1.2. THE ANATOMY OF UNIVERSES In the Physical World, the average person probably lives in a hundred different universes. He may only be able to list the first six. The list will probably read like:- Own universe, family universe, work, social group(s), religion, politics, etc. Out on the extreme edge, anyone who follows Russian politics, is a member of that universe, if only to a small degree. Universes create other universes, and do so ad infinitum. Every universe that is created, is smaller and has less ability, than the one that created it. If we take a snow flake, and put it under a microscope, we see a pattern. A snowflake starts as a small ice crystal, and as water condenses on to it, so a pattern is built up. Each part of a snowflake, is itself an ice crystal, and therefore can be a centre of growth. It can pull in material from outside, and grow. Mathematicians examining chaos, have built up computer models of common natural occurrences, like fern leaves. Things like fern leaves operate in two dimensions, as a fern leaf has to be thin to be efficient. Each part on the outside, tends to duplicate itself. They make numerous ever smaller models of themselves, running on very simple mathematical formulae. Thus it is possible to build computer models, which when drawn out on paper, show the same pattern, however much they are magnified. This type of mathematical model is quite typical of human universes. When we get too much opposition, in the universe we are in, we tend to slide down into a universe, in which there is a level of opposition that we can tolerate. In each Universe, there are various levels, ranging from the top which would allow us to climb into a higher universe, down to the bottom which invite us to try a lower universe. There have been great philosophical arguments at times, concerning the connection between "is" and "ought". There is no connection in the Physical Universe. What a person is really saying, when he says "This ought not to be allowed", is "I want to live in a universe where the rules are changed, so that what I think ought to be, is reality". This is a sign that a person wishes to drop to a lower universe, where he can control his own environment. Creating one's own universe, is not necessarily a bad thing, as everyone who founds a company, does it. Other people find it survival to live in the universe created. Trouble may come, when an employee retires, is made redundant, or is fired, and the company universe is the only one he knows. A company universe should be a minor one, and be recognised as just another universe. Politicians change the rules of the Universe of Society all the time. As long as they know what they are doing, and society knows what they are doing, there is no problem. The Creators of the Universe are always in the next universe up. When a person creates a safer universe for themselves, then in order to live in it, they have to shut the door, on the higher universe, to keep out the dangers they wish to avoid. The higher universe is charged with the job, of not authorising a person to return to the higher universe. The higher universe may go astral travelling. The lower universe may not know, as the lower universe is not authorised to know. If the door to the higher universe can be located, it will open when the Hammer is thrown at it. However the door invariably leads into the pit of the higher universe, which is right at the bottom. The first thing to appear is a wall of sewage. Looking around, there are various linear lists used by psychiatrists to measure emotional level. Invariably these are levels of body emotion, even if some people claim far more. The Universe of the Body given later in this chapter, should be assumed to be that of the body only, and not of the psyche, or anything higher. The list given is a slightly expanded psychiatrists' version, and should be a self evident truth. The next universe up from the body, is that of the ego, the Tree of the Gods. The emotions of the body are there for all to see, so they will be described in detail.



The Wild Cards -

Survival for the self and other people -

Survival for the self, destructive to others not on the same side.

Survival for no one.

Fates worse than death.

These should on examination be self evident truths. The body is there to see. The attributes of Spirit are not self evident truths, and can only be examined by meditation.

For meditational purposes the benchmark body emotions are:-

1.2.4 THE ATTRIBUTES OF SPIRIT At ordinary levels, Spirit is unconscious. It borrows emotions from whatever body, ego or psyche is dominant at the time. Thus this is not self evident truth. Synthesis, Uncreation, Intention and Responsibility, are destructive to all psyches and universal minds (external psyches). They are most unlikely to appear in the list of emotions of any psyche, except as rude references. Love is a popular emotion with psyches, and is used by all psyches. As psyches have emotional tables to protect their own survival, they can cause great confusion. To Spirit, the lower levels are liable to be regarded as mass, unconsciousness and pain. Please note that it is near impossible to list the attributes of non-thought, as thought would be required to do it. There are however two higher levels which can just about be described. THE UNIVERSE OF ABILITY - As this is above the mind it is illogical, but it does contain the following:- This area depends on a complete absence of mind, godship and mental mass This is a very pleasant state but impossible to describe. By this time the virtues of the Gods should be second nature. It does however contain plenty of ability unconciousness. At the bottom is death where one has failed and has to be reborn into a lower universe. Death and rebirth into a lower universe where one can survive lies at the bottom of all universes. THE UNIVERSE OF FLOWS - Flows are the answers from Spirit to problems of unwanted mind. These include:-

1.2.5 LIST OF THE ATTRIBUTES OF SPIRIT. This is for real entities, not their inferior mental duplicates. The upper attributes are the limit of thought. This is about as high as one can go without leaving mentalism and becoming a free entity. The Energy Series can go higher. Upper attributes (Programmed ability).

The Energy Series (The Reprogramming Series).

