4.2. - CHAOS. CHAOS. Chaos has been defined as a state, where everyone is changing everyone else's reality. However to have a reality, there must be an agreement that something is so. Agreements by definition involve a period of time, so there can never be a real time agreement. In total real time, there can be no reality, except that which can be sensed by the physical or other senses. Thus no one can keep a Lord of Chaos to a contract. Viewed from above, Chaos is great fun, as there is never a dull moment. Viewed from below, chaos is so terrifying, that even the fires of Hell look like a holiday camp in comparison. Taken in small doses, within meditation, Chaos is quite easy to deal with. A person then has the advantage of looking at it, either as an equal, or preferably from above. ANATOMY OF CHAOS

The anatomy of a chaos is actually quite simple. First there must be a source, to create it. There are many sources. A source creates universes, which are the overall framework of chaos. The framework creates actions, as if it did not, it would not be seen to exist. These actions are the games of a chaos. The games of a chaos create other universes, often in conjunction with other universes. Games create appearances of what is, otherwise known as realities. The numerical relationship is that one component on a higher level, creates one, or more, or many components, on the level below. There may be exceptions, where the source of a chaos is a group reality. One example of a universe, is a business company. Thus it is as well to examine the source, the universe, the games and the realities of the company, that one is working for. THE UNIVERSE OF EMOTION (OF THE LOWER PSYCHE).
The Wild Cards.

Survival for self and other entities.

Survival for self, destructive to others not on the same side.

Survival for no one.

The Fates Worse than Death. The Pit. This universe is based on love, and is designed to be as escape proof as Colditz Castle, the well-known German prisoner of war camp in World War II. This is a province of the God within of the element Water, and not the Gods without in the element of Air. Do not blame the Vikings for this one, as they have not been around for a thousand years. The escape key is personal responsibility. There are plenty of moral codes here. They are all designed to make sure that no one escapes.

Wild Cards.

High Ability.

Low Ability.

The Pit - The sewerage therein. FORMULAE FOR LEARNING MOVING INTO A NEW UNIVERSE. The universe a person is working in, is not always the one, he thinks he is working in. This can lead to a few rude shocks, but otherwise is not a problem. As a person completes a universe, so they drop to the bottom of the one higher. This can be most depressing. However having started at the bottom once, it is easier to do so a second time. Another problem is that there can be so many duplicate universes. These are in apparently random order, so that moving up can be confusing. When a person moves down a universe, there is no set order, only the universe that will achieve his objectives, in place of the one he is in, where opposition is too great. THE UNIVERSE OF UNIVERSES OF THE LOWER PSYCHE.
Wild Cards.

Problem --------- Opposition to our will.

Normal Response. Drop down a universe, to where the opposition is less. This how the universe of psychic emotion comes into being. Memories of this drop are remembered as Original Sin.

Danger. Surt may come along with his will, and destroy us, if we are not careful, when dropping down a universe. BEING A GOD. One can then go on to be God of selected universes, like those of members of one's family and work outwards. This is good for a bit of fun, until it becomes apparent that there are an infinite number of universes, inviting one to be the personal God of all of them. At which point the whole exercise becomes self defeating. In the spirit of Pure Malice, the following is offered for your enjoyment:- MACHINES. Now machines do not have goals or objectives. They may not even have universes. We have put them there in times long past, to do work for us, but the great bulk are now obsolete, and oppose our current objectives. KEEP THE HAMMER CLEAN.


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