The Pre Ragnarok Viking Gods.

This section was inspired by Erik Linklater and the legends of the Orkney Islands, guided by Thor, and tested in meditation. It contains no material of German origin. Written 1989.

The Sagas were written by shamans and other leaders to define the social, spiritual and psychic objectives of the race. Where an image produced inspires Man and is acceptable to spirit guides, then those spirit guides will use the image as an interface and bring it to life, thus creating an archetypal God. The fossilised Gods of monotheism on the other hand are just political, mental or psychic control mechanisms stuck in time until dismantled. Spirit guides do not have a brain and need you to do their thinking and meditation for them. If one serves the Gods, then they will serve you. There are no free lunches. (Note written February 2000.)

When man can generate enough energy and responsibility for his actions, he will no longer need God or Gods. Until such time he needs a first rate energy source. The Viking Gods provide a first class source of energy, suitable for propelling man through enlightenment (as in Zen). They will help conquer the Zodiac and the Akashic Elements (Fire, Air, Water and Earth), and other Frost Giants of emotion.


  Female side               SURT                Male side
  Beingness         Fire, Man fully awake       Doingness
               Man who no longer needs the Gods
                        The RAGNAROK
               Will, Man still needing the Gods  
                           /  |  \
        FRIGG       ----------+----------         ODIN
       Analysis         /     |     \     The tribal leader, politician
                      /       |       \
        FREYA       ----------+----------         THOR
    The alpha female,         |                 The alpha male,
      Understanding           |              intention carried out
        TYR       ------------+----------        MIMIR
   Responsibility             |              Communication
    Discipline                |
          Beauty, the sacrificed God, point of balance.
             The enthusiasm of youth and Forgiveness
          Enlightenment (where everything is in balance)
               The Completion of Cycles of Thought.
      BRAGI the student-------+----------       WEYLAND the blacksmith
      Learning                |                 Experience
                     The Mind, impulse.
       Fast reflex thought, juvenile emotions and Faith
                     Environment, the baby.

      FROST GIANTS    THE PIT    Older Gods    All Sewage
                     Revised October 2016.


The Vikings were people who believed in living. They tried to live in the way of the Gods, and the Gods lived in them. They had little in the way of a priesthood, except for those in the patronage in the local Jarl or chief, and those who were self appointed. Thus there was no priesthood, to try and withhold power back for themselves. There were Shamans and Volvas (lady . shamans). These were natural psychics, who may have been more akin to modern clairvoyants than anything else. It is to be expected that spiritual healing played a large part in their medical practices. Modern shamans are to be found in Russia, and among the American Indians. Their theology was strictly oral, kept alive by the local bard or bragi, reciting the old stories around the winter fire. With little written work, no one could use theology for political control. Those who wanted political control, had to fight for it, and usually did. This had the advantage that it was there for all to see. There was no theology capable of keeping them in chains, or of gluing up the works.

. The lands of the Vikings were usually on the cold side, and conditions were tough. Thus the name of the game was Survival. There was none of the easy living of the Mediterranean countries. The Universe of Ability was far more important, than the Universe of Emotion, and this was reflected in their Gods. It is a mistake to consider them to have been over masculine. As their religion tended to ignore emotion, they were far more free than most peoples. Thus they could operate on higher emotional and spiritual levels. Most of the feminine side was suppressed by later religions, in much the same way as they suppressed Witchcraft in other countries. Thus most of the feminine side has been lost.

It is a mistake to assume that the Vikings had no writing. They had a perfectly good alphabet, suitable for cutting into wood and stone, hence the angular nature of the Runes. What they did not have, was paper or parchment suitable to withstand wetter climates. Quite a number of runic inscriptions were cut into other peoples sacred monuments, by Viking raiders.

One of the best source material comes from Snorri Sturluson. This is an account of how King Gylfi of Sweden, was told the secrets of the House of Aesir, by three spiritual beings, High, Just as High, and the Third, otherwise Odin, Vili and Ve. In those times, the Swedes were regarded as simple farming folk. They were nothing like as sophisticated as say the Norwegians, the Danes, or the Icelanders, who all knew far more about travel. Do not repeat this in modern Sweden, but for King Gylfi read Honest Upright Worthy Simpleton. Thus the reader, who is of course far more sophisticated, is expected by Snorri to find deeper meanings to every thing he reads, and to read between the lines. Snorri gives a quick hint of other things in a preface, by stating that Thor is the father of Odin, and that Thor is related to the Greek Gods. . To have said any more, in the political climate of the time, would have put Snorri at great risk of being banished from Iceland.

The Viking religion was conquered, due the sins of Odin, Allfather and God of politics, and by superior political systems including the written word, and better paper. Most religions collapse, when their Allfather gets out of hand. Jews quite rightly, do not give undue attention to their Allfather (Eheieh). With the various migrations of the times, there was probably an outbreak of gonorrhoea, which would have made the latent homosexuality of Christianity look extremely attractive.

The Viking religion was not one religion, but many. Where two . societies had a God in common, there was considerable exchange of ideas. The emphasis varied according to which country one was in, and with the individual. The House of the Aesir came from Germany, while the House of the Vanir was Scandinavian. They lived in tolerance of each other. This tolerance and the lack of desire to make converts, did not help the House of Aesir to fight off the intolerance of later religions.

All civilisations have the choice in their development. They all need some type of political control to keep down anarchy, and to develop wealth. The choice is between the sword and religion, and both are about as corrupt as each other. There is a middle way, but that requires better people who can generate their own ethics. Perhaps now is the time for better people to emerge. Thor is the God of that middle way of stability with freedom. As the defender of the Gods and defender of the people, he is certainly not a battle God like Odin.

The most deadly insult among the Vikings, was to call a man a Halfman, that is homosexual. There is no evidence that they punished anyone for this. As a result, it should be assumed, unless otherwise stated, that all Gods, male and female, are married, or are of the marrying kind. We do not wish to know anything about halfmen either. For this reason, we have grave doubts about the concepts of sexual purity, and anti feminism, in present day religion.

Being more spiritually advanced than most, they could see that there was a flaw in their system. This was that Odin, as do all Allfathers, was leading them up a blind alley. Yet they could also see, that to resolve the problem, they had to think the unthinkable. The problem was turned into the legend of the Ragnarok, and the mortality of the known Gods. The Gods are attacked by Fire from . above, and the giants of unthinkingness and illusion from below. In the battle, the Gods and giants destroy each other, and the world with it, leaving a new generation of Gods, and a new generation of men. In more occult terms, in the quest for spirituality, the Mind (the Pit, the Giants) rebels against the Ego (the Gods). In the battle, Mind and Ego destroy each other, thus releasing the Psyche (the new generation of Gods). There is a paradox, confirmed by meditation, that as one rises in spirituality, so the Gods get younger.

We will describe the basic tree, mainly bottom up, as this is how a child grows up to maturity, starting at the bottom with Freyr. There is a powerful triangle, with Hoenir, Thor and Freya, at its corners. The less obvious linkages are listed in the text. The higher trees or levels will be described later.


It is Surt who leads the Fire Giants on horseback, to join forces . with the Host from Hel, against the Gods. It is Surt who cleanses . the world with fire, and it is Surt who survives the Ragnarok, . along with Hoenir.

