A Personal View of the Gods

The Post Ragnarok Viking Gods, written 1989.

This section is a personal view though meditation.


          SKILNA      --------|--------      MAGNI
       Understanding          |            Intention
          HAEFIL      --------|--------       HOD
          Ability             |            Awakeness 
          GAMENA      --------|--------      VALI 
         Pure Fun             |            Impulse 
          NANNA       --------|--------     BALDER
         Progress             |             Reality
          IMYNDA      --------|--------     FRIDER
        Imagination           |             Peace


           STIORNA      -------------------      HOENIR
           Ability                |              Will
           ALYCTA       -------------------      MODI 
        Understanding             |            Intention 
           FEGURA       -------------------     STARTHIR 
           Beauty                 |            Mathematics
           GEYMA    Space    ---------------     VIDAR 
                                  |              Ruler
           FYRD     Past     -----|
           NUVA     Present  -----|
           FRAMTA   Future   -----|
           BREKA    Energy   -----|
           MAGNA    Mass     -----|
           BOKA       ----------------------    FORSETTI
       Record Keeper              |          Natural Justice

THE VIKING GODS - Post Ragnarok

2.17.3 HOENIR

Meditational Exercises -

Wife - Stiorna. What Is, in the Astral.

There is little in the legends to describe Hoenir. He is there at the birth of mankind, when he gives man intelligence and the ability to think. He also walks away from the Ragnarok, in the same way as Surt. The problem is that he is silent. He is the will. He is the God of life objectives. Men who do things, do not talk too much about their objectives. The will is kept in place by those who oppose us. Those who oppose us, are not necessary enemies, as friends who never oppose us, are probably not worth knowing. Most of the enemies here are within, but in other universes, usually the next one up.

Unlike the other Viking Gods, Hoenir and Surt belong not to the Air element, but to Fire, and are the alter egos of each other. While Surt is pure Fire, Hoenir is fire trying to work in the element of Air. Thus Surt and Hoenir always appear to be in a different universe, which will often be referred to here, as the next universe up. When we find to much opposition in the universe we are in, we make a copy at a lower level, where there is less opposition. Hoenir takes us in the reverse direction, upwards.

The will forms a higher level of the psyche, so just when we think we have found the answers to everything, we find we have to do it all over again, as we shift up a universe. Fortunately this does not take long. When all opposition has been neutralised, a psyche can shift up a universe. At this point Hoenir disappears, as he is always in the universe, one up. Hoenir reappears when we are ready for the next universe up again. Communication between universes is always at the conceptual level, by ideas, and not by pictures and words. The apparent silence of Hoenir, is due to his exclusive use of conceptual communication and thinking. Hoenir is always the God or personification of the universe, one up from the one a person is working in.

When the psyche catches with all higher universes, the psyche falls away to reveal the real I. The psyche is essentially the product of lower universes and the I. Should anyone discover how to create, change or destroy the physical universe, would they please demonstrate it outside the universe. There are still people living inside it.

We will mention his wife here. Stiorna does not really belong to this particular tree, but then neither does Surt. Stiorna is the Goddess of "What Is", like Surt, but in the Astral Universe. Again, she is one universe up, and can only communicate conceptually. She is beyond dreams. She is beyond any man's descriptions of the astral planes. She is the personification of What Is. Hoenir and Stiorna are difficult Gods to understand, but the effort is well worth while.

The reader may detect some duality in this book. This is because, some information was communicated by Thor and his sons, and some by Hoenir. Thor is always in the current universe, and Hoenir is always in the universe higher. If any two universes were to agree perfectly, then they would merge, and cease to be two. Thus no two universes can ever agree, leading here to a divergence between the views of Thor and Hoenir. We are trying to put both viewpoints.

