4.4. PERESTROIKA. THE UNIVERSAL SUBCONSCIOUS. The Universal Consciousness (or Universal Subconscious), is in the element of Water. In its most obvious form, it is a telepathic communications network, between the few thousand million people living on this planet. If that was not enough, there is also the spirit world. Everyone spills their thoughts out telepathically. This is not in sufficient volume for individual thoughts to be recognised. When the lot are added together, it is not surprising that a few frost giants become visible. The net result is to form a force that tries to make everyone converge in their behaviour towards the norm. It tries to make everyone think in exactly the same way. When this system is practised in the physical world, it is normally called Communism. When practised on a higher plain, it is called religion, reality and other more respectable names. PERESTROIKA. Perestroika is a revolutionary Fire flow. Unlike Zen it has teeth. THIRD PARTY RESPONSIBILITY. It is reasonable to take personal or first party responsibility for those in one's family, those under one at work, and anyone else within one's control. It is totally unreasonable to take personal or first party responsibility for those one cannot control. Now is the time to switch to third party command level responsibility drills. The objective is to command the third party to take responsibility for its own actions. A massive amount of intention is required. A suitable example is "Let all Communications be totally responsible for their own existence". There are oddments left of one's own mind, after one has received enlightenment. The ability command list, which will lead to higher enlightenment, need be very little different to that used earlier. The responsibility sweeper can be run in third party form, or in first party form (I). It really depends on how much space, one can put between oneself and the offending piece of mentalism. Try the third party first, and if that does not work, to try the other. ANIMAL MEMORY. There is strong evidence in meditation, that as well as the spiritual entity, there is also a genetic life force in us all. This is passed on from parents to children, probably by the mother only. On this planet, we started off as single cell organisms, simpler than amoeba. We evolved over millions of years into multi-cell organisms, into fish, then reptiles. We then evolved into mammals, into monkeys, cave men, and finally human beings. The reader can rest assured that he comes from a long line of survivors, and every one survived long enough to breed the next generation. They were not the ones that got eaten. They did the eating. In battles with fellow cave men, they were the ones to swing the club the hardest, and get the cave girl. The main key here is Animal Survival and the scars from it. ANIMAL MEMORY (this life time). Another source of trouble is from the scars and engravings acquired in this life time. A person can deal with all past disasters on an intellectual and emotional level, only to find that the same incidents have also left their scars on the animal mind. Before receiving enlightenment, it is not possible to tell the animal mind from the rest, but after, it is far easier. THE RULE BOOK. It is well worth examining the rules one lives by. There is nothing necessarily wrong with them, but are they the right ones for current living in real time. MEDITATION AND RESPONSIBILITY. Some time or other, a person will wish to stop meditating. Now is a good time to examine meditation and responsibility. Remove any unnecessary machinery. Ensure that everything is working in real time. MACHINERY. Mental machines exist to short cut thinking, and goes on existing after the initial purpose has gone. They contain much dead or inert mental material, or mental mass. FREEDOM TO. We are still in virtual universes, no matter how real they look, or how many threats they make to defend their existence. There is absolutely no way one can destroy the physical universe by meditation. If it were possible it would have gone long ago. The target is all out ability and not emotion. DEATH AND REBIRTH. As any spiritualist will tell you, death of the body is just a passing phase, to the state on the other side, or to reincarnation. The death of interest here, is mental death, and the mental components that have died to become machines. THE THIRD EYE AND THE CHAKRAS. The third eye is the pineal gland at the base of the brain, and in the centre of the head. It is a ductless gland that secretes hormones into the blood stream. It controls other ductless glands, and is considered to be the driver of the body's hormone system. There is a lot written about it, but little scientific fact, even if it is an essential medical organ. Read some of the literature. There is a lot written about the seven Chakras. They form a path of spiritual power, up through the body. They go from the base of the spine, through the testes or ovaries, up through the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the pineal body, and through the top of the head. It is claimed that when the blockages are removed, the spiritual self is revealed. POSITIVE THINKING AND POSTULATION. What we say, is. The term Postulate is introduced, meaning something claimed or assumed as a basis of reasoning (Oxford dictionary). This will at times be abbreviated to "P". A stronger definition is required. What we postulate, is fact, with the backing of total intention. Beware of being frivolous. If anyone postulates that there are fairies at the bottom of his garden, he may have the job of getting rid of them again.