Not much is known about this Giant, as apparently no one in his right senses would claim to worship him. However there is a duality here. Surt is the ultimate reality of the Physical Universe. When man, living in the Physical Universe, deviates too much, from what he can see, touch, hear, taste and smell, he will be knocked off his pedestal by Surt. Surt is the earthing wire to keep man in real time. Thus he is the enemy of all private universes, and the enemy of the ego. He only really tolerates the physical Universe and that of Hoenir. He normally tolerates man's garbage, while man is still in the Universe of the Ego. When Man decides to reach up to the Universe of the Psyche, keeping the Ego at the same time, he becomes unbalanced. At the point of unbalance, Surt becomes Surt the Destroyer in the Ragnarok. He can also become the destroyer, whenever societies become unbalanced. While most of the Gods are Lords of Ability or Air, Surt and Hoenir belong to the universe of Fire. There is a strong connection between the Fire Spirit of Surt and the Jewish Ru'ah Ha-kodesh (Holy Spirit), which we shall use later.

Mathematicians are developing the science of chaos. One of the rules that comes out, is that while it is possible to predict that a system is unstable, no one can predict the trigger point, which will lead to its collapse. Thus if the return on capital invested in stock market shares, falls to less than say 3%, then there is an unstable bull market. The crash will come, a small one sooner, or a large one later if people carry on buying shares. However, there are an infinite number of random variables, so that the precise time of the event cannot be predicted.

. Surt is worth worshipping, and a person does so, by taking notice of what is around him. Try feeling the four walls of your room, the floor, and if you can reach it, the ceiling too. Those who are in communication with their physical environment, are more in real time. They are far more likely to spot unstable situations, in the stock market, in the mind, and other things. Those who live in real time, are unlikely to walk into lamp posts. It is all too easy to be swept along on a tide of emotion. Who wants to sell shares in a market that is still rising. Who wants to clean out the mind, when every one else seems to be surviving, without bothering to clean out theirs. This theme will be developed later as Conscious Walking as a tool for meditation.

It is worth pointing out that in other religions like Hinduism, the Destroyer God holds a very high position. When the Destroyer meets the Creator, the universe will be destroyed. Such is part of the plot of the film, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Fortunately the only universes, to be destroyed, are those of mentalism, so we will hasten the meeting.

2.3.1. SURT AND ZEN. In Zen terms, Surt is a God of conscious action without thought, for he is above thought, and is thus a Zen God. Surt invites you to synthesise or create in the Physical Universe. This invitation is easy to ignore, as it is so much easier to create in one's own little universe of thought. Even the Gods of the Aesir prefer to create in their own private universes, which leads to their downfall in the Ragnarok.

2.4. THE FROST AND STORM GIANTS The Frost, Storm, and Mountain Giants are best regarded as the older, obsolete Gods, and the baser elements of the psyche. They are also the ancestors of the Gods. The House of Aesir tends . to kill off all giants who get in their way, but also look among . . their numbers for wives. The giants are very much Gods of emotion. The Aesir, while being clairvoyant, also use intelligence, the senses, and the tools of awareness, for they are lords of ability.

In modern occult terms, the Frost Giants are made up of fossilised mentalism, which should be dispatched if one wants to live to the full. The Frost Giants can be found at various levels, including those of ego, psyche and spirit. Thor, being a God of the ego, sometimes gets into trouble trying to dispatch the giants of the psyche. The Frost Giants are often superior in magic to the Gods, especially in illusion. This would indicate that the Frost Giants are pure magical forces, usually not very orientated towards human survival. The Gods recruit those Giants approved of by man, into their ranks. We must follow the example set by Thor, and dispatch the rest.

In man, the state of pure magic is achieved when all aspects and levels of body, ego and psyche are in harmony with each other. That is pure magic. The body is a marvellous tool for testing ideas and hypothesis, in a way that is impossible for a disembodied psyche. With the body comes the development of the ego. The ego must be kept in balance with the psyche. The Ragnarok is the penalty, for over developing the ego, at the same time as developing the psyche.

The giants do seem to appear at the Ragnarok, even if most are conquered by the Aesir already. They join forces with Surt, and the occupants of Hel lead by Loki. After the Ragnarok, there is little sign of the baser elements of the psyche. As the giants are the older Gods, it may be libel, to say that they fight at the Ragnarok, against the Aesir. For some it would be in their . interests, to fight for the Aesir. Chroniclers are not usually kind to obsolete Gods.

There is an essential difference between a God and a Frost Giant. A God has desirable attributes that can be absorbed into the self. A Frost Giant can only cause illusion, and frighten people into respecting him, and threaten the end of the World if they do not.

It is worth remembering that mathematics, and probably geometry are Arab inventions. The Viking did every thing by eye, even building their ships, which indicates good pictorial and spatial imagination, but not mathematical thinking. In current psychology, the left hand side of the brain controls verbal, logical, and mathematical thinking, while the right hand side controls pictorial thinking and intuition. From this it can be deduced that the Vikings were users of the right hand side of the brain, while Jews tend to use the left hand side.

2.5. FREYR

Symbols - A ship that can be folded up, and put in his pocket. It is large enough to carry all the Gods, and can sail in any direction. The boar's head.

. Meditation - The World. Live in it. . .

Freyr is an enigma to most people. He is probably the only known male fertility God in the World. Everyone else except the Irish use some version of Mother Nature. Freyr is the chief God of the House of Vanir, while his sister Freya is chief Goddess. The House of Vanir is made up of all the Scandinavian fertility Gods and Goddesses. When the House of Vanir met the House of Aesir, there was war. This was until man discovered that the two did not compete with each other. At which point the two houses merged. Freya took over the empty slot of Sky Mother with her knowledge of magic. Freyr however could not compete with Thor as Sky Father, and thus displaced Frigg the Earth Mother. The equivalent of Mother Nature is the beautiful Gerd, Freyr's wife. Freyr himself should be regarded as the Manager of Conservation. Freyr gives away his sword, to woo Gerd. This sounds like one origin of the phrase, "Swords into plough shares". The father of Freyr and Freya is Niord, a sea God for seafarers and shipping, and Allfather of the Vanir. Now deposed as an Allfather, he is an honoured house quest of the Aesir.

Thus Freyr is a God of farming and the sea, two main sources of food. No sword may be carried in his presence, much in the spirit of swords into plough shares. No outlaws are tolerated in his presence either. The Vanir are also associated with horses, and even today the British will not eat horse beef. The boar is sacred to him, hence the symbol of the boar's mask. When colonising Iceland, worshippers of Thor threw their wooden statures of Thor into the sea, to guide them into to a suitable spot. Worshippers of Freyr, threw the stud boar in instead. Whether this had any thing to do with boars being bad shipmates, is not recorded.

. As a sea God, he was also God of shipbuilders. The Viking long ship was a masterpiece of engineering. It was made of 25mm timber, sown together, and sealed with pitch. Today a boat builder would use at least 75mm timber. This was mainly a coastal or river boat, but it was sailed to Iceland, Greenland and North America.

