This edition contains work done from February to August 1997.
It has become evident that the writer's spirit guides did not intend him to investigate Infinity. PREFACE TO THE THIRD EDITION.

The discovery of how to locate in infinity, has made quite a difference to this work. Location in infinity allows one to get outside all minds.

Basically any mind is made up of responsibilities long fossilised. These are as a result of abdicating personal responsibility, becoming responsible to others, and letting others be responsible for our actions. Thus to be free of any mind, we must bring all fossilised responsibilities up into real or present time, inspect and refile them without the rubbish. We can also make the following responsible for their actions, but not the point of reinstating minds.

There is nothing wrong with any of the above as long as they are in real time and not fossilised.

If responsibilities are left to fossilise, they compost into a rich compost, on which grow such plants as the opium poppy, poison ivy, and many psychedelic plants. All these plants would be banned by most government and police departments in most countries. The animal life is even worse. The resulting concoction of drugs give rise to all theologies and minds, keeping down all natural ability. In the middle of all this, people can believe anything, and they do.

The technology is in this book to escape into infinity were no mind can exist.

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