4.3.1. ENLIGHTENMENT. Enlightenment is the spiritual disaster. The personal mind packs its bags, and leaving through the door. It takes the mental machinery that we use for reality with it. It is only a short term disaster, until we can look with our eyes, and see the world directly, using what we see as reality. Satori is less drastic, and comes with a breakthrough to another level, when the benefits more than outweigh any losses. When dealing with enlightenment, one is gambling all, to win all. The golden key to enlightenment, is total personal responsibility. Most other things take one on a grand tour of universes. Love will keep a person at least a million kilometres from the door to enlightenment. The battle cry of Enlightenment is "Who Cares!". This is an exclamation, and not a question. THE BODY. The entry card for the Universe of the Body, is for the I to totally love the body. If the body does not consider itself to be suitably loved and understood, then it will do all it's power to stop the I from being able to use control. This will keep the I out of all the levels above control, and it will generally succeed. It is important to let or visualise, energy and awakeness, flow to the tips of the fingers and the tips of the toes. A suitable format for directed meditation is:- ANTIMATTER This section contains all the miscellaneous material, which must not be used as the top of top down meditation. It is also the material that should not be seriously used, until the student is certain that he is ready. SLEEP The great problem of meditating on sleep, is that it can put a person to sleep, and should only be done at the end of the day, as a remedy for insomnia.

For serious work, only Real Time will do, but be warned as one may get total real time sleep, which is very rough on the body. Dreams make a far better subject to work on. DEATH The would be shaman must consider this, even if the body objects. It does help to show the true nature of Odin. In modern spiritualist circles, there is one thing that just must not be mentioned, for fear of being shown the door in a hurry. That is "Deep Trance". The old rule used to be "Deep trance, dead at 50". Please remember that deep trance is not a state to aim at. For the Shaman, ritual death is part of initiation, as this is to say that hence forth, the I is in charge. If possible, this is best left till after one has received their enlightenment, and then only in third party form. UNCREATION True destruction is Uncreation, as what normally passes as destruction, is change into another form. Uncreation is needed to remove the hard core of the rubbish of the psychic, as if it had never been. ANTIMATTER, ANTI-ENERGY AND ANTI-UNIVERSES. These three form a group. In science, anti-matter is the complete reverse of ordinary matter. There is a violent explosion if the two come together, when equal quantities of each will disappear without trace. The mind of the I contains all three anti states, and apply to things not within one's current universe. Meditate on Antimatter and Anti-energy for philosophical reasons. The important one is the concept of the Anti-universes. The main source of anti-universes, is in one's own universe. One reaction to outside hostility is to retreat into one's own universe. One then creates universes within it. These are the anti-universes. When they are brought out and dusted, they react violently with outside virtual universes. This leads to their mutual uncreation. RELIGIONS AND THEOLOGIES. The only way to hit any nonsense in these on the head, is to use these as subjects in a suitable sweeper. In theory there is no such thing as Viking theology unless one is German, but in practice there is bound to be some. GODSHIP. Unfortunately being a God means very little to the essential I. Being a God means an awful lot to the body. It is like getting the job of manager. Many mothers of professional sons, believe their sons to be complete failures. This is because they have never got the job of manager, or a commission in the army. The sons on the other hand, see the manager's job as something that would either stifle their creative ability, or lead to loss of real authority. Such is godship to the I. The basic problem of godship, is that it is an emotional state, and not one of ability. Good and Evil return. Being a God is a two way process. It suits a body to have a God to look after it. A God never deserts his followers, or this case follower, and so a contract is being signed, to take care of the body till death do us part. This alone greatly increases the trust, that the body has for the I, and allows the I to develop further. Godship brings out a great ethical problem. We Vikings are probably the only people bloody minded enough to reach Godship. Should we go on to provide the Gods for less evolved religions? Should we try to change the world? IDENTITY CRISIS. The tools remain the same, the intention vested in the Hammer of Thor, and conscious walking. This is an identity crisis, or a chaos of identity. There is worse to come. We are working up the our receiving our Enlightenment, in case that was not apparent, and each level is a major chaos. Mother (the body) says that respectable Gods do not change their Reality. FIRE, THE BLAST FURNACE. The next major Chaos is that of Energy or Fire, and it is an entry into a higher universe with an entry point at Control. Vikings have the Hammer. Fire is the Source of Energy, and is the Blast Furnace of Surt. It is neither hot nor cold, but the energy flows through one, burning away all the rubbish. For anyone who is prepared to stand naked in it, and let the dross be burnt out, this is a wonderful experience. For those who wish to hold on to their rubbish, it is pure Hell, no matter how many dog collars they may be wearing. Being in the Blast Furnace belongs to the Fire element. It is the gateway or jump door to higher things. It is the source of all energy.