The Vanir are associated with recycling of all things living. Freyr is associated with reincarnation, and ship funerals. If one looks at the idea of lighting a fire within a long ship, something becomes apparent. Any funeral pyre will burn out the ship, before burning the body. Thus instead of the fire consuming the body, it will be eaten by old Cable Jaws, the cod fish. All known ship funerals in Viking times, were with the body being buried with the boat on dry land. All known ship funerals at sea, have taken place in Hollywood. The exception is the funeral of Balder.

His symbol is a ship, with a wide variation of size, and an ability to sail anywhere. This gives a strong hint of hidden dimensions in the Universe. Occultists have long used the concept of the fifth and sixth dimensions. Science fiction writers have the concept of hyper space, where space ships can fly faster than light. Now mathematicians have come up with a proposition. To extend Einstein's laws of relativity to include gravity, there must be at least eight extra physical dimensions. This is a well as height, width and depth, making eleven in all. The proposition is that these extra dimensions collapsed within seconds of the original Big Bang. The big question is, did they collapse, or just disappear from view. In our meditations, we suspect the later. Should one see Freyr's ship sailing upside down, suspect that this is a hint of hidden dimensions.

Medicine and care of the body belong here. Any knowledge of Viking medicine has been suppressed. This was the province of the shaman . and the volva (lady shaman). It was based on spiritual healing, . and herbalism. The old remedy for dealing with the wounds of . battle was hot pitch.

2.6. LOKI

Symbol - None as no one claims to worship him.

Meditational exercise - Be a spiritual being who has a body. Subconscious.

Loki is one of the nicest people, you could wish to meet. He is the only God, one might wish to go out with for a drink. In the worldly sense, he is highly sophisticated, and witty. However, he has no real knowledge, no real experience, and no moral backbone. He can be guaranteed to drop every one else in the fertiliser, when trouble comes. He is also unlikely to pay for a round of drinks. He cannot take the consequences of his actions. His human counter parts are quite well known.

This is the start of Psychic Consciousness, and as such, this sphere has plenty of energy and ability, but not the know how to use them properly. Sexual energy belongs here. The Fire Spirit . begins to show here. This is marvellous for those who are spiritual enough to know how to use it. It is pure Hell for other beings. This is the 100% proof version. An excess of psychic energy, can cause a form of mania, and certainly is a good cause of nervous tension. Psychic energy is best converted into something else, like Responsibility or Understanding.

Loki has some of the characteristics of a Frost Giant, and some of a God, and so it many ways, he comes somewhere in between. He is accused of being a halfman, but this best regarded as a solution to panic. He saves Freya, from being given away in payment for a wall around Asgard, by turning into a mare in season. Thus he is the mother of Sleipnir, Odin's eight legged horse. Sleipnir is a coffin carried by four men, and hence the eight legs.

In the role of spoilt child, he leaves his faithful wife Sigyn, to live with a frost giantess Angrboda. Together they produce three children. There is the World Serpent that forms the chains that hold man down. There is the wolf Fenrir, that is man's avarice for material and spiritual possessions. The third is Hel, whose face is half woman, and half putrefaction, Goddess of the dead. Her kingdom is for oath breakers, the ungodly, and anyone else like Balder, who cannot be recycled. The kingdom of Hel comes back to life for the Ragnarok. Hel is essentially a form of cold purgatory. Here a person is confronted, with the history of their life. There are better ways of taking personal responsibility.

In the Ragnarok, Loki shows his true colours, by leading the dead, who are still in Hel or Purgatory. These are the beings, who even in Hel, cannot take responsibility for their own actions. Their ship is made up of dead men's finger and toe nails. Nails do grow after death, and are thus the only things, bar beards, that can grow in Hel, and are thus taken as a sign of very low . life forms. To the Vikings, it was a virtue to have trimmed finger . and toe nails.

The binding of Loki until the Ragnarok, is a reference to shamanistic initiation procedures. The Gods turn one of Loki's sons into a wolf, who kills the second son. The guts of the second son are used to make a rope, which Loki cannot break, and this is used to tie him down. This is the solution of the shaman Odin. Thor's preferred solution is to kill Loki, but he is not allowed to do so. In shamanistic initiation rites, evil is used to control evil. The lower and baser parts of the ego are chained down, so that they will not interfere with the upper ego and psyche. We advocate Thor's approach, draining the lower ego by meditation, which has the same result as the hammer. This linkage between Loki and Odin, leads to Odin's downfall. Odin will not relinquish the lower ego and all the evil in it, and so he must face the Ragnarok instead.

There seems to be no mention in the sagas of Loki and alcohol, but this definitely belongs at this level. There is little point on commenting on alcoholic excess. However a glass of beer, and good company, is a very good way of backing out of problems of a person's own making. The wisdom of consuming more than a glass, does depend on who is driving the car. Small amounts of alcohol are useful for encouraging clairvoyance, as it lowers the barriers. It can be a menace for someone who is already clairvoyant enough, leading to unpleasant hangovers.

As the Father of Lies, Loki has plenty of friends among priests, as whenever they do not like the truth, they turn black into white, and white into black. This is one of the reasons why all theologies are in such a mess.



Loki is the start of any real thinking, but he does not get anywhere. Thus he marks the very bottom of the Universe of Thought. This makes a good place to explain it.

The Ego for most people is equivalent to the brain. It is best described, as the working combination of body and psyche. The Ego is geared to living in the Physical World. Later in this book, we will wake up the spirit, which will take over from the psyche. The brain is the personal computer of the body and Ego. The Ego has three main modes of thinking, verbal, pictorial, and conceptual.

Verbal thinking is associated with the left hand side of the brain, along with mathematics, and is the thinking that is in the form of words. In British society, this is a respectable form of thinking, and is the basis of most Jewish based theologies. At it's best, this can be a very precise means of coding knowledge. At it's worst, it ignores what ought to be obvious, and get its users into verbal thinking loops.

Pictorial thinking is associated with the right hand side of the brain, together with music and symbolism. This is highly respected in artistic circles. Some psychologists believe that people do too much verbal thinking, and would do better use some pictorial thinking as well. This is the thinking of religions that are high in pictorial imagery, and of course, craven images. There can be rivalry between the two camps, about the merits and evils of the results, but there is too little discussion over the basic reasons for the differences. At it's best, pictorial thinking gives good three dimensional models or blueprints. At its worst it gives woolly thinking, and symbolism without understanding.

. Conceptual thinking is where a person can think with abstract . models, without either pictures or words. This often comes with the experience of doing something. A person can learn all about something from a book, but real understanding comes from using the subject in question. By using, a person gets the idea. Ideas are not easy to communicate. They have to be translated into pictures or words, and then translated back again by the receiver. Love is the blind acceptance or tolerance, of other peoples realities. Such a concept can be summed up in a few words, provided one forgets the colour or fringe associations. A concept which deals with the relationships between entities, is best communicated by a picture or diagram, as for example with the Tree of the Gods. When concepts get too high, it can be extremely difficult to translate them into something, any side of the brain can understand.

This was one of the problems in writing this book. As an exercise, consider the modes of thinking, that go into driving a car. Cars are not driven by verbal thinking. Cars may be driven by unconscious mental machinery. Cars are best driven consciously, especially by those who wish to keep their insurance premiums down.