2.17.4 ZEN. Hoenir represents the start of the Zen flow, which at this level is between Fire and Air, or Fire trying to operate in the element of Air (thought). The Zen flow is a very old one, and has its origins before that of thought. Once one can get into it, which is not necessary at this point, it is totally crazy and illogical, but as it is very well aware of space time, it is quite sane. Thought is less well rooted in space time, and is sane to the point of insanity. As Hoenir is a Zen God, he cannot give a logical (air) answer to any question.

When Hoenir tells us to forgive those that oppose us, he is telling us to cut dead all past disputes, as this is the first step on the Zen path. A Japanese Zen koan is a logically impossible problem, like "What is the sound of one hand clapping". The solution is to jump to a universe where this is no longer a problem. Cutting all past disputes has a similar effect, at level one.


  1. Cut dead all past disputes.
  2. Trust one's physical and psychic senses completely.
  3. Zen is totally conscious action without thought. This is why conscious walking works.
  4. As Zen is above conscious thought, and thus above rules, all rules in Zen tend to self destruct.

List out one's objectives in life that are known. The first part of the list is pre-set, and one must faithfully promise to abide by it, provided one wishes to keep a body and a family.

  1. To assist the survival of the body in every way, till death do us part.
  2. To maintain my wife and children, in the manner to which they are accustomed, until death do us part, and after by means of a pension or similar provision.
  3. (Carry on the list, which should become more spiritually orientated.)

THE TORONTO BLESSING. This started in a Pentecostal Church in Toronto (Canada). On receiving the Charismatic touch, people fall into uncontrolled laughter. This is for no logical reason. It is contagious and has now been reported in England. The Pentecostal Church are expert in charismatic technology for healing and other things. The Charismatic Flow belongs to the emotion of Godship and above. To those who know Hoenir, the Blessing is quite logical. The Toronto Blessing is the clash in logic between the universe one is in, and the next one up. It is abreaction to the crazy Zen flow. This path may be very suitable for some people. Some people can understand the need for responsibility, but cannot accept it as an emotion. Without responsibility, no spiritual exercise will have any lasting effect.



This a journey into the element of Water. Do not blame the Vikings for the current contents of this journey into the subconscious.

With the Ragnarok, it is best to assume that nothing is holy, until proved otherwise. Even the view of the Universal Subconscious, is rotten to the core. There is a very positive side to the Universal Subconscious, but it is not visible here. At the bottom we have Odin, and at the top, we have the Universal Subconscious that might be on a level with Loki, but on a higher plain. To get to the top, all the stinking sewage of the pits has to be aerated, and a physically strong stomach is needed. We do not know who created the contents of the Ragnarok, but believers in Satan will have a pretty quick answer. Unfortunately to master it, we have to take full responsibility for its existence.

The Ragnarok is really the tragedy of Odin, and his concentration on Ego Beingness. After fighting our own Ragnarok, three Gods disappear. Odin goes, perhaps to reappear as the God of bodily death. Balder goes, to come back on a higher level, as the God of Salvation, or of forgiveness of beingness. Loki goes. Heimdall is absorbed into the psyche. All the other Gods still have roles to play, and remain in a cleaned up form, dealing with the World, more from the viewpoint of the Psyche, than the Ego. The place of Balder is taken over by the Psyche. As for Freyr, there is a perpetual battle between the fisherman and farmer, and the elements. Thus the battle between Freyr and Surt, is strictly a private one, and should rightfully be excluded from the Ragnarok. Perhaps to include many of the Gods in the Ragnarok is a mistake. History is usually written by the upper classes, and not by the meritocracy. The meritocracy is too busy doing other things.


The first rule to remember, when dealing with any Lord of Chaos (Gods of the psyche), is that they operate in real time or present time only. They have signed a contract, to be Lords of chaos, and to be there, and to perform certain roles, but that is far as contracts go. Chaos has been defined as a state, where everyone is changing everyone else's reality. However to have a reality, there must be an agreement that something is so. Agreements by definition involve a period of time, so there can never be a real time agreement. In total real time, there can be no reality, except that which can be sensed by the physical or other senses. Thus no one can keep a Lord of Chaos to a contract.