The highest Chaos located is that of Time. Time is just another dimension in the Physical Universe. CREATION. We have been dealing with the creation of responsibility, understanding, awakeness and real time. This has been to burn out the rubbish in the mind of the body and the I. These tools have been destroyed as fast as they have been created, in burning that rubbish. Can we really wake up the I. The answer is the Universe of Creation. The only wild card Creation. The Blast furnace is such a marvellous hiding place, for the jump door or exit from the Universe. The true purpose of the Blast Furnace, is to hide the jump door. Hoenir picks up his Sword of Fire, which everyone thought belonged to Surt, and in his true shining terrible splendour, beckons us through. THE UNIVERSE OF ACTION AND OTHER CHAOS. This leads on to the Universe of Action. This requires waking up the Real I. As this is moving up into a new universe, Real Time is also needed to deal with the sewerage, unless the reader wishes to go to sleep, for here is a chaos of consciousness.

The next chaos is a chaos of control. In bloody battle, it is the purpose of the antagonists, to render the enemy dead or incapacitated. What does one do when the enemy cannot be killed? One answer is to brainwash him into a lower state of consciousness. Under the rules of moral responsibility, it is necessary to take responsibility for being the winner, not the loser. It the winner who commits any atrocities against the loser. The loser must have been a winner sometime. As this is the area of control, those who must play silly games, must expect to reap the consequences of their actions. Hoenir and Surt have been mentioned as having quite some say in the upper levels, but what is the connection between them. Surt does not seem to an archetype or an entity, nor is there any trace of a wife. We now believe that one is the alter ego of the other. On the one side there is Hoenir, known as the most timid of the Gods in the sagas, and on the other side there is Surt the Destroyer. To confuse matters further, they may appear side by side. Take the Fire Sword from Hoenir, for those who genuinely get this far, have the right to use it. This is the sword of pure energy, and will cut through any rubbish. Time is the next chaos, for all games and actions exist in time, and without time they lose their fabric and support. There is a conflict here, for to live in this world we need real time, but real time is an element of time itself. Take a two way bet until things resolve themselves, and there is always the Chaos of Chaos. There is an awful lot of sewerage to be disposed of, in waking the I up to action. It will become apparent, if it is not already, that the Universe of Emotion is the pit of the Ultimate. The Universe of Ability is a poor copy. What is needed here, to avoid another black hole, is a higher level than action to meditate on, to undercut it. One reasonable solution to the above problem, is the so called "Impossible Goal", and some say that everyone should have one. It is best to choose an impossible goal that does look reasonably possible, like Astral Travel. If the choice is to win the football pools, mother (the body) will be pleased. Any goal involving psychic ability should be suitable, for undercutting everything below. Get thoroughly drunk on Rampant Energy. It is the best liquor in town. CONCEPTUALITY. The I is waking up from its sleep, and the first thing to happen is the equivalent of a nervous breakdown, in the form of an identity crisis. It is a matter of concepts. Until the I can sort out its concepts, there is trouble. What concept does the I have of itself. Is it a body, a free spirit, a god, a demon, a Viking, or just what. Who or what am I. Also the Cosmos is a universe of concepts. The Cosmos is a conceptual universe populated by conceptual beings. Concepts are only ideas, so what is real? The first necessity is a massive amount of understanding, as love will put one back to sleep. IMMORTALITY. There is now the universe too terrible to comprehend, and that is Immortality. As the body gets older, we start to wear glasses, lose a few teeth, and find that we have not got quite the sexual vigour that we had at twenty. We shrug our shoulders, saying that no one lives for ever. In the opinion of most science fiction writer, the thing an immortal