Psychiatrists have described mental conditions caused by brain damage. In one condition, the verbal and pictorial elements of the brain cannot communicate with each other. On a lower level, we believe this to be more common than psychiatrists believe. A person can have considerable trouble translating pictures into words, and visa versa. The brain should be capable of thinking easily in both words and pictures, but has far less capability in conceptual thinking. Thus we can have the situation, where we have three modes of thinking, behaving as three separate entities. The easy way out, is for a person to choose one method, and suppress all the rest. The brain, when programmed properly is an excellent computer, and can process problems, which even the psyche cannot . resolve, as long as it gets the data in a form it understands. Ultimately the brain can be programmed to recognise broad principles in the universe of the psyche, and to guide the psyche forward when it founders. We are told by psychics, that man is on Earth to learn certain lessons. The brain can be programmed to ensure that the real lessons are learned, provided it can recognise the data.

The psyche itself, does not speak English, nor for that matter does it understand much English, if any at all. The psyche can exist independently of the body, and thinks in terms of concepts. To a lesser extent it may be able to turn concepts into pictures, the matter of dreams, that is why some people are verbal thinkers during the day, and pictorial ones at night. This is why it is necessary for anybody recording their dreams, to write them down immediately on waking up. There is a considerable communications gap, between the ego and the psyche.

There is the Pit. This is a dumping ground for all fossilised thinking. If a person wishes to go upwards, then the pit must be cleaned out. However the smell of the sewage in it, is enough to keep all nice people away from any pit, their own pit especially. The trouble is that it provides a lot of the erroneous data for the brain when planning one's real time actions.

There is the universe of other people, one for each person, but it is more convenient to see it as one. Communication occurs by words and pictures. Do not rule out telepathy. When talking to someone face to face, there is often that little bit extra, which comes across. Dr Andrija Puharich, the noted parapsychologist, has put forward a theory. Telepathy requires the sender be in a state of fear, caused say by being trapped underground. The receiver must be in a relaxed state of mind. We fully agree. . Our own experiences have generally been with Loki type characters. . The sender has been in a state of panic, and very near to having . an embarrassing accident. Dr Puharich is describing major telepathy. Minor telepathy is far more common, and goes unrecognised. Minor telepathy gives a great deal of colour to communication.

The best experience the writer had, was during a petrol crisis, following his driving out of the queue, into the next empty petrol bay, and pulling the flexible filling hose out to it's full length. Whether he queue jumped or not, is a matter of opinion. Should one should always queue in an orderly fashion, or improve the through put of a petrol station? The verbal messages will not be repeated. The telepathic message was most interesting, and can be translated as follows. "Thou shall not prove, that the symbolic sexual organ of a petrol pump, namely it's hose, is longer than the symbolic sexual organ of the driver, namely his car". Fortunately for sane motorists, the makers of petrol pumps have not heard this one.

Undoubtedly much telepathy does exist, for those who can pick it up, and translate it, but this is at the conceptual level. In a person's own universe, it is the key to higher levels of the psyche. It is not recommended that a person should try to read other people's minds, unless he is short of meditational material, for there is plenty of sewage there.

The Universal Subconscious is the link between the psyche and other psyches. At the bottom end, this is pretty rotten, but the top end extends upwards into the fabric of the universe, so a person must be careful when cleaning it out. The Gods exist in the top part. Chaos is the next level up, and is the state where everyone is changing every one else's reality. This is another way of saying that everything in chaos is in total real . time, and nothing is static. In this state, who needs reality. The source is that state, where everything is in a state of total and absolute serenity. The creators are in the next universe up, are in a state of very high energy. This energy can be tapped, and used for meditational, healing or other purposes. When this energy flows, turn it into responsibility, or something that is easier to handle, as soon as possible, for the sake of one's own comfort, as this is the source of the Fire Spirit.

2.7. BRAGI

Symbol - The Golden Apples of Idun.

Meditational exercise - Learning, reading, listening, and learning.

The word Bragi means poet, in this case the reciter of poetry. There is little information on this God. Possibly he is a bit of poetic licence by Snorri, but he does fit in. As the Lord of rote learning, and undigested knowledge, Bragi is very well known in our schools.

The Golden Apples of his wife, Idun, are the fruit of immortality. When bards stop reciting the glories of the Gods, the Gods will be forgotten and will perish. Apples do not grow out of doors in Iceland, and thus the story is imported. However the legend of the golden apples in a basket, has many variations, across and beyond Europe. Bragi comes across as the young extrovert bard. Idun appears as a young and innocent nature Goddess, even . if she may be a great deal older. Together, they balance each . other. In days gone by, a good bard with a wife who could cook . well, made a very good combination, when going around the larger houses. It is not unreasonable for Idun to provide the food for the Gods, and be a Goddess of cookery.

While Idun is the young and perhaps naive young woman, she may be included by Snorri as being one of the older Gods, too important to leave out. There is a legend that she fell asleep in the branches of the Tree of Yggdrasil, fell out and landed in Hel. Hel after much pleading would only return her for six months of the year, leading to the seasons of summer and winter. She is saved from Hel, when Balder the Beautiful takes over the role of the sacrificed God. Idun has received the gift of eternal youth for herself and her husband. She can also give rejuvenation and immortality to the Gods. There is however no indication that she is at all competent in magic. This may be an omission in the sagas, or it may indicate that she has received a gift from a being higher than the Aesir. The gift of eternal youth will bribe any woman.

During the Ragnarok, she will provide healing and first aid to the injured, and use the Golden Apples to bring certain of the Gods back to life. The healing is however selective. After the Ragnarok she will mature, and take over from Loki as lord of impulse. She will also take over from Freya, in the pursuit of psychic ability. She will keep a very low profile, and will easily be missed. Behind every great man, stands a good woman; such a good woman is Idun. She will ensure the complete recovery of Heimdall, Lord of Observation, and will work with him. Together they will keep a very low profile, but they will be there.


Symbol - The Forge. The National Flag.

Meditational exercise - Experience.

At the time of Snorri, Iceland was probably one of the few places, which did not need, a national God, as who would attack it. In Snorri's sagas, the smiths are dwarfs.

Experience is needed to balance book or rote learning. Who could be better than the Iron Age Sky Father of the British, Weyland the Blacksmith, later to be deposed by Wodenaz. There are still a number of place names in England, which start with "Wey".

The dwarfs and elves are said in the sagas, to have been created by the Gods, when they created man. As craftsmen and smiths, they create the finest gift to the Gods, the hammer, which gives them a strong linkage with Thor. Odin is not the most creative of Gods, but is more interested in politics. Thus the skills of the dwarfs are not appreciated as much as they might be. In England, it is quite normal to refer to the local craftsman, as that little man who mends the roof, or the little woman who makes such good clothes. The little man or woman is a small business man, but is not necessarily of small stature. Again in the sagas, it is a dwarf who stitches up Loki's lips. This is when Loki wriggles out of a lost wager, by claiming that the dwarf may take his head, but must not harm his neck. Loki is supposed to be a giant. . When the plum jobs are in politics and management (control), craftsmanship . . is neglected, and a country goes downhill.