Certain rules have to be made:-

  1. Any postulate must be made with full intention, that it should be so. A person must be prepared to back track, in cases of failure, and undo the postulate.
  2. Postulates should not be detrimental to personal survival.
  3. Postulates should not be detrimental to the survival of other beings. Ignore a little competition. Postulating against the interests of others, is the way that mentalism got generated originally. If everyone is postulating against everyone else, everyone loses, and there are no winners. Purely defensive postulation is allowed.

Certain adverse states can be logically predicted:-

  1. Negative postulation. These will comprise of obsolete postulates, frustrated postulates, and offensive postulates from other people. They will include anything working against our interests. Do expect material to come up from the past, especially that telling one that, he can not or must not do something.
  2. Postulates in conflict. If two postulates conflict, then one or both must be undone.
  3. Group postulates. This is the problem of the universal consciousness, all over again. What the group postulates contain, may not be in our best interests.
  4. P energy or postulate energy. This certainly exists, but should an asset and not a problem.
  5. P mass or postulate mass. This is the sum of old postulates and P energy, which have got solidified into mass. Just as we raised the dead in mentalism, so must we raise the dead or P mass in postulation, to release our full potential. Pain and unconsciousness do not appear in postulation. This is unless anyone is stupid enough to postulate them into being. In this case, would they please un-postulate them again. LEVITATION. The writer has set the standard on levitation. He should be able to raise a match stick ten centimetres from a table. There is little point in using anything heavier than a match stick. A feather might get blown away by a draught. Ten centimetres looks like a suitably small but significant distance. This should be large enough to avoid most forms of self delusion. So far there has not even been a twitch. ENERGY FLOWS. Every energy flow subsystem has five components.

  1. SUCCESS. This is success in the main business of the subsystem, otherwise referred to as its strong flow.
  2. THE STRONG FLOW. This the weak flow of the subsystem above, but is the flow activity of the current subsystem.
  3. FAILURE. This is level dropped to, when the strong flow is frustrated, and in the lower subsystems is pain. This level cannot be tolerated for long, so that a being has the choice of two courses of action. He can either repair the strong flow, or he can drop to the weak flow below.
  4. THE WEAK FLOW. This is a response to failure, and is a last ditch attempt to win. Thus it is cruder, and does not have the power of the strong flow. This is an attempt to find success at a lower level, and is liable to lead to the being leaving for a lower subsystem, where he will for a time be a success.
  5. STATIC. The universe of flows is essentially a dynamic universe. Everything exists as energy flows. This is unlike all the previous universes encountered, where everything is static. Old mistakes solidify into static mass, sleep, or unconsciousness, or just dead matter. One of the things that has to be done to restore a subsystem, is to wake up the dead and the static, and inspect it. This restores it back into dynamic form. In the physical universe, reality exists as space, time, energy and matter. In the current universe, everything exists as flows. Reality can only be expressed in terms of flows. If reality were to remain static for at least two days running, this book would be easier to write. THE POWER BEAST. The Beast within or the Beast outside, is a good thing to look for. The beast is the personification of all those things suppressed, or put out of the way, by the spirit. It is necessary to wake up the beast, and integrate it with the spirit. Imagine being a dragon, breathing out, not fire, but the fire spirit. Such a dragon makes an excellent vehicle for cleaning out the lower reaches of the mind. There are plenty of other real animals in the worldly sense, or mythical creatures suitable for the purpose. There is one hint from the shamans, and that is never use a domesticated animal, as these have lost their power by being domesticated. The possible exception is the cat, but then cats do come in all shapes and sizes. If one must have a dear little pussy cat, then do make sure it has either the spots of a leopard, or the tufted ears of a wild cat. HYGIENE. A person can carry on, and try to fight all universal minds to the death, but the backlash on this is not revenge but war. As universal minds have more cannon fodder than we have, try disconnecting instead. This is a case for spiritual hygiene, to clean up all the linkages. NATURE. The camel has been described as a horse designed by a computer. It has an awkward shape. It can go for long periods without servicing. It can smell terrible. While it is normally an uncomplaining beast of burden, it sometimes turns around and bites. This is quite a good description of Nature. Nature and the planet are worth meditation, when considering space/time.

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