Intention is all important. Mean what you say. DIRECTED MEDITATION. Once conscious walking is working, direction can be considered. Viking directed meditation, as given by Thor, is of three basic types, Beingness, Reality, and Command. Conscious walking is Fire orientated, and is senior to any verbal or pictorial exercise, which is Air orientated. BEINGNESS - HAMLET. Ask any one to quote Shakespeare's Hamlet, and the answer is bound to be, "To be, or not to be, that is the question". This is something of great significance to the folk mind, and has great meaning outside Shakespeare's context. Ask any one conversant with the works of Dr Alfred Adler, what is the question. The answer will be a person's goal in life. Put these together, and they become, "To be, or not to be, ones goal in life". To the ego, the highest form of identity, is beingness, though this is not necessarily true at higher levels. The Hamlet formulae will now be expanded. As an example of a goal, readily understandable to the ego, there is the beingness of the Accountant. There may be no goal in the conceptual language for the psyche that quite corresponds, as the psyche has little direct need of money. However the psyche does understand certain mathematics. There are three main tenses in the English language, past, present and future. Add in the others, should they become relevant. There is also the positive and negative. The result of expanding the formulae becomes:- To use beingness drills, pick a goal that might be applicable, and substitute it for an accountant. Go conscious walking. Say each command in turn aloud, or under the breath, and let any discharge of laughter or emotion take place. Then do the same with the next. After completing all six, go back to the first. Repeat the six until none of them give any response. Next find a new possible goal. When the going gets to rough, go back to number one, as the future and especially the past, can be temporarily too heavy. Intention is absolutely necessary, and one must mean one says. Try talking to the trees. Please remember, that if conscious walking is not mastered, then directed meditation just will not work, as the Fire element will be missing. The present tense is the easiest to discharge. The future is the next hardest. The difficult stuff is in the past. In case of difficulty, which is quite common, cycle around using the present tense only, or present and future, until the trouble clears. The past will have to be dealt with eventually, before going on to the next goal, but when it can be done easily. Masochism may be a virtue in some circles, but it is not a virtue among Vikings. The negatives are needed to handle counter intention. There may seem to be more counter intention, than intention. Intention equals counter intention, and the two keep each other in place, but not necessarily in the same tense as each other. The net result is zero. Some people have tried adding up all the matter and energy in the physical universe, according to Einstein type rules, and found the result to be zero. We may not be able to collapse the physical universe, but we can discharge the contents of our goals. We are better off recreating them in real time. In case of real trouble, go back to simple conscious walking, until the trouble evaporates. The short cut to take out all goals (and the Zodiac) is as follows:- OBEINGNESS. There is one tense missing in the English language, and that is the tense outside Space, Time, Matter and Energy, or outside the physical universe. To really consider something, it is necessary to step outside it. This is important for our work, for to really consider beingness, beingness outside space must be considered. This beingness outside space, time, matter and energy, we will call Obeingness. In practice, this is beingness in the next universe up. From this comes the verb - TO OBE. There is only one tense, which is outside the universe, and will be used later. This expands into the six persons as follows:- REALITY. Reality is something that should occur in real time only. Therefore only the present tense is used. A suitable example, taken from Einstein, is as follows:- The answer from such a drill, is largely irrelevant, except in this case, to a true scientist. The use is similar to a Beingness drill, as one first repeats one side until there is no more emotion to be discharged, and then goes over to the other concept. Repeat the process, until there is no more emotion to be discharged, on either side. If there is no response from saying a command, then it is discharged. If there is no response from either side, then either it has been drained, or there was nothing available in the first place. Chaos is in Real Time, so there can be no past or future. There can only be two states, for and against, or is and is not. The following exercises are offered as examples, for use in directed meditation, while conscious walking:-

The above are examples only, and it left to the reader to select and amend as appropriate. A person must expect to be dealing with problems peculiar to his own universe for 90% of the time, which means that he will have to invent his own variations. COMMAND. Command level is used when counter intention is reduced to a low state, and is in the form of the present tense, with no negatives. The necessary ingredient is to say it with sufficient intention. Without the necessary intention, it will not work. In other words, a person must mean what they say. An example is as follows:-

