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A Personal View of the Viking Gods.. Written 1989. The Sagas were written by shamans and other leaders to define the social, spiritual and psychic objectives of the race. Where an image produced inspires Man and is acceptable to spirit guides, then those spirit guides will use the image as an interface and bring it to life, thus creating an archetypal God. The fossilised Gods of monotheism on the other hand are just political, mental or psychic control mechanisms stuck in time until dismantled. Spirit guides do not have a brain and need you to do their thinking and meditation for them. If one serves the Gods, then they will serve you. There are no free lunches.

The Ragnarok 2005... The relationships between Man, Honir, Surt and the Ragnarok.

The fast path is is listed in bold type

1.0.5. - Preface to the Fourth edition.
1.1. - Introduction.
1.1.5. - Acknowledgments.
1.2. - Universes.
1.3. - A Top Level Overview.
4.5. - The Attributes of the Akashic Elements.. Earth, Air, Fire, Water.
1.4. - A View of Extra Terrestrials and their Moral Codes.

2.1. - Meditation - Introduction.
2.2. - Conscious Walking. The key to meditation.
2.3. - Directed Meditation.
2.4. - Awakeness.
2.5. - Responsibility, the Key to the Universe.. Revised August 1997
2.6. - Synthesis and Creation.
2.7. - Telekinesis - Make your hair stand on end.
2.8. - Locating Spirit in Space Time and Infinity.. Revised August 1997.
2.9. - Using Psi for Meditational Purposes. Revised August 1997

3.1. - Meditation - When things go wrong.

The Obstacle Course
All sections the writer believes contain too much scenery or theology, are too dependent on one's level, or are too dependent on the Akashic elements, have been dumped in section 4. All cutthroat material is in section 2.
4.1. - The Ragnarok (Apocalypse).
4.2. - Chaos and the Universe of Emotion.
4.3. - Awake to Enlightenment.
4.4. - Perestroika and Cosmic Revolution.
4.5. - The Attributes of the Akashic Elements.. Earth, Air, Fire, Water.
4.6. - The Big Bang (15 billion years ago).
4.7. - Psychological Godship.. The super ego, or how to be a God, if you are not careful.
4.8. - The New World. (End of any Logic.)
4.9. - The Energy Series and the Attributes of Spirit. Relocated August 1996.

5.1. - Glossary.

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This book is a revised, reordered and abridged version of the following books by Edmund Meadows, his original working notes:- The Viking Way. Copyright Edmund Meadows, with the British Library.

This book is dedicated to the God Thor and his sons. When the time is right, He will lead those who will follow, across space, to colonise new planets. Without the considerable help of Thor and his sons Magni and Modi, and for the loan of the Hammer, this book could not have been written.

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