Whereas Weyland is a lord of ability, Britannia is a lord of emotion. The national Goddess is always very much one for going with the crowd. This may be fine in time of war, but going with the crowd can be disastrous at other times. At the horse races, the punters go with the crowd and bet on the horses. At the races, the only people to make a regular profit are the bookmakers. This is survival for the bookmakers, and non survival for the punters. For the punter, every one else is betting, so if he wishes to keep in with the crowd, he must bet too. Waves of such emotion, are good for business, but bad for the individual. When emotion turns to hysteria, business is good for the police and the building trade, and bad for other people.


Meditational exercises: - Beauty, Salvation. Sorting out one's personal problems.

Balder represents everything that is beautiful and perfect, as judged by human standards. This is not necessarily so by higher standards. Judging spiritual perfection by the standards of the ego is stupid. It is like getting a crowd of Irish building . labourers to construct a Mensa intelligence test.

The main stream European legend, is that the Earth Mother, has a young lover or toyboy (or son), as well as a husband. The young lover dies in tragic circumstances. When the Gods intervene, to get him back from the Underworld, they can only succeed in getting him back for six months of the year. For the six months that he returns, the world blossoms into summer, and for the six months that he returns to the Underworld, the world decays into winter. This legend was probably sent out, as strong signal to end human sacrifice. Man has a strong urge to sacrifice something, and the legend is an attempt to satisfy that urge. If Balder were a member of the Vanir, then he would follow this pattern, but Balder is a son of Odin, and thus his story is rather different.

In the case of Balder, the role of the Earth Mother is taken by Frigg, wife of Odin and deposed Earth Mother. There are premonitions of Balder's death. All things living and non living, promise Frigg that they will not harm Balder, except the mistletoe which is forgotten. The Gods out of stupidity, make a game out of trying to kill Balder, knowing that nothing can hurt him. Out of malice, Loki gives Hod (night, psyche) Balder's blind brother a dart made out of mistletoe to throw at Balder (day, ego). Balder dies, and is given a ship funeral, together with Balder's wife Nanna (the practical one), when she dies of grief. Hel will not return Balder, and he is followed by Hod. All three return after the Ragnarok, Hod with his sight restored. Before his death, Hod cannot see, due to the dominance of the Universe of the Ego. Balder's son, Forsetti survive both his father's death and the Ragnarok.

As for Pandas, here are sleepy attractive animals, dying out because they are under sexed, and have a very limited diet. If the panda found out more about sex and diet, then it would be more vigorous, . . and probably be as dangerous as a brown bear, but at the same time would lose all public sympathy. Such is the world of Balder.

Beauty is an interesting subject. Photographers can take photographs of twenty-four different women, and make up a composite picture. The result is a photograph of a beautiful woman. In other words, beauty is the average. In the same way, goodness and perfection is the average of all those qualities, that people will own up to having. Goodness and perfection have no place in the spiritual world.

Who wants to be average. With a little effort, one can be absolutely horrible, and be more survivally orientated. Society does not like people stepping out of line like this, as it feels far safer, with those who conform to the norm.

The Welfare State is a good example of an emotional movement, with the best of good intentions. This is good business for the civil servants, who administer it, and sometimes for the people it is intended to help. The welfare state will fall, when people decide that they have nothing to lose, but the taxman.

2.10. TYR


Symbols:- The missing hand, the bionic hand, the iron hand in the velvet glove, the hook.

Meditational Exercise - Responsibility. Take responsibility for ones own actions.

There is a gradient scale among the various alternatives.

Justice is a well-known Goddess in Britain. Anyone who commits blasphemy against her high priests, can get 12 months in jail, the charge being contempt of court. Everyone wants justice against other people. No one wants justice against themselves. This is not a mental attitude that gets anybody very far. All wars are started in the name of Justice, which makes Justice even more bloody minded than Mars. Justice is just another lord of emotion. Justice is very much for going with the crowd, which is not much use for personal meditation.

Mars is a well-known God of war, who originally started as a Roman farmers' God, perhaps similar to Freyr. Mars has never given away his sword. Mars may be all right for society, but is not much use for personal meditation. All nations who have not bothered to defend themselves, have perished. Thus worship of Mars in moderation, does have its virtues. Before World War II, children in Britain were not given toy guns, as such potential aggression was not approved. The prime minister tried appeasing Hitler. The result was war. The writer never had toy guns, even during the war, but had his father's surplus playing cards instead.

. Tyr is the Sky Father, who deposed Weyland the Smith, but who . was in turn deposed by Wodanaz. Tyr is the loyal soldier, and . a lord of ability. When the Gods try to bind Fenrir the wolf, claiming to test his strength, Fenrir only agrees, if one of the Gods will put his hand in the mouth of Fenrir. Tyr is the only one brave enough, loyal enough or stupid enough, to agree. The Gods succeed in binding the wolf, and Tyr loses a hand. Thus Tyr is very much a God of self discipline. Self discipline is an important aspect of this sphere. On a personal level, there is good reason for taking a course in unarmed combat. Guns are fine for national defence. One should certainly learn how to fire them on a legal rifle range, for if war comes again, the ability will be needed. On a personal level, a gun is the erection that does not go down. Judging from American experience, most people who get shot, are not shot by burglars and villains, but by their nearest and dearest, by accident or on purpose. If a person wishes to prove how tough he is, there are always vacancies in the paratrooper section of the British Territorial Army. There is also the Salvation Army.

The Lords of Karma are of interest in this sphere. In occult tradition, the Lords of Karma, block the way to higher levels, to those who are not ready. In practice, this means that anyone who wishes to pass, must be able to stand before them, and say "I have done what I have done, and take full responsibility for all my actions".

Past actions may be good, bad, or indifferent. However at the time of the action, they may not be evaluated properly. This is especially true for babies and young children, who just do not have the knowledge and experience. This is also true, when there is pain and unconsciousness around. By the time a person becomes adult, he can be so swamped by old unevaluated memories, . that he can not evaluate his real time actions either. Dr Sigmund Freud found that the best age to provide him with business, was the age of four years. The answer to this, is to bring out all memories into consciousness, evaluate them in real time, and then to file them back again.

An argument arises from time to time, whether a man is the result of his own actions, or the result of what has been done to him. Sigmund Freud started with the idea, that a man is the result of what his parents did to him, or rather their sexual feelings. Freud had to reverse his ideas. What other people do to us, may make mighty building blocks. What we do to other people, makes the mortar that holds the blocks together. Remove the mortar, and the building blocks blow away in the wind.

Dr Alfred Adler is very scathing about parents who are sloppy in the control of their children, as the children became his patients. Control of children needs to be firm and above all consistent. The cases we have heard of, of parents hitting their children, have generally been where the parents have been too liberal, and then snapped, losing their own control. Children like to know where the barriers are, and if they can not find any, they are lost. Bring the barriers in too close, and their development is stifled. The writer has found that if a baby is sitting in the middle of the floor crying, then a good solution is to put it inside a play pen. This will provide barriers. If this does not work, there is a more serious problem. All teenagers rebel against their parents, for this is the way that change comes in society. Never deprive a teenager of things to rebel against, as they need to establish their own identity. A friend recently accidentally approved of his eldest daughter's new dress. This lead to a complaint that he had ruined her day.