Let us take an example. A devout person prays to his God, and in this case he means what he says. He asks for inspiration, healing for his next door neighbour, and please would it not rain on the vicar's garden party. Inspiration and healing, if they are going to be available at all, are available in real time. The devout shrugs his shoulders, when it rains on the vicar's garden party. The black magician on the other hand prays to Satan, for control over his fellow men. Now he expects control for a period of time. He thinks he has signed a contract, only to find that when he comes to collect, the contract has been rewritten.

Satan is a Lord of Chaos, and probably so is the devout man's God. When anyone asks a Lord of Chaos for a favour, they must ensure that the request is properly communicated in real time, with full intention of it arriving in real time. The request must be such, that it can be serviced in real time, and that is now. Failure to follow these simple rules, leads to much grief.

Prayer in any religion, to be effective, must be in real time, must follow the normal rules of communication, and a person must mean what he says. Prayer by rote or repetition, only brainwashes the person praying, which is good for the priesthood, and bad for the psyche.

Viewed from above, Chaos is great fun, as there is never a dull moment. Viewed from below, chaos is so terrifying, that even the fires of Hell look like a holiday camp in comparison. Taken in small doses, within meditation, Chaos is quite easy to deal with. A person then has the advantage of looking at it, either as an equal, or preferably from above.


The anatomy of a chaos is actually quite simple. First there must be a source, to create it. There are many sources. A source creates universes, which are the overall framework of chaos. The framework creates actions, as if it did not, it would not be seen to exist. These actions are the games of a chaos. The games of a chaos create other universes, often in conjunction with other universes. Games create appearances of what is, otherwise known as realities. The numerical relationship is that one component on a higher level, creates one, or more, or many components, on the level below. There may be exceptions, where the source of a chaos is a group reality. Please remember that one example of a universe, is a business company. Thus it is as well to examine the source, the universe, the games and the realities of the company, that one is working for.

The list of the Viking Gods of the psyche, was given to us by Magni, son of Thor. The communication was conceptual. We have filled in the names in Anglicised Icelandic, under His guidance. It is a mistake to have God names that mean something in one's first language. During meditation, the understanding of the archetype, and the understanding of the word, can deviate quite a bit from each other. Meditation is needed to really understand them. The Lords of Chaos are lords of all games, and these games can be really rough, for those who are not up to it. Understanding comes from using their universes, their games and their realities.

2.19.2 MAGNI. Magni is one of the sons of Thor, who survives the Ragnarok. Magni is the mightiest of the Gods, and is in many ways similar to Thor. He has a share in the Hammer, and is still a God of Intention carried out. He is red haired, but has green eyes, and has shaved off his beard. He has little of his father's violence, but is far more effective. He is the creator of business universes, as long as they are ethical. In his games there are many winners, but this does stop them from being too rough for the unwary.

2.19.3 SKILNA. Skilna is a daughter of Freya. She is Understanding, and is the wife of Magni. Her games are those of philosophy, and those of spiritual understanding where there are many winners. Her games of understanding can be far too rough on those who persistently alter the truth.

2.19.4 HOD. Hod, the God who was blind, returns after the Ragnarok, with the scales of the ego removed from his eyes, to become the God of spiritual awakeness. He returns from Hel, along with Balder and Nanna. His games involve the full awakeness of the psyche, and the joy of the psyche being what it is, which can be very rough on the ego. There is plenty here to upset all priests and the status quo.

2.19.5 HAEFIL. Haefil is the wife of Hod, and is pure Ability. This is pure psychic ability. She is the Goddess of clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, levitation, telekinesis and prediction. There is much inspiration from this sphere, concerned with the psyche. There is plenty to upset the status quo.

2.19.6 VALI. Vali is the precocious son of Odin, who grew from a baby to being a warrior in twenty-four hours. When requested to avenge the death of Balder, he killed Hod, when he should have killed Loki. Peace is restored between Hod and Vali. Vali is impulse, and the God of High Chaos, and as such is the God of games, for the sake of playing games.

