1.4. - EXTRA TERRESTRIALS and their MORAL CODES. Extra Terrestrials can be a useful source of meditational material. In the main they appear to be highly telepathic, thus avoiding a lot of language problems. In a telepathic society there can be very little crime, but also very little free will. Such a society can be highly oppressive, and does not favour meditation by the individual to reach higher levels. Man is not a particularly psychic or telepathic animal, and is thus free to sink to the depths of depravity or rise to the heights of enlightenment according to personal choice. Man probably has a greater range than most ETs. Thus ETs do complain about the depraved telepathic noise we unconsciously produce. They may also complain if the level of enlightenment is too high for them or on the wrong wavelength. When various ET races work together it may be on the basis of the dominant race telepathically dominating the lesser race with its morality. Like ourselves, ETs have a body and a spirit. Spirit is completely interchangeable between ET and Earth bodies. The ET races are united on certain fronts. They all claim to follow the principle of non intervention to let us develop in our own way; in practice there is a certain amount of intervention, as each race wants us to take on its ideas and philosophy. They all claim to work in peace and harmony with each other; not always true in practice. They all claim to be technically more advanced than us, which overall is true. They all claim to be spiritually more advanced, which is true if one takes averages. There is only one thing that would really unite them; if an invader came along in the style of the film "Independence Day", then there are the representative of 3 or 4 space fleets (plus reinforcements) out there to stop the invader and thus protect their investments It appears that Earthman is a highly desirable vehicle for Spirit. The use of speech has proved superior to telepathy for life on Earth. Earthman can meditate while Spirit and other telepaths can not, which makes Earthman an ideal vehicle for sorting out the problems of Spirit. Evidently there are complaints that some spirits are taking up more than their fair share of incarnations. The waiting list for Earthman bodies has been put as high as 11 billion, so the chances of a body getting away without a symbiote are rather remote.
There are 3 main ways in which they can be observed.

  1. By the sort of observations and logging done by the UFO watchers.
  2. From those people who channel entities from the UFO home worlds. In this case the entity is from the UFO home world, and they come to you to put their viewpoints as ambassadors. They must put their home world in the best possible light, gloss over all imperfections, tell man what a wonderful culture and technology they have and how primitive man is. They must also tell the audience what they want to hear, or the audience will go home. They must also preach a philosophy, which will push man towards their brand of enlightenment and their wavelength. If we are so inferior, why are they interested.
  3. One can go to their home worlds or other areas where they are operating closer to Earth, by remote viewing or by remote sensing or by third party meditation. In this way one picks up a completely different view to the ambassadors. Their moral codes can be most interesting and not necessarily those we might wish to take on.

1.4.2. The writer is not the greatest psychic or remote viewer, but has picked up the following:- THE REPTILES (or Reptoids).
A more correct name might be dinosaurs or dragons. They are reputed to come from another dimension, being like 12 foot high crocodiles which walk on their hind legs, and being so psychic that they have never bothered to develop any technology. They keep everyone else in line by breathing (or telepathing) the Akashic element of fire over them. This is equivalent to the Fires of Purgatory, which is best taken as a hot bath; if anyone tries to hang on to their rubbish this is pure Hell. There is a dubious story that the CIA tried to work with them, but found they could not be trusted. This understandable if they are fire entities, as they would work in real time and have little regard for contracts which span a period of time, especially if they can read the minds of the others they are working with. This would be as bad as trying make a contract with the Devil who in folklore behaves in a similar way. There is a strong possibility that they space travel not by teleportation, but by hijacking on demand other entities space craft or flying saucers. They can be good friends once one get to know them, and learns how to survive a roasting without injury. The writer has no evidence that they have a god or gods, which would be singular if they are fire entities, but if they did, their creation myth would probable be as follows:- In the beginning there was nothing, just empty space, and God was bored. So for his amusement, he created chaos. Eventually chaos settled down into patterns, and stars and planets were formed. Then life appeared and he was pleased. He decreed that in order to maintain the quality of the game, only the fittest and those forms that could adapt would survive. He was even more pleased when intelligent life appeared and again he decreed that only the fittest and adaptable should survive. He could now divide himself up and inhabit the entities of intelligent life. However the Devil came along and suggested to intelligent life that they should create order out of chaos, so that intelligent life could decide who and what should survive. God said "I, as the wind of change, will topple and sweep away all those who try to alter my directives of the survival of the adaptable and the fittest". Many have followed the Devil and created their own little universes, but have been swept away by God. Intelligent life must follow his example to survive, and breath fire on all servants of the Devil to bring them back to the true ways. THE GREYS. (Reticulans)
They are frequent visitors. They know and respect our moral codes except where they violate their moral codes or survival. Unfortunately such clashes are frequent. They come from a watery planet, having developed intelligence before coming out of the water, and have not been long on dry land. On their home planet dry land comes and goes too quickly. They have lost the genetic material only suitable for water life. They are still short of genetic material for life on land. They may still be egg laying which does lend itself to selective breeding. They appear to be very logical and psychologically use the element of air. They appear to be responsible for most abductions. THE NORDICS (from I believe the Pleides).
These are the good looking ones. This is a stable race from a stable environment They appear to be similar to us in many ways; thus a past life on their home world could be mistaken for one on Earth. Psychologically they are water entities. They consider themselves to be spiritually perfect and superior to every other race, which means they get a fit of hysterics whenever they meet up with the Reptiles (or the writer). Their main vice appears to be proselytising. They are responsible for most crop circles. THE GNOMES.
They appear to be working in this Solar system under the Nordics. They are Earth entities. The writer does not know their purpose, though they do appear to be good in technology. Also if he had any idea of their moral code, he probably would not like it, as they appear to be rather low entities.

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