2.11. MIMIR



Meditational Exercise - Communication. Public Speaking.

Mimir is one of the older Gods adopted by the Aesir, and may be a frost giant. As guardian of the spring of knowledge or inspiration, below the World Tree, he does live among the frost giants. Mimir and Hoenir go to stay with the Vanir, as hostages, after the war between the Aesir and the Vanir. There, Hoenir annoys the Vanir by remaining silent, so the Vanir retaliate by cutting off the head of Mimir. The head of Mimir is recovered by Odin, and kept as a source of knowledge.

Thus Mimir progresses from being one of the older Gods, to someone with much useful knowledge, who but cannot do anything. He becomes Odin's personal computer or knowledge system. He is sometimes referred to as the God of wisdom, but the title of God of digested knowledge, is more appropriate. There are quite a number of people about, who know, but cannot do. He can however communicate. In the physical world, on a personal level, the highest communication skill is public speaking.

. When the writer started out, he took a Dale Carnegie public speaking course, which did not give him a golden tongue, but was of great assistance. Dale Carnegie's courses seem to be no longer available, but his books are still in print. Communication is the great solvent, and talking about anything is far better than writing it down. Anyone who cannot communicate, cannot tell other people, what a terrible person the writer is.

There are certain rules of communication.

  1. Something must be said, with the intention of sending a message across space, and being able to see that it is received and understood.

  2. In most countries especially Iceland, it is best to look the other person in the eyes, as this shows one's interest and intention. This may not be good manners in Japan. No doubt, the Japanese have other methods of indicating interest in the other person.

  3. To receive, and be seen to receive, it is necessary to look the sender in the eyes, and acknowledge end of transmission of a message, with an acknowledgement. In English, the most common acknowledgements are:- Good, Fine, Thank You, All Right and Yes. To this one can add OK and a string of other slang terms. To acknowledge someone at the end of one of their sentences, but in the middle of their transmission, "Yes" or a nod of the head, is often far more appropriate.

  4. When verbal communication is not seen to be received, the sender usually gets rather distressed. He is liable to repeat himself. Even if he goes silent, he will try repeating himself later. This is the reason for most compulsive talking. It may help to acknowledge a compulsive talker very emphatically.

. When computers communicate with each other, they have to use a . very strict set of rules. When a message is sent, an acknowledgement is expected. "Understood" or "received but not understood" is . expected back. In the case of "not understood", the sender will repeat the message. In the case of "understood", the sender will send the next message. When the sender has finished sending, a hand over message is sent, telling the other machine to take over.

From time to time there are wars in defence of a country's rights, or what it considers to be its rights. If politicians were wiser, there would be far fewer wars. All wars could have been avoided, even World War II, but that would demand politicians wiser than those who elect them. In defence of democracy, it must be stated that virtually no wars are started by democracies. Most wars are started by dictatorships. Men (and a few women) go to war to protect your liberty and your rights, but none who see action, come back totally unscathed or unharmed. The casualty rate in peacetime among airmen, would make anyone think there was a minor war on. There are numerous casualties among the Police and other public services. This is in defence of your safety. Then there are the casualties for less honourable reasons.

There is a common complaint of ex-servicemen, from World War II, the Falklands, Vietnam, and now in Russia from Afghanistan. This is that no one is really prepared to listen to their experiences. They have to keep everything bottled up inside. Are you a man or a mouse. Have you got the guts to listen, and serve your country, or did they fight for nothing.


SYMBOL:- The horn of warning, or trumpet.


Heimdall is described as being the son of nine mothers. In the legends, there are nine realms among the Gods, even if we have used a Cabalistic structure instead. The nine mothers are interpreted as a reference to Heimdall being a high adept, someone of high spiritual knowledge. Freya Aswynn has done quite a bit of work on the nine Viking realms, to suit her work as a modern volva. The Rainbow Bridge guarded by Heimdall, leads from the lands of the frost giants to Asgard. It is the bridge of meditation to higher levels. It is a linkage, to both higher levels among the Gods, and the higher levels after the Ragnarok.

Heimdall does battle with Loki, his arch enemy, for he can see Loki for what he is. Neither of them win. Loki has plenty of energy, but low cunning instead of knowledge. Heimdall has the knowledge, but is low in energy. In the Ragnarok, they kill each other. Thus he is probably at the level of spiritual fear. As a parallel to this, modern rabbis are puzzled by the references in the Old Testament, which make love of God, and fear of God, into similar emotions. If we substitute fear, by respect or spiritual . fear, then this starts to make sense, from the point of view of . the ego.

Cabalists make a pig's ear out this level. As they work in the universe of emotion, and not ability, they call it the Abyss, or the Dark Night of the Soul. At this level, there is a large reality change. A man has read the theologies. He has found out how to take responsibility for his actions. He has found out how to communicate. All this, only to find that the rules have changed, and hence the reference to the Abyss. A parallel to this, is when someone gets promoted to the post of manager, from the work pool. The new manager finds that he has to align himself to the objectives of the company. He has to lose many the objectives of the shop floor. He has to change his reality.

The way forward, is by observation, perception, ability, and constructive meditation. This means draining, or losing, old concepts and ideas, out of the mind, so that it can adjust to new requirements. The mind must be thoroughly aerated, so that it can change to higher levels. The amount of effort needed to grasp new ideas, is very low, if a person is prepared to put in a large amount of effort, into clearing away old rubbish.

2.13 FREYA

Symbol -

Meditational Exercises.

Freya is the sister of Freyr, and together they are the chief Gods of the Vanir. While Freyr becomes the great gardener, Freya with her knowledge of magic becomes the Sky Mother. She is the most beautiful of the Goddesses. She is married to Od, possibly a variation of Odin, who has deserted her. For a sky mother, to look after the affairs of men, a woman in her sexual prime is required, who is not distracted by a husband. It is unthinkable in Viking literature for a beautiful mature woman, not to be married, and thus there is a clash of interests. There is another explanation for Od, and that is of a secret husband. Freya is a strong powerful liberated woman. A suitable husband would have to be more powerful than Freya, have something to give her, and possibly be able to use some of her power in return. She has the sophistication and wits to be able to play with fire, and get away with it. There is one God who fits this image, who is Surt, and this would account for her power in magic.

. Magic is something that creates chaos, so there is a strong link . here to the Lords of Chaos on the higher plains. Sexual love gives a strong link, up to the top of the universe of emotion. Understanding gives a strong link to the top of universe of ability. . Understanding is one of the most powerful tools in meditation. In practice, love appears to be more powerful, for it is more understandable to the ego, as most people wish to be loved. Love is blind acceptance of a person or entity, which is built in to the body, for the protection of children. Understanding is knowing what makes somebody or something ticks. Faith is blind acceptance of a concept or idea, but does not appear in the legends, for the Vikings were more of the view, "If it works, use it".

Many rabbis have said, "Love your neighbour as thyself", which originally applied to the Jew living next door, but now has a world wide meaning. The trouble with love, is that it belongs to the element Water or emotion, and pulls in hate, intolerance and enemies. Having enemies is a symptom of the use of love. If our enemies can be seen, then understand them, as they become easier to avoid in say our place of work, especially as they probably want to avoid us. If enemies cannot be seen, but only sensed, then take responsibility for them. This is especially true of the enemies within. Responsibility and understanding are great solvents. They are totally destructive to anything that does not exist in real time. Spiritual love is a great magnetic force, drawing all into the mind, leading to the worship of mentalism, and is best avoided like a dose of AIDs.

