1.3.1. THE RULES:-

  1. Never fight an enemy using his rules. Minds have rules to protect their existence. Cheat like Hell.
  2. One is a spirit who at present has a body.
  3. Never do anything to other people that one would not do to oneself. What appears to be outside may also be part within. Enlightenment is a terrible weapon against those who not wish to be Enlightened.
  4. No mind can exist without an entity to run it, in body or out.
  5. Always burn fossilised mentalism for energy, not one's own. If one experiences energy loss, one's meditations are wrong.
  6. One cannot have what is not prepared to let others have. AREAS of CONSCIOUSNESS.
Area of immediate consciousness.

The Subconscious. This lies not within, but between a person and the outside world. A one gains in enlightenment, so items in this area move into the area of immediate consciousness

Outside one's personal universe where one does not normally expect to be conscious.

Look outwards and go for the external entities which have their claws into one. The first casualties will be in the subconscious, hence the injunction not to do anything to others that one would not do to oneself. What looks totally external all too often has a counterpart in the subconscious. A TABLE of BODY EMOTIONS.
This is a combination from observation, psychiatric and other sources:-

The above table takes no account of emotions above enthusiasm, like Work, Exhilaration, and Enlightenment as they are not body emotions. Also no account is taken of Fates Worse than Death like Blame, Shame and Regret, for a body cannot drop below Death. EGOS.
One will always have an ego, as this the contents of one's immediate area of consciousness. Here are a few. The writer has spent much time trying to work out a table of emotions for Mind and Spirit. The problem is that these are forever changing. If however we expand the emotions of a body, then a consistent pattern emerges which is highly usable in meditation.

If one admits to being an Ego with 2 other entities within, then one will be at 3 different emotional levels, one for each entity. If one gets into a higher level on a high, then the body will experience emotion out of this World. If a higher level comes into play on a low, then the body is liable to experience a fate worse than death. A TABLE of EMOTIONS for BODY and MIND for meditational purposes.
The level will be different for each entity within. The differences between various types of mind is a function of Control. THE EMOTIONS OF RAW SPIRIT.
The emotions of raw spirit are little different to ordinary emotions as they do not belong to anything resembling a fossilised mind. They do contain the start of psi, but moral codes are the great limiting factors, and there are too many of them. THE ANATOMY of MINDS:-

1.3.4.MEDITATIONAL EXERCISES. Conscious walking. Consciousness of the environment. The answer to your problem is on a notice pinned to a tree. Abreaction is the discharge of psychological rubbish, usually by laughter. Command Meditational Lists:- Reality e.g.. Hamlet e.g.. Responsibility e.g.. Location in Space Time e.g.. THIRD PARTY MEDITATION..
This allows one to go on the offensive, so that one is no longer the victim. "I" can be replaced by:- MASS.

1.3.6. THE ELEMENTS OF THE ALCHEMIST.There are four elements that go to make up minds, Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

  1. FIRE. This is the Telekinetic element of Perestroika, awakeness, usage, action, anger, energy, work, the Wind of Change and the Fires of purgatory (hot bath). As escape from the elements is via fire, it is the senior of the four. This element has a very bad press from those who do not like taking responsibility for the results of their actions. Escape is intended. Fire does not inhibit ability. This is the element of real time and the destruction of rubbish.

  2. AIR. This is the Logical element of ideas, logic and thought, change, synthesis and reprogramming to suit current requirements. The chief virtue of this element is Total Personal Responsibility. This is the escape route from the lower elements, and is the key to Fire. Escape is intended, with the use of such tools as responsibility. The equivalent of love is responsibility and the quality of survival of oneself and one's fellow men. When driving down the motorway, the other drivers want you responsibility, and not your love. A responsibility deficit at one's current level gives paranoia.

  3. WATER. This is the element of beingness, emotion, love, hate, and evil. It is totally intolerant of anyone who dares to try to escape. No escape is intended, as meditation on love only traps a person further. For its own survival, it must inhibit Ability, Fire and Air. This is the element of creation, theologies and towers of Babel. In this element, people will believe anything, and they do.

  4. EARTH. This is the element of Reincarnation, Mental Mass and Mental Unconsciousness, Goals and Objectives. For its virtues, one has to look on an earthly level. Look at such things as sanity, stability, reliability and quality control. Earth is too unconscious to know the meaning of the word escape.

1.3.7. PRACTICAL.Conscious Walking, Abreaction, Command meditation.

1.3.8. PSI. Consider the following:-

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