Leave a command, as soon as there is no emotional discharge, on saying it. Command level drills usually have to be used in lists. THE NEEDS OF THE BODY. A problem that can arise, when aiming for spirituality, is that a person can forget the needs of the body and the ego. Bodies can rebel against this, by taking themselves off to the local doctor, complaining of mental problems. They can also go to the local vicar to get exorcised. This exercise is a practice run for higher things. It is also to take care of the needs of the body. Earlier, under directed meditation, we mentioned the six state beingness exercise. Now we wish that all babies grow up to be healthy, wealthy and wise. Take each of these three in turn, and use six state beingness meditation while conscious walking, for example:- Now continue with all the other things, a body might wish to be. The objective is to be the defender, protector, provider and healer of the body. This stops the body having any need to complain. USING THE GODS. Another variation with far more mileage, is to use the Tree of the Gods, from top to bottom, from Hoenir at the top to the Pits and Surt at the bottom. For Hoenir, this becomes:-

Repeat with Odin, Frigg, Thor, Freya, etc., down to the Pit and Surt. Do not omit Loki, even if he may be too near to home. Those who are not economical with words, can expand these phrases out to suit themselves. Beingness and responsibility are readily understandable to the ego. They are good for establishing a high spiritual identity in the ego. Love is an emotion that takes us into the mind, so we will not pursue it. Responsibility takes us out of the mind. Understanding means a lot to the psyche and especially to its higher levels, but not so much to the ego, and is an ability. Awakeness is another useful ability. Let us take the above exercise up towards the psyche. Substitute the word "Be" with Responsibility or Understanding. The real yardstick, is what will produce the maximum of abreaction, emotional discharge, and laughter. A little experimentation is needed to find the best choice of words. While in theory, it is the needs of the psyche that are all important, the ego has needs too. Taking the Tree of the Gods for the basis of command level meditation produces:- Those who are economical with words, may leave off "Let us". Responsibility may be used instead of understanding. If instead of the God names, the meditational attributes of the gods are used instead, and Real Time is used as the main tool, we get a command list like:- THE NEXT UNIVERSE UP. The following is for handling the sphere of Hoenir, but please remember that this leads into the next universe up. This is at command level, but early on it may easier to turn it into a six point exercise.

As a six point exercise, this becomes:-

Please note that this is not a beingness exercise, but may be one of ability. Hoenir is neither in the Universe of Emotion, nor in the Universe of Ability. He is certainly not in the Universe of the Ego. Anyone who finds that they have enemies, instead of those that oppose us, has been dabbling in love, for love generates enemies. THE BENEDICTIONS OF THOR. The following exercises from Thor, are essential for cleaning up. Omit them at your peril. Use them before and after meditation, and when appropriate.

Understanding may be substituted for responsibility. Return to responsibility, when things start to get rough. THOR'S BANISHMENT OF THE MALEDICTIONS.

In order for these to work, these commands must have the full intention of the Hammer behind them. There is nothing subtle about Thor. Thor did not agree to the inclusion of forgiveness, which really belongs to Hoenir. It may prove reasonable to add to the maledictions, such things as revenge, anger, fear, goodness, despair, etc., and to remove the word "all". It is also reasonable to remove any level that does not produce abreaction. The body not understanding a level, is not a reason for leaving it out, as long as the level produces abreaction. MAGNI'S SWEEPERS. Substitute mentalism, the Universal Subconscious, and the Universal Consciousness, etc., for minds as appropriate. The second is designed to free the psyche from the group mind. The Universal Consciousness has about as much love for losing its victims as Stalinism. The true level of Magni's third party sweeper, is after one has received their enlightenment. It will also work at lower levels, substituting the target (subject) by what ever one wishes to use. These are given in third party form, to deal with those mental entities that are external, and thus have control of the linkage to the self. As external entities have the major end of the linkage, first party personal responsibility just will not work. This is a case where one has to be so horrible to external entities, that they disconnect and run for their lives. A massive amount of intention is necessary. As soon as that amount of intention is available to the student, the rewards are far greater than that of personal responsibility alone. HOENIR'S BENEDICTIONS.

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