This is a great area for moral codes. Before anyone can feel remorse for anything, there must be a moral code, decision, or agreement, that has been violated. Moral codes are well worth investigating.

It is Freya who teaches Odin the secrets of sex magic, even if sex magic is normally regarded as one of the feminine mysteries. . Freya is also the Goddess of Seidr. Seidr is a form of magic practised by lady shamans or volvas. It is more akin to modern spiritualism, clairvoyance, the psychic, and the fortune teller, than to say modern ritual witchcraft. Therefore to describe seidr as witchcraft is totally wrong. Seidr is practised in real time. Another side of seidr and shamanism, is that it has been known to help in attracting and catching shoals of fish.

Freya is also the provider of a heaven, for people after they discard their earthly bodies. This is considered by many to more desirable than most other Viking resting places, such as Hel and the halls of Odin. Freya's heaven is most essential for the spiritualist and the clairvoyant. Without it, there would be no one there in a clairvoyant session. "Is there anyone there?" This is the heaven, where husbands and wives expect to meet again. It must be remembered however, that the Vanir are great recyclers. Thus after a spell in heaven, the psyche will be reincarnated. This is not completely out of line with modern spiritualism. Freya is said to take half the dead in battle. This is another way of saying, that if a person wants to avoid Odin's Valhalla, after death in battle, they can go to Freya instead.

Freya has a number of symbols. There is the necklace of sensuality, won by sleeping with the four dwarfs who made it. It seems to embarrass even the Gods, and sensuality embarrasses plenty of so called worthy men. Does any real man really want his women folk to be without it. Her chariot is pulled by two cats, as large as lions. When we investigated, they looked more like Siberian tigers. This is very much in keeping with her identity. The feather coat is the skin of a hawk. This changes the shape of anyone who puts it on, into that of a hawk. This indicates her ability as a form changer, and ability to travel on the Astral Planes. .

. Man is active, and the hunter. Woman is passive, and the hunted.

To increase the species, a man needs to sleep with as many women as possible. To increase the species, a woman needs a man permanently, to take care of her and her children. Out of this arise a very high level of polarity between the two opposites. Out of any polarity between opposites, comes energy and altered states of consciousness. This is discouraged in some religious circles. Too much energy and altered states of consciousness among non priests, could upset the rule of the priesthood. For those who want to see life from a different viewpoint, sleeping with one's spouse within marriage, is very useful for meditational purposes.

The Vanir are noted for their orgies. Freya is not known to have ever received human sacrifices. A person sacrifices themselves. In the orgy, this means complete abandonment, within certain rules. A person can completely abandon themselves to a God or Goddess, as the only one who may get hurt, is the person themselves. In the case of a party or orgy, people want fun. They do not want fights, and ladies do not want any risk of pregnancy, and damage to their marriage or marital prospects. Few normal people wish to witness sexual intercourse between other people. At a normal party, everyone normally believes that everyone else knows the rules, which is not always true. There are considerable differences in moral codes, between Jews and Anglo Saxons. This often leads to friction. There is a very good case for writing the rules down, and putting the list up on the wall, as long as all such lists are written by women, as they have more to lose, if things go wrong.

Concerning the rules, there is a good parallel, in playing cards for money. The more astute player, when he enters a new group, . always asks what the rules are. This has two results. He then knows the local rules, and it makes him look like a good mug, for who wants to play card games with anyone who is too clever. If this is good enough for a card school, why not a party.

When setting up a group for occult or meditational purposes, the leader must have the drive to lead. The leader can be either male or female. Drive and leadership, relative to the declared objective, being all important. The membership secretary draws up the rule book, and the ritual for initiation. She must always be female, as otherwise ladies will feel unsafe and leave. We do not like sects, but we do favour informal groups. Even informal groups need a stated set of rules. For a small group, it may pay to import the rule book from outside.

Within marriage, with modern contraception, any couple can have their own private orgy, every time they sleep together. They can completely abandon themselves to their partners. After all, a person's sexual apparatus is the property of their married partner. To a man, his wife is his own personal Goddess of love, or should be, and is the earthly representation of the Goddesses on higher levels, especially in the bedroom. To a woman her husband should be her lord and master. For emotional purposes he should be the representative of the male Gods. In the bedroom see your partner as a representative of higher beings. This is an excellent basis for meditation.

Sexual polarity, or the difference between the sexes, outside marriage, is a great source of energy. Unless it is earthed by sexual relations within marriage, this polarity can go very sour. This energy can be converted into meditational energy, and is different from complete abandonment. It is an advantage for the husband to have other lady friends, and for the wife to have men . friends. This is provided everything is quite out in the open, . and there is no question of sexual intercourse, except between married partners. There must be no question of any serious outside . relationship. It is good manners for a man to let lady colleagues know that he is married. This does not inhibit casual friendship. Friction can arise in marriage. Psychiatrists have pointed out the most common cause of trouble. This is the partners having different sexual appetites. A solution that works very well, is to put sex on a time table. If the agreement is three times a week, then say do it on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

There is an excellent way of getting into union with your Goddess or God, during the sexual act. This is to put one's hands, one on each side of your partner's head, hands not touching, faith healing style. Get your partner to do the same for you. The result is that one not only enjoys one's own part of the act, but can flip into the partner's body, and enjoy their side too. This greatly increases the bonding between married couples. Do not under any circumstances, do this on a one night stand, or you will finish up by marrying the girl.

In the bedroom, if your wife is willing, but not in a good mood, then there is a good way of allowing her to abreact. Pin her arms down, so that she cannot poke you in the ribs. Tell her to hate you as much as she likes, and then get on with the sexual act. This is highly therapeutic.

We do not approve of sex outside some sort of marriage or union. The object of marriage is the production of children. There are too many diseases around to frustrate the production of children when they are required. No one is perfect. The condom is good for keeping disease at bay. In some medical circles, commercial contraceptive creams are well thought of. They are more effective against cystitis, and other infections, than anything a doctor can prescribe. Do not under any circumstances, try to get into sexual union with a God of the same sex, otherwise a person will get what he deserves.

In other religions, this is the sphere of theology, but Vikings do not have any theology. This is however the sphere of agreements. One definition of a reality, is that it is an agreement between a number of people, that something is so. What very often happens in practice, is that someone says something is so. They then get every one else to agree, by advertising, propaganda, or even worse methods. As one's boss is the paymaster, he is allowed plenty of leeway. Politicians on the other hand, tax one's money, spend it, and then even have the cheek to talk about give away budgets.

Join a group of friends for a glass of beer, down at your favourite inn or public house. Agree to argue politics and religion, and then get on with it. He who throws the first punch, has failed the test. We do advocate making out lists of moral codes, old agreements, and past decisions, but leave the lists at home, when going down to the public house, to discuss such things with friends.

2.14 THOR

Symbols -

Meditational Exercises -

©If in doubt, don't muck about. Get a bigger hammer out©. This is NOT the official motto of the Corp of the Royal Mechanical and Electrical Engineers.