The Pit. As one fails and drop to a lower level or universe, so the upper attributes of Spirit are reprogrammed to a lower level. The Energy Series does not recognise universes or levels. Thus when the Energy series is used, it will carve through any universe and reprogram it on to a higher level. In lower universes for their own protection, the Energy Series is either lost or edited down. Uncreation is not recognised in any lower universe. Control is strongly linked to the Rule Book. The Rule Book should only contain the spirit of the Law of the Land and real time agreements. In all lower universes it contains all the rules to protect the universe in question. Uncreation is the great enemy of rulebooks. Godship has a strong centralised rule book. The Gods have decentralised rulebooks, one for each attribute and ability. Serenity is a do nothing emotion with about as much use as boredom. It appears frequently in successful meditation. It is a honey trap and not an end in itself. Love is the form it comes in if one is in need of affection. If it appears as love and one does consider oneself to be in need of affection, then it is liable to be seen as homosexuality, control, opium or worse. Enlightenment is the result of a large chunk of mind departing, by reason of successful meditation. This can be a Spirit disaster until one learns how to recreate reality based on one's senses (body and Spirit). It can also be a large chunk of white mass or opium. Beingness is one of the highest aspirations of the body. Mothers want their sons to become a manager. This is even if the son can make more money and be more successful otherwise.

1.2.6 THE ATTRIBUTES OF THE UNIVERSE OF THE ARCHETYPAL GODS. This universe is one or more levels below the true attributes of Spirit. Uncreation of course goes. To find one's Daemons, make a list of one's desired psychic and other abilities. Real ability is for real entities, not archetypes. Control is taken over by the Archetypal Gods, using individual rule books of their own. As such, they act as role models. Thus if when one is at a lower level, one can put suitable high energy Gods into this universe, one can gain a very unfair advantage. This is why the writer is enthusiastic about the Viking Gods. Possible alternatives to the Viking Gods are:-

Upper attributes.

The Energy Series.

The Pit.

The Rule Books.

1.2.7 THE ATTRIBUTES OF THE UNIVERSE OF GODSHIP. This universe is at least two levels below the true attributes of Spirit. Uncreation and Synthesis go. Control is taken over by Godship, using a strong centralised rule book of its own. The wages of Satanism is guilt. The wages of Godship is slavery. It is best to empty the rulebook.

Upper attributes.

The Energy Series.


Psychic ability has little or no connection with thought. Thus about the only things one can do are:- On no account use responsibility or synthesis on any psi ability. The writer has the wrong body, and is on the wrong side of the Zodiac. He can see but he cannot do. Pursuing psychic ability has the great advantage of keeping one in the right direction. Does it matter if one has psychic abilities without conscious knowledge of them? It matters to logical thought. Does logical thought matter?

1.2.9. THE UNMENTIONABLE LEITERS. The Leiters or Seekers appeared later, not because they are not here, but because none of the other Gods would talk about them. Thus they are not in the Sagas. The Leiters are Lords of the Spirit, and are the dynamic Seekers. They are totally ruthless, and will risk all to get what they want. They are accused of innumerable crimes against the established Gods, for they are the Seekers. They are the loyal friends of all who choose to be a seeker. LEITER. Leiter is a son of Odin. Leiter is generally accused of helping Fenrir the wolf, to kill his father in the Ragnarok, by giving him a push at the wrong moment. He is the leader, but does not normally carry any weapons, preferring instead to rely on his wits. He is quite at home with Zen masters and martial arts experts. LEITRANA. Leitrana is a daughter of Frigg. She carries a steel sword, and is detested by her mother, due to her habit of using the sword to cut the bonds between fate and man. She is the female counterpart of Leiter. She provides altered states of consciousness during meditation. ROKER. Roker is the son of Mimir, and is a master of logic. He stands accused of cleaning out the rubbish from his father's databanks, and gaining access to the rest, all without father's permission. It is Roker who leads the Leiters after the Ragnarok, in restoring selected older Gods back to life, for it is logical that they should be restored, in back seat roles of course. He is not forgiven for this either, even if he does restore a body for his father. He is a master of logic, and if something does not work one way, he will turn the theory upside down, and try it another way. His command of logic is on a far higher level than the normal. We thought at first that he was not married, as marriage is not a logical state, however we later found that he was the husband of Sana. He carries no weapons, and is quite at home with free thinking scientists. He is not at home with true scientists, for they are illogical. Information on the nature of his conception or his mother, is not known. SANA. Sana is the Seeker after truth. Truth exists on many levels, but is static on those levels, so Sana is not truth itself, for she is dynamic and a Seeker. She is the wife of Roker, and the daughter of Surt. She carries a golden sword, tougher than any steel one, which proves to be an excellent persuader. Even Surt himself keeps his distance from her. Information on her mother, and her relationship with her father is not known, as no one dare ask. No right minded person trusts a daughter of Surt, unless of course they are a seeker. It is Sana who persuades Hoenir to talk. MODI AND ALYCTA. The Leiters are joined by Modi and his wife Alycta (daughter of Freya), who decide that life is getting too quiet, and the action lies with the Leiters. Modi brings the hammer of intention with him. This is capable of breaking down any door, however firmly it is bolted. Thus he invokes the displeasure of Hoenir and Magni, who prefer a quieter and less dynamic life. Of course Magni would prefer to keep the hammer. It is Modi who goes through doors first, and is the first to clear away any sewerage. Alycta is a mistress of understanding, and annoys the other Gods by understanding them all too well. Her choice of two playful Siberian tigers as pets, does not help matters either. (February 1997) THE FULL ENERGY SERIES.

The hazard is that one climbs to the top of the universe one is in and experiences rebirth. One then enters the next universe up at the bottom via death. This is most unfair.

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