2.7. USING PSYCHOLOGICAL TELEKINESIS. This section is dependent on one having read and used the following sections:- A USEFUL CHECKLIST OF SUBJECTS:- TELEKINESIS. Telekinesis is moving something from A to B. One must take care to specify what is being telekined, and into what position or state it is being telekined to. If the object is unwanted then it is best transformed into energy. If the object is useful then it needs to be enabled. As telekinesis is very abrasive, the following is given in third party form. Construct something from the following example. TOTAL FREEDOM. This is useful in the style:-

2.7.2. ENERGISING THE UPPER ATTRIBUTES. When creation, synthesis and responsibility have been discharged, we can discharge the upper attributes of mentalism. Mass tends to be represented by objectives and responsibilities. Try the following:-

Other subjects include:- ENERGISING THE PSYCHIC. When understanding, intention, communication and observation have been discharged, we can discharge psychic mass. This is very heavy and in a different system. Thus everything has to be prefixed to get into the right system. Psychic mass can be very heavy. Try the following:-

Other subjects include:- ENERGISING THE PSYCHIC UNIVERSE. The writer is in the wrong body, and the wrong side of the Zodiac for ESP. He can use archetypal clairvoyance, but that is not very profitable. To go deeper means going into basic systems, of which the roots of the Zodiac may be a part. Prefix everything with "Psychic", "System" or "Zodiac" to get into the right system. The writer may discover who is leading him on. There is a lot of psychic mass to dispatch. While there is mass, it is hard to get into psychic creation and the other bracketed items. Being able to run psychic anger appears to be the key. When there is no more mass to burn for energy, one must create energy for oneself. One will be rather flat if there is no energy. Add the bracketed items in, one at a time.

Other subjects include:- PSYCHIC CREATION. The following can be a useful aid to energising:-

Other subjects include:- The psychic creation of psychic energy. CHASING MASS. The energy sweeper above is still valid, but it not that good for real upper attributes and abilities. However mass can be chased upwards even if is unexciting. Try the following list of mass which is probably bottom up. Alternate this with unprefixed anger. When the going gets sticky, just use unprefixed mass and unprefixed anger alternately. When one has exhausted chasing mass, one can go chasing enlightenment in a similar way. Ordinary mass and anger are still best when the going is heavy. Include the following:- When most of the fossilised attributes have disappeared, only psi abilities are left. One can chase mass in a similar way.

Other subjects for the energy sweeper include:-

2.7.4. BENCHMARK EMOTIONS. There is now a shortage of things which can be named, and plenty of unnamed mass. About the only lead in is via energising psychic activities. Before trying psychic abilities, cycle through the following to ensure they are reasonably clean. TELEKINETIC CLEANSING. As psychic abilities are not in the same system as thought, the last of thought will have to be purged. "To psi" does not seem to work, however the following does. Keep anything really useful out of the sweeper.

Other subjects include:- HIGHER WEAPONS. There higher tools than telekinesis. Telekinesis can make one's hair stand on end. The higher tools can make other peoples' hair stand on end, and are thus unprintable. It is time for the student to take over completely and blast his own path. The writer still has not reached the level of true psi. Charisma has revealed itself as a flow probably between serenity in various universes. Anger has almost disappeared. The following are useful subjects for meditation to find out what to do next. THE UNIVERSE OF FLOWS. This cannot be described as it is above logical thought, all minds and all Gods. This is even above the roots of one's own mind and personal Godship. They are the solutions from Spirit for the problems of mentalism. Godship and the Satanic flow will remove a lot, fossilised TPR included, before burning each other out. Fossilised TPR is always responsible to fossilised Gods. Perestroika is a superior flow as it will clean out the Universal Subconscious. Look for the following flows and keep them clean. THE UNIVERSE OF PSYCHIC ABILITY. When all other mass, pain and anger has been burnt away, there is only psychic ability to gain. Unfortunately about the only thing one can do, is to make each ability in one's list perform every other ability. The writer is still working on this, but the Universal Subconscious keeps getting in the way, at its own cost. Keep the following clean:- REAL CONSCIOUSNESS. The following is a more powerful version of the previous sweeper, to take out the roots of the mind itself.

Other subjects include:- The material gets sparse, short lived and illogical. Thus the student must fill in the gaps for himself. Godship in any shape or form, is the taking on of a winning identity, when one has failed in real consciousness. Therefore the following can be taken as signs of unconsciousness:- Godship in any form, Oneself, the Mind, TPR. and Responsibility (as these point to the mind), Mass and any pain or anger attached to it, and any form of control or rule book. CONTROL. As soon as one gets into mindlessness, a massive amount of responsibility is needed. If one is genuinely at control or above, then control can be substituted for telekinesis in the above sweeper until one drops below control at a higher level. CREATION. Any form of Godship must suppress further creation. When one is genuinely above personal Godship one can start creating for oneself. This does however pull in any remaining Gods and control mechanisms. Run these and the Energy Series through the telekinesis sweeper. It was misuse of the Energy Series which created fossilised rubbish in the first place. Adapt the above sweeper on the following lines:-

Other subjects include:- Spirit, the Body, the Energy Series. Things now get a bit too diverse and sparse. There are the 1001 Gods, one for every attribute, ability and everything else. It is best to concentrate on conscious walking, and forget organised meditation which only works if there is fossilised logic around. As far as personal Godship is concerned, the highest form seems to be that of God the Destroyer. Fortunately this only applies to the destruction of anything fossilised.

2.8. A SWEEPER FOR THE DEEP. The following contains most of the more obvious substandard emotions of Spirit. If enemies show up, then one is probably too far into emotion.

Benchmark subjects include:-

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