A Personal View of the Gods

The Ragnarok 2005.

Surt and Hoenir are a great puzzle to most people. The writer has long been of the opinion that they are alter egos of each other. He has also held the opinion that Surt is the "The Wind of Change".

Current personal opinion is that they are not Gods at all, but you and I exercising our full potential. What could be more harmless than you walking down the road involved in your normal legal activities. In this mode you are Hoenir of serenity, harmony and enlightenment, or should be as this is an optimum mode. When there is trouble, there is no greater Wind of Change than your anger, which is far more powerful than any disincarnate entity without a body. Unfortunately there are plenty of people and entities around who do not wish to see you enjoy your full potential, and will do anything in their power to stop you.

The Gods are there to restore order out of chaos. The chaos in question has been created by earlier Gods. This chaos is in the past and is not in present time. There is no need for the Gods if this chaos is removed. That is the Ragnarok. Natural chaos and randomness are always with us and in present time only; they are not a problem.

Other Aspects of Hoenir. Consider the relationships between the following.

For Students of Sitchin. The history of Russia is bound up with 3 races if one includes the indigenous original people. The Vikings came down from the north as raiders, traders and transporters of goods as far south as Turkey. There were also the Jewish Khazars sweeping up from the south as merchants and traders who were also known as the Black Vikings and got as far as Dublin, Ireland. The name "Kremlin" means a fortified or walled town. The first historical reference to the Kremlin (now part of Moscow) is to a hunting lodge in the 12th Century when a local peace conference was held. However the Kremlin is on the confluence or joining of 2 major rivers. If the Kremlin is on a good site today, it was probably a good site in pre-history.

The writer has picked up the following in remote viewing. Be warned; these are the findings of one person only. Odin and Thor were both Anunnaki and probably other Viking Gods were too. Asgard was built on the site of the modern Kremlin and Odin and Thor are buried underneath. Odin is also known as El, the father of Jehovah. Thus Odin represents an older generation of Anunnaki who could see that the system they were setting up could not last forever. This accounts for the legend of the Ragnarok when Man takes over from the Gods. Odin wants the Ragnarok but not just yet. Thor is an old God who wishes to accelerate the Ragnarok so that he can get on with other things, even if this means his demise. Not even a God can last in dignity forever.

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