2.4. DIRECTED MEDITATION - AWAKENESS. THE UNMENTIONABLE LEITERS. The Leiters are the Gods of the Spirit, and are described elsewhere. As they are an absolute disaster to all private universes, they are unspeakably horrible. This is even by the standards of the Viking Gods of the Ego and Psyche. We will give their gifts, in the hope that the reader can use them, when he is ready, and that this does not give him an immediate nervous breakdown. There are three modes of meditation. First party (I) is the basic, and must be mastered before expanding outwards. How can one command responsibility in others before one can take responsibility for himself. Then there is the masculine third party, to deal with fossilised external minds, including our great enemy, the Universal Subconscious. The third is the feminine mutual variety (Us or We). This deals with relationships between people, and relationships between people and spirits. The three modes are practically completely interchangeable. They should be used according to the mood of the student. Examples of the three modes are given below:-

The three principal tools of action are:- Responsibility works best on fossilised mental matter, and on things belonging to time past. When there is no fossilised mind left, responsibility no longer works. Responsibility can appear to be far too abrasive, when a person is using fossilised mind for real time purposes. To use responsibility in these circumstances, would be to destroy the current identity. This is fine only if there is a higher identity ready to replace it. Awakeness only works in real time, and is the tool for spirit growth, and is the tool of the spirit. It is a matter of judgement, whether to use responsibility or awakeness. Understanding is sometimes a good substitute for awakeness, even if it is weaker. Beingness is definitely a tool of the spirit, where one is prepared to take on an ability completely. Examples of the three tools are given below. ROKER'S REALITY TRAVEL. Roker is one of the unmentionable dynamic Leiters. Roker is a high entity and master of logic, and is even less emotional than Dr. Spock of Startrek. In meditation, it is not unusual for the fabric of the universe to appear to shake, and for anti reality and anti matter to appear. This is a symptom that one is about to move from one universe to another higher one. These are strong signals that the current universe does not wish to lose its prisoners, and invokes fear of the destruction of the Physical Universe to aid its survival. Here again massive intention is required. Non-existence is heavily used in Buddhism, but we would prefer the term Anti Existence. Anti anything else like anti responsibility, is a similar signal and can be handled in a similar way. The anti form of reality is that reality of the next universe up to the one a person is currently in. Thus it is therefore a better form of reality than the apparent real one. As one moves into the next universe up, so reality and anti reality merge. MODI'S GIFT. Modi has a part share of the Hammer, a bit too much for the comfort of the rest of his family. This command drill is for dispatching fossilised mentalism, no matter how large the Frost Giant happens to be. Keep psi, telekinesis and ESP out of the right hand side, as these will plough one in further and make the going very heavy. LEITER'S GIFT. Leiter is the seeker and far from dutiful son of Odin. He is far more interested in releasing the full potential of the spirit in real time in terms of ability. ALYCTA'S MUTUAL GIFT. Alycta is a daughter of Freya. She is interested in the interactions between people, and the between people and higher entities. She is also a goddess of spiritual emotions, which have little or nothing to do with the emotions of the ego and psyche. We have left out anything to do with catching shoals of fish, even though this seems somehow a little relevant. It is best to make up one's own list of desired abilities, which may be referred to later as one's ability list. SANA'S TRUTH. This rather drastic, but what else can one expect, from a Goddess of truth, and a daughter of Surt the Destroyer. She thoroughly dislikes private universes, unless they are on the level of space time or above. At the top, mentalism can only be expressed in space time. We do not expect the student to believe that until he gets there. LEITRANA'S GIFT. Leitrana is a daughter of Frigg, even if they are not on good terms, so the following is hardly surprising. Do not use until the past has been mastered. SPIRIT ORIENTATED FASTPATH. The student will receive his enlightenment. Following conventional bottom up methods, as in Buddhism, the I and ego will apparently disappear. This leaves one to the tender mercies of the psyches. If one uses Spirit as the driver, or at least an ego in imitation of Spirit, then one will not lose the I, and things will go with far less disorientation, and far more speedily. The trick is to keep command of all psyches and universal minds (external psyches), and not let them command you. Alternatively one can follow the slow path, as did the writer. RESPONSIBILITY. The following is to bring all responsibilities up into real time, so that they can be abreacted and inspected. Ultimately all fossilised responsibilities are about as useful as a dead horse. SYNTHESIS. The following is based on a table of Attributes of a higher psyche. Use each of the levels in the middle in turn, sandwiched between the top and the bottom. The various levels do seem to somewhat incompatible with each other. Use the top and tail together while there is any abreaction on them.

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