2.19.7 GAMENA. Gamena, wife of Vali, is Pure Fun to match Vali's impulsiveness. She is fun for the sake of fun. The writer happened to talk in his sleep one night, and mentioned the name Gamena. "Who is Gamena?" came with a poke in the ribs. "Oh! She is pure fun", came the reply. The writer is still trying to explain this away.

2.19.8 BALDER. Balder returns as the God of the dissolution of Reality and the dissolution of beingness. This is the entry into Total Real Time. This is where all reality and beingness, which cannot stand real time, just evaporate. This could be called the Ultimate Reality, for what is left after Balder has had a look, is the type of ability and reality, that can stand up to real time. The Tree of Knowledge, the contents of any pit, any theology, the ego, none of these can survive being looked at by Balder, without serious damage.

2.19.9 NANNA. Nanna, the practical one, is progress. Balder dissolves the bulk of human problems, together with the bulk of the ego, but it is Nanna who prods the psyche on to higher things. It is she who points out the fallacies of the ego. While we have bodies, we need an ego, but it must be under the will of the psyche. It is well in our meditations, to invite the psyche to take complete, and utter control, of the brain, the body, and all the senses.

2.19.10 FRIDER. Frider is the Perfect Peace which passeth all Understanding. This is a good resting place, but do not stop too long, as it can be a dead end. This can be the long sleep. From what we hear, people when they drop their body, often sense great relief, and can remain stationary at this level, for long periods of time.

2.19.11 IMYNDA. Imynda is the Imagination of Dreams, and wife of Frider. Here one can be anything one wishes, and do anything one wishes, for it is the land of dreams. This is a favoured parking spot for the psyche, while the body is asleep. Be careful here as dreams can overflow into the physical world. You only live twice, once for yourself, and once in your dreams - Japanese proverb.

2.19.12 VALDIR. While most Viking Gods are the marrying kind, here is the exception. Valdir is a son of Loki and Sigyn. Valdir was the studious child, and Sigyn kept him out of sight, so that he could not learn bad habits from his father, or risk the vengeance of the Gods. As things turn out, two of her sons are killed by the Gods, to make rope from their guts, to bind Loki until he is freed for the Ragnarok. He is studious and very serious minded, generally dressing as a priest or cleric, with the book underneath his arm. The book is the Book of Control. He is the God of control for its own sake. He is the patron of all theologies. He is the patron of such games as celibacy, restrictive practices, homosexuality, politics, black magic, and a host of other nasties. There are few winners in his games, as the players generally trap themselves inside their own games.

Something to argue with friends, in the local public house over a glass of beer, is how much freedom from, and how much freedom to, you and your friends really want in themselves and society. This gives a measure of the amount of Chaos one is prepared to tolerate. As a friend once put it, "Your freedom ends at the tip of my nose". The concepts of Total Freedom are marvellous in meditation.


The Lords of the Source represent the highest archetypes inside the Universe. Please step outside the Universe for any thing higher. They are above the Lords of Chaos. They represent absolutes in everything, and emotionally they are at the level of absolute serenity. This absoluteness makes them all near enough impossible to describe. They do provide a very good basis for meditation. Again these were given by Magni. In the original version, Hoenir came well down the list, but this bias has been corrected. From the outside, this looks cold and inhospitable. Understanding looks like an offensive weapon, especially in the hands of beings other than one's self. The order seems almost irrelevant. When the student is ready, he will be warmly welcomed, and all will be revealed.

2.20.1 HOENIR. Hoenir represents the will. When all opposition is cleared away, he will show himself in his pure form, that of what is normally known as God, the highest level of the Psyche. His wife Stiorna represents the ability that goes with the highest level of the psyche.

2.20.2 MODI. Modi represents the highest form of intention. When intention rises above this level, it becomes energy. Energy changes and recreates universes. Modi theoretically has a share in the Hammer. This is almost irrelevant, as absolute intention needs no tools. His wife Alycta represents absolute understanding, which dissolves all lower levels of the universe.

