2.9. USING PSI FOR MEDITATIONAL PURPOSES. This section is dependent on one having read and used the following sections:- A USEFUL CHECKLIST OF SUBJECTS:- Psi is a natural function of Spirit, and thus cannot be meditated on using mental methods, and thus is not a function of mind. It does however gather a lot of mental rubbish like moral codes. There is such a thing as removing the negative influences, and that is what a psi sweeper will do. Consider the following:- The psi mind is parallel to or higher than the logical mind, but does not contain any logic. Thus it is difficult to write about it. Most knowledge depends on logic, and so any knowledge of how to do psi is most likely false knowledge or know-all ignorance. Treat psi as a natural ability of Spirit. However as the psi mind is still a mind, one can expect such things as psi godship, rule books and the equivalents of all logical emotions. It appears that in the past, we have given away our psi abilities to others in a similar way to the way we gave away our responsibility. We can try to get it back. There are a few good targets to look at.

It is advisable to keep the following clean, but not the point of reinstating minds. According to psychologists, the body, intelligence and thought is 70% controlled by one's genes, the range of opinion being 60% to 80%. They attribute the rest to one's environment. Sometime in the 1960s, a group of French psychologists did some research on the effects of the Zodiac. In France, they register a person's time of birth as well as the date. In surveying famous people, they found a 5% blip in the data corresponding to an appropriate planet in the ascendent (rising over the horizon). Belgium psychologists saw this, and put the results down to typical sloppy French workmanship. They repeated the survey on famous athletes and to their horror got a 5% blip on Mars in the ascendent. It is doubtful if these filthy blasphemous heretical results have ever been translated into English. The point is do not expect dramatic results, and be prepared to be grateful for any small gifts. The writer has had few psychic results that he would accept as proof in other people. However life is made up of small percentages, and any such gift however small is worth receiving. However no mind or mentalism can produce psi, but no mind can admit this. Therefore if one commands the mind to produce psi, then it burns itself up in the effort. It is commanding the mind to do the impossible, which is all good Zen. Psi command lists can use anything as a subject as they are superior to the Energy Series and practically anything else. Until one has conquered the Energy Series, psi command lists pull in so much mass, that one soon has to revert to lower level meditation. The great advantage of psi command lists at any level, is that they keep one pointed in the right direction. Thus they are useful when one has lost their way. To Spirit they are great fun. ONE'S ABILITY LIST. The following is a command list for psychic ability. It is far too long, so cut it down drastically, reorder, and then start adding one's own, so that it becomes a personal list:-

Other subjects include:-

In third party form, so useful extras are:- There are certain hazards:-

  1. If one tries remotely viewing the future, then one has to take responsibility for one's next existence. However this is a good way of bypassing karma and avoiding one's just deserts.
  2. There are certain key words in the Zodiac like winning. These have to be located by trial and error. What they do is to unduly dig one in. If we put more teeth and intention into it, the list becomes:- WHEN A SPIRIT HAS TO DO WHAT A SPIRIT HAS TO DO. When Spirit bypasses consciousness, the following can be used:- KEEPING PSI CLEAN.
The following is good for cleaning purposes and when other forms do not work. Turn the whole list around into third party. USING TABLES OF EMOTION.
When using tables of emotion include death and boredom as it is very easy to stick on these without realising it. As serenity is a do nothing emotion, it can have a negative effect on health. TABLE OF EMOTIONS FOR THE SPIRIT MIND.
Some of the less obvious identities associated with these emotions are included in brackets. GAIA THE GODDESS OF EARTH.
Gaia the Goddess of Earth is worth inspecting, as she puts things in a different perspective. Check the following:- REMOTE CLEANSING.
When dealing with the enemies of the Gods and the enemies of the people using location in space time, the following commands cut the work in half. They do raise one to the level of control. Alternatively one can use Responsibility as in SPIRIT GUIDES.
Spirit guides have made the writing of this book possible by giving inspiration. They are also well known in Spiritualist circles, where they come to the psychic who relays the message. The rules of being a spirit guide are very similar to those of being a public speaker. First one has to get the attention of the audience. Next one has to convince the audience that one is on a higher level and has far greater knowledge. Then one must tell the audience what they want to hear, and possibly slip in a few things they do not want to hear. Tell the audience what they do not want to hear will get one thrown out. Everyone has a limited knowledge range, even spirit guides, the more obvious ranges being limited to periods of time and areas of space. At present there are also non Terran guides generally associated with UFOs. They act as ambassadors for the homeworlds from where the UFOs originate. They must put their homeworld culture in the best possible light. Thus their messages are likely to differ from reports of the activities of UFO occupants on Earth. Also if one tries remote viewing their homeworlds, one will get an entirely different view again. If Earth is so primitive, why do we get so many UFO visits. TELEPATHIC SOCIETIES.
The spirit world and most alien societies appear to communicate by telepathy. This has a number of penalties. While there can be very little crime, there can also be very little free will. We in Terran bodies may be very unpsychic, but this allows us to hit the depths of depravity. It also allows us to hit the heights of enlightenment. Having the duality of the body and spirit allows us to do such things as meditation, which does not appear possible to a spirit without a body. It is possible that by generating third party enlightenment, we can damage their status quo. It may well be that we are the only ones who can sort out the problems of spirit, the spirit world and telepathic societies on other planets. A CLEANSING SWEEPER. THE EMOTIONS OF PSI (OR RATHER RAW SPIRIT).
The emotions of psi are little different to ordinary emotions as they do not belong to anything resembling a fossilised mind. The entry point is via psi crime and moral codes. Here moral codes are the great limiting factors, and there are too many of them.

Subjects include:- EGOS.
There are quite a number of Egos which are above moral codes, probably because they are centres of consciousness. The important topics are Free Will and Infinity. SEND SPIRIT OUT TO WORK.
This is as far as the writer can go at present as a combined Spirit and body. To go further, Spirit must do it itself. However Spirit can be pointed in the right direction. Pick the wrong direction and one will have to work overtime cleaning up moralities and control. The above will bring into examination the symbiotic relationship between body and Spirit. Check the following:-


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