being most seeks is death. Immortality carries the awful responsibility of keeping ourselves permanently rejuvenated. The last thing that most people really want is immortality. AWAKE TO ENLIGHTENMENT. In waking up the I, we would not be true Vikings in the spirit of our fathers, if we did not wish to do just a little marauding, not a lot. We must wake up the Godhead, the divine essence in us. However the I cannot act if it cannot take responsibility for its actions. A massive amount of responsibility is required. Understanding is secondary in importance, while love is useless. There is now a problem in that is relatively easy to remember the actions and misdeeds of the ego. How does the I assume responsibility. It has been asleep for the last million years. There is a way in, and that is via our dreams. The idea that we can control and direct our dreams, may come as quite a surprise. This is known as Lucid Dreaming. It is advisable to take full responsibility for everything in sight, regardless of one's religion. Purge or delete any emotional or virtual rubbish from the list of the Ultimate. One must purge anything else which is not hard headed enough to serve a practical purpose. Love is a marvellous tool for navigating through virtual universes. It ceases to have any use once we are outside virtual universes. Love has many vices. With love comes enemies, with enemies come hate, with hate comes genocide, pogroms and the IRA. Once one it out of virtual universes, the foundation tools become responsibility for one's actions, and understanding. One of the maxims of Crowley was "Love under will". This has generally been taken as a sign of Crowley's perverse nature. At this level we would only change it to "Love under responsibility", which is not a great deal different. Love is a tool of the psyche, but the psyche is itself a virtual universe. Under criminal and civil law, a man is automatically held responsible for his actions, until proved otherwise. It is well to remember that we live in a society based on moral responsibility. The Buddha was once asked if he was god, man or demon. The Buddha replied that he was none of these, he was awake. It is time to revert to two state reality drills to remove all excesses, and bring things back into balance, so try the following:- Carry on with any other identities that might be appropriate When even the Ultimate is a virtual universe, one is free of all virtual universes. One has achieved Enlightenment, Buddhahood, or should it be Thorhood. The paths are very different between Viking and say Zen Buddhism. The objectives may be different. The result is remarkably similar. Do not expect to stop laughing for a week. In the short term, receiving Enlightenment is a spiritual disaster. The principle reason for this, is that as the personal mind disappears, so does 90% of what we have been using for reality. We are forced to look at the physical universe, and use our senses directly, without the use of mental machinery. This causes much talk about the joys of Non-existence, and doubts about one's own existence. This is due to one having lived in a psychological existence, . and moving into a state of existence, more in tune with the physical . world. If the reader has too much doubt about his existence or lack of it, he should consult a spiritualist medium, to confirm his existence as a spiritual entity, for that is what he is. It is all a question of what is really real, psychology and mentalism, or the physical world. Another problem that arises is the state of no-thought. One's own mind disappears. All the mental noise from the personal mind, verbal and pictorial, also disappears. The silence can be shattering. However this does not stop one from thinking in real time, to conduct one's daily business, and the business of living. The Universal Consciousness will be only too pleased to fill up the vacuum from outside. This is the subject for the next section. Do not expect to get over the excitement, trials and tribulations of receiving Enlightenment in just a day. It may take a month or more to calm down again. Take a holiday from meditation. Technically, Receiving Enlightenment is total freedom on a personal level, from the element Water. Enlightenment is freedom from all problems and pain one never knew one had.

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