1. The following is a good repair list. Most problems arise from an excessive deficit in energy or responsibility or both.

  2. If one has enemies or is under psychic attack, then one must be a (willing?) victim. This is generally a lack of responsibility at the level at which one is working.
    1. Remove love and any other emotional item which has crept into the current sweeper from that sweeper.
    2. Use responsibility as the subject of one's current sweeper or command list, until the trouble is over.
    3. If this fails, locate the name of the enemy (or the nearest approximation), and use this as the subject for the sweeper. Alternate this name (or closer approximation) with responsibility. Enlightenment can be an offensive weapon.
    4. If one has enemies (unspecified) then suspect paranoia. Make sure the following are clean:- Every responsibility, loyalty, allegiance, objective, mind, rule book or moral code, and rule.

  3. Keep one's immediate universe clean, especially when coming to the end of a meditational session. Working outwards, it is summarised by the subjects below. At times "I": will be missing, in which case "We" will be the centre. Work outwards in to chase material as it changes levels. This will pick up any material which is not recognised, but is too close to home.
    1. I.
    2. We.
    3. Everyone.
    4. Everybody.
    5. Everything.

  4. One cannot have what one is not prepared to let others have. Satan may be within and too close to home, in which case he must be woken up and evaluated in real time.

  5. Try not to use the same subjects twice in succession. Alternate subjects. When trawling the depths, alternate one low subject with one at a higher level.

  6. If one gets a fright, then one is aiming too high. Try a lower level.

  7. Any Spiritualist Church will be only too happy to relieve anyone of excess energy. Just attend. There is no need to ask; the guardian guides of the Church will oblige. All Spiritualist Churches give spiritual healing if asked.

  8. A glass of beer is a good way of backing out of problems of one's own making. Alcohol puts a temporary stop to meditation.

  9. It is useful to be a member of a group of like minded people. The communication will speed enlightenment.

  10. Do not try meditation except when conscious walking or something equivalent. Ordinary walking without meditation is good for clearing the head.

  11. If a command list does not produce abreaction, find one that does. If an item within a list does not produce abreaction, consider dropping it for a short time.

  12. The minimum number of commands in a list is one. Whenever the going gets heavy, restart at the beginning. Otherwise use a lower list.

  13. Anger is the best agent for cleaning up one's emotions. When using "All Masses" as a subject, alternate it with Anger.

  14. Some tools like Telekinesis are best used in third party form first, before using "I".

  15. Think twice before trying meditation while under medical supervision or drugs. Meditation can raise blood pressure. Antibiotics are unlikely to cause trouble. Tranquillisers certainly will cause trouble.

  16. The writer has never heard of anyone getting enlightenment by use of illegal drugs. Anyone using illegal drugs deserves whatever treatment they get from the Police. There is no easy way.

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