2.6. SYNTHESIS. This section is dependent on one having read and used the following sections:- A USEFUL CHECKLIST OF SUBJECTS:- BLACK HOLES. Responsibility is the most effective weapon to get one out of mentalism. This is so long as one has the material to work on. One needs to create sufficiently, otherwise one lands in a Black Hole. Any attribute in the lists of Air, Fire and Atma, can be used as a weapon in place of responsibility. The exception is any psi activity. Creation belongs to Water, and so will drag one back into mentalism. Synthesis belongs to Air, and is very good for creating out of mentalism. If one can synthesise pain in real time, then this will cancel out the equivalent fossilised pain. The following is good for repairing body emotions and repairing ability:- There are plenty of other attributes in Air, Fire and Atma, that can be used for various purposes. The Fire flows can make one's hair stand on end if misused. The rule is to use them in third party form first. Then if they do backfire, the student is not caught in the blast. AUTHORISATION. The whole mind works on authorisation mechanisms, and so the following is a useful addition. Replace "everything" as appropriate. If the body can see it, so can everything else. FOR GREATER INTENTION, subject to the sweeper not biting too hard, project into the future. Try variations on the following:- REPAIRING EMOTION, ABILITY AND ENERGY LEVELS. Conscious walking is essential. The student will probably have to cut these lists down to the level at which he is working. PSI - THE SPECIAL CASE. Real psi abilities do not belong to any of the elements. To use a weapon that belongs to the elements on real psi, will only drag it down into the elements. The only safe way is to use them as first party simple verbs. Ultimately all abstract nouns become verbs or actions, as one climbs in ability. It is best to make up one's own list of desirable psychic abilities. Anyone who is not an intellectual, may try the following:- There is a general principle. One cannot have, what one is not prepared to let other people have. Thus using the above list in third party form, is quite in order. Now mentalism can not deliver psi, but Spirit can. One is hardly likely to develop much psi with mentalism on their back. However there is one thing this sort of list does do. It does keep a person on the path towards Spirit awareness. It will not let them get side tracked into some mental dead end.


2.6.3. DR. ANGER'S EFFICACIOUS REMEDIES. Dr. Anger is a far better psychiatrist than Dr Freud. The following command list will repair the emotions of Spirit. It is probably best to leave out anger, until the list flows smoothly. Also leave out anger if it is creating excess anger. However only anger can handle the fates. The shorter forms are left indented. Every emotion must be able to use every other emotion. The great energy source is anger, but it needs to be channelled through the other emotions. Exhilaration is worth nothing if it cannot use anger. All emotions need each other. Emotion is one dimension of ability. Energy is another dimension. Both are required. Any energy flow or emotion must be able to use any other energy flow or emotion.

Other subjects include:-

In case of trouble use anger as the subject, as this will clean the list.

2.6.4. USING CREATION. Only anger can handle creation and all the sewerage within it. The fact that creation looks so attractive is pure propaganda. If one wishes to try creation, then both anger and creation must be clean in the above sweeper. Synthesis is far superior to creation, but it does not trawl the depths. If the student cannot run the following, then he should only use synthesis. He will have trouble getting it started. He will regret ever starting. If he is successful, then he will feel sick about the sin of creation. The sin is plonking one universe on top of another without dismantling the previous one first. Details of the Original Sin and who did it, cannot be revealed due to the British Blasphemy Act.

Other subjects:- None. REPAIRING THE ENERGY FLOWS. The Energy Flows can be repaired in a similar way to the Emotions. One should stick to synthesis.

Other subjects include:- In case of trouble, clean the list by running anger. This will be most of the time. If things get too heavy, then go back to the emotion sweeper. As one's anger gets upgraded into energy and higher, so anger will have to be run at the new level. This in turn, means that anger is liable to be the subject for more than 50% of the time. Things start to get serious when one tries to extend up too far. It becomes apparent that one is not going upwards, but back in time instead. When anger is not really suitable for the top, it is time to change one's command list. CELLULAR AND NUCLEAR REGENERATION. Spirit has no size, but it does have scope which can be as large or as small as required. Imagination is similar. Thus it is possible to reduce the size of visualisation to a sample body cell. One can then to clear the rubbish out of the chromosome spirals. In a similar way it is possible the visualise a single . atom, and to clean it out. Visualising steam cleaning equipment . can be useful. In all ordinary senses, it is not possible to see an atom, as it is spinning too fast. SPIRIT GODSHIP. This is an exit view of Spirit Godship. Conscious walking is essential. The attributes of Spirit can be multi dimensional, with a cross over point of Responsibility. Always keep the current Energy Series clean. THE PSYCHIC ENTITIES. It is unwise to use any specific ability as a subject in meditation. Psychic ability is above Godship, and carries a near impossible load of mass. However every specific ability is linked to some archetypal entity in the deep. The following is a reasonable assumption. Any ability mentioned in mythology has been performed by someone at sometime. This is subject to misunderstanding by the chronicler, exaggeration and distortion. One can use an archetypal entity as a subject. Add a few to the following:- SWEEPER - Indented according to importance. Slipping in uncreation acts as a joker, as it is incompatible with Godship.

2.6.7. DOINGNESS SWEEPER. The above is about as far as one can go with even the much reincarnated ego. The next step is doingness. When anything gives trouble, break back into the synthesis sweeper. Doingness must be kept clean at all times. THE CREATION OF ABILITY. When synthesis has been exhausted, one must start creating. It is not for the writer to tell anyone what they should create, but it is in order to give some suggestions as to style. Energy is all important. When the tail end of mentalism shows its head, revert back to synthesis and doing until it is cleared. ENERGY SWEEPER. Anything to do with psi or psychic ability belongs to energy ability. It may be energised but will not really respond to anything below anger. Expect plenty of mass, pain and anger when trying to touch any psychic ability. Use a synthesis sweeper to dispatch the anger, pain and mass generated.

Other subjects include:-

As all things above Godship tend to be scattered and not centralised, a slightly better form is:-

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