2.20.3 STARTHIR. Starthir represents the mathematics of the universe and the mathematics of relations. He is a sign of the absoluteness of the Universe. His wife Fegura represents absolute harmony, and the basic absolute beauty of the Universe.

2.20.4 VIDAR. Vidar is the co-ordinator of the Physical Universe, with his wives, the Norn daughters, who are listed in the diagram. The Physical Universe is unbending and unyielding. We have no powers to change the rules. The rules can only be understood by meditation. In . the sagas, Vidar is the silent one, who serves the other Gods. He fights in the Ragnarok wearing a magic pair of shoes, made of leather offcuts. He is totally unpretentious in the sagas, and that his strength, when the ego starts to crumble.

2.20.5 FORSETTI. Forsetti is the Lord of Absolute Natural Justice. He formulates the rules that all beings, physical or psi, must live by. His wife Boka keeps the books of account, not the books of Karma, but the real ones.

2.20.6 VALD. Vald represents absolute Power, which is the equivalent of control at lower levels.


The Leiters or Seekers appeared later, not because they are not here, but because none of the other Gods would talk about them. Whereas the Lords of Chaos are Lords of the Psyche, the Leiters are Lords of the Spirit, and are the dynamic Seekers. They are totally ruthless, and will risk all to get what they want. They are accused of innumerable crimes against the established Gods, for they are the Seekers. They are the loyal friends of all who choose to be a seeker.

2.21.1 LEITER. Leiter is a son of Odin. Leiter is generally accused of helping Fenrir the wolf, to kill his father in the Ragnarok, by giving him a push at the wrong moment. He is the leader, but does not normally carry any weapons, preferring instead to rely on his wits. He is quite at home with Zen masters and martial arts experts.

2.21.2 LEITRANA. Leitrana is a daughter of Frigg. She carries a steel sword, and is detested by her mother, due to her habit of using the sword to cut the bonds between fate and man. She is the female counterpart of Leiter. She provides altered states of consciousness during meditation.

2.21.3 ROKER. Roker is the son of Mimir, and is a master of logic. He stands accused of cleaning out the rubbish from his father's databanks, and gaining access to the rest, all without father's permission. It is Roker who leads the Leiters after the Ragnarok, in restoring selected older Gods back to life, for it is logical that they should be restored, in back seat roles of course. He is not forgiven for this either, even if he does restore a body for his father.

He is a master of logic, and if something does not work one way, he will turn the theory upside down, and try it another way. His command of logic is on a far higher level than the normal. We thought at first that he was not married, as marriage is not a logical state, however we later found that he was the husband of Sana. He carries no weapons, and is quite at home with free thinking scientists. He is not at home with true scientists, for they are illogical. Information on the nature of his conception or his mother, is not known.

2.21.4 SANA. Sana is the Seeker after truth. Truth exists on many levels, but is static on those levels, so Sana is not truth itself, for she is dynamic and a Seeker. She is the wife of Roker, and the daughter of Surt. She carries a golden sword, tougher than any . steel one, which proves to be an excellent persuader. Even Surt . himself keeps his distance from her. Information on her mother, . and her relationship with her father is not known, as no one dare ask. No right minded person trusts a daughter of Surt, unless of course they are a seeker. It is Sana who persuades Hoenir to talk.

2.21.5 MODI AND ALYCTA. The Leiters are joined by Modi and his wife Alycta, who decide that life is getting too quiet, and the action lies with the Leiters. Modi brings the hammer of intention with him. This is capable of breaking down any door, however firmly it is bolted. Thus he invokes the displeasure of Hoenir and Magni, who prefer a quieter and less dynamic life. Of course Magni would prefer to keep the hammer. It is Modi who goes through doors first, and is the first to clear away any sewerage. Alycta is a mistress of understanding, and annoys the other Gods by understanding them all too well. Her choice of two playful Siberian tigers as pets, does not help matters either.

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