability, purity is an emotion. As one rises in emotional . level, purity is worth experiencing. This is as long as one realises that spiritual purity and enlightenment can be traps and dead ends. It is necessary to upgrade the Spirit and ego. The ego tends to become the public face of Spirit to other beings. One of the Heavenly engravings may be to transfer the ego, from Spirit to the body. AWAKENESS. As one comes out of emotion there is yet another spiritual disaster. How does one live without emotion? This is resolved by concentrating on ability. The rage goes, to be replaced by telekinesis, which may be the equivalent on a higher level. Mass goes. A few curiosities are liable to come in, like the dance, maybe of higher emotion. No logic is available. The crunch really comes when one tries assuming control of the body. This recalls all engravings, when taking over a new body, especially the current one. There is linkage between technology, engravings and assumption of a body, and perhaps the less that is said, the better. There is far more happy linkage between ability and enthusiasm. OBSERVATION. The small boy in the story "The Emperors New Clothes" is liable to be Heimdall with his observation. There is still little energy in Heimdall; he is the small boy who points out the obvious. As for understanding, this is liable to be 99% trying to find out how other people's systems work, and 1% trying to find out what one was trying to do in the first place. The student's current Ability List will tell him what kind of universe, he wishes to live in. There will be a clash between this universe and the one he is living in. This begs the question, whether one needs a universe in the first place. Universes appear to be prisons created by an event answering to the name of the First Judgement. WE AND I. If the Ego and Spirit diverge, use We instead of I. Using "We" does help to keep down the problem of the Wicked Fairy, (who in fairy stories is left out of the party). Events can be used instead of universes and go deeper. Events include:- The Zodiac, the First Judgement, the Closing Down of psi ability (use opening up), etc. There is a definite change in reality as one starts to leave the Elements. COMPETITION. There is an element of this in many activities. In the case of commerce and industry, competition, threats and liabilities are all parts of the game. The risk takers should know the risks, but there are some losers. On the whole this is constructive, and most people win. When a whole industry goes under, questions are asked in Parliament. In the case of walking into a lamppost, the basics of the above are still there. In the case, where the command is what the judge said, the command is all too obvious, and a spell in prison forms the engraving. THE UNIVERSE OF ETERNITY. If everything has its level raised in relation to body emotions, then one will have a happy body, and not one that is two metres under in black mass. Eternity is a very long time, and contains a large amount of fossilised reality. THE RENUNCIATION OF THOUGHT. When a person has recovered from Eternity, he may continue. There is the problem of raising Spirit through the anger barrier. This is in spite of Eternity. Death is dependent on thought. There is also much fossilised technology, which appears to be more emotional than anything else. The idea of psi on demand is liable to bring out the worst in anybody. Let one's anger deal with the rubbish. Let one's anger deal with why one cannot levitate physical objects on demand. It is necessary to check on synthesis. Is one trying to synthesise things into or out of existence. There is much divergence here between Spirit and ego. This is due to the attempt to wake up deep levels of Spirit. Spirit can be very bad tempered, and worse.

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