Thor is intention carried out, without counter intention. The main symbol of this is the short handled throwing hammer, which never misses its target, and always returns to Thor. The iron belt gives him the strength to throw it. The iron gauntlets give him the power in the wrist, to catch it when it returns. This . means that he can throw his intention at a target, without any reservations or counter intention. He can take any consequences, when it returns. Intention without counter intention is the mightiest weapon in the universe. The Hammer is a sign of protection and blessing.

The Hammer has a short handle, with a ring in the end, thus making it a throwing hammer. Such a weapon is not much use in war, as the enemy will throw it back again. The legend goes back to a mighty hunter, who could always deal with wild bulls. A wild bull charging through a village, the local crops, or the local shipyard, is about as welcome as a bull in a china shop. The hunter goaded the bull, to chase him to a suitable spot, like a good climbing tree. He had a rope tied to the handle of the hammer, so that if he missed the bull's forehead, he could pull the hammer back from the safety of the tree, and try again. In this way, he always killed the bull. The legend grew, with the Hammer being linked to thunder, and the bulls became the enemies of the Gods.

Another side of his source is given in the legend of the whetstone. There was a fire making tool, known as Thor's Head. This was a flint embedded in a block of wood. If such a tool has dried moss stacked around the flint, and the flint is hit by another flint, or a piece of iron, then fire can be produced.

His normal emotion is that of spiritual anger, and as such has strong links with the Lords of the Psyche and the Fire element. He certainly changes the reality of his enemies. He has red hair, a red beard and red eyes, to back up his anger. When at rest, he may appear clean shaven and with green eyes. As the Lord of Intention, he has strong links with energy, even up to the energy that precedes creation. Thus if one wishes to go spiritually upwards, his direction is the best available. He has been criticised by occultists, for being completely uncomplicated, and unsophisticated. By the standards of the ego, he is. By the standards of the psyche, he is free of trash of sophistication and the complications of the ego, which hold the psyche and the spirit down.

To his followers, he is the guide for seafarers, and for all those making journeys. He has power over winds and storms, as befits a thunder God. He is the God of all people who like their independence, like making their own decisions, and resent too much authority from above. He is very much a law and order God, and is the protector of family life. He is the archetypal faithful husband and good father. Unlike Odin and Freyr, there are no records of human sacrifice, to either Thor or Freya. A person gives himself instead to their service.

His great enemy is the world serpent, the chains that hold man down, and the two destroy each other in the Ragnarok. His place is taken in the new order, by his sons Magni, who will be the mightiest of the Gods, and Modi.

Looking at Thor from a higher point of view, he is a lord of control, working for the good of the Gods and man. This is a bit too close to Fire for comfort, and hence the anger. As a being of superior psychic ability, he is able to confront the lords of low magic, the Frost Giants, and get the better of the encounter. We suspect that he has sent many priests and occultists, running back to their sanctuaries. He is not quite invincible. In a fight with one giant, he kills the giant, but is trapped under one of the giant's fallen stone legs. He cannot free himself, and none of the other Gods can help. He is saved by his young son, Magni who has no trouble in lifting up the stone leg, and freeing his father. Magni is on a higher level, a Lord of the Psyche, and thus has no trouble, handling the magic of the giant, even if is too much for Thor. How would Magni deal with such a situation in the first place? The question cannot be answered, when father is around. In the Ragnarok, Thor kills the World Serpent, but is drowned in its venom. Always do your meditations top down, or the same may happen to you. There is plenty of psychic sewage around, and climbing out is not at all pleasant.

Thor is the son of Odin, and his mother is the Earth. The story of Thor also being the father of Odin, comes from Iceland and the Orkneys, where they put the question, which comes first, intention or beingness, the chicken or the egg. The men of Orkney also gave Thor a six legged horse, which we found to be far more powerful than any show jumper, with the two extra legs at the rear. The title of the man in the grey suit, comes from American folklore.

Magni and Modi are very much their father's sons. They are clean shaven, green eyed, and spiritually up market. It can be very difficult to tell, whether one is dealing with Thor, or one of his sons. The sons are not mentioned in the Ragnarok, but we can be sure that they fight with valour, and survive unharmed. Little is recorded about his wife Sif, a one time corn Goddess and friend of Idun, except that she is a Goddess of frivolous femininity.

Thor is a God of the people, not of the jarls or aristocracy, but society is made up of the people. Any oath made in the name of Thor, must be carried out. For this reason, the Hammer is used at wedding ceremonies, as a sign of total commitment by those getting married. The Hammer is also used to accept new born babies, into the community.

Thor's links with the dead and funeral rites are a little obscure. This is due to the fact, that anyone who lives in the spirit of Thor, lives very much in real time, and as such, is little worried by death. Dying for what one considers important, is considered the most noble of ends. When death does come, a man is expected to joke, or make a merry jest about it. A drowning man prays to Thor to save him, as if he went under he would become the property of the Vanir, and something to be recycled. He is associated with burial in the earth, protected by the symbol of the Hammer, and entry into the local hills after death. To a follower of the Protector of Man, what could be better that enter into the local hills, to return when the need arises.

Except at the Ragnarok, he is prevented by vested interests from dealing with the enemies within the Gods, by the Gods themselves. Thus Loki and his children escape the full wrath of Thor. A small exception to this pattern, is when he goes fishing for the World Serpent, for it is a terrified frost giant who cuts the fishing line. There is some doubt whether the World Serpent gets away, when Thor goes fishing for him, hence the title, the sole slayer of the serpent. The question is, did Snorri leave the story unfinished? In this is so, Thor does not fight the serpent at the Ragnarok, as he has already conquered him. Thus he does not die at the Ragnarok. Thor has slain the World Serpent; let him help you to slay yours. We have had considerable trouble, trying to distinguish Thor from his sons. We have given that up for meditational purposes, as a bad job, for they are there at every level in the universe. This may be a sign that Thor and his sons, are actually one entity. When they appear separately, both sons are clean shaven with green eyes. Magni invariably wears a business suite as befits a captain of industry. Modi usually dresses casually as a student; he also has a partiality to Jamaican bananas, and knows exactly where to throw the banana skins.

Wise women foretold that Thor would return, and fight his usurpers to the death, in single combat. This is not quite true, as an uncle does not usually fight a nephew. Think more in terms of trade wars and take over bids instead. Thor inspired Protestantism, and as such, is its illustrious patron. Thor is a lord of ability. Protestantism is still a religion of emotion. Thor finds this patronage a little uncomfortable, but he can be contacted in older churches. He is also the instigator of social and political change. He helps to throw out yesterdays' systems. We also hear that Jehovah would be a little more comfortable, in his patronage of Rome, if the Pope would only stop usurping him.

As the God of Totality, he is the God who does not know how to do things in half measures. If invoked for proper reasons, he is the God of Total Personal Responsibility and Understanding. He is Total everything else. Such is his intention, that he makes Responsibility and Understanding into offensive weapons. They can dispose of any garbage, which is around. Such is the true nature of the Hammer. Responsibility and Understanding as weapons of war, are invaluable for anyone clearing the garbage out of their own mind. Totality is the all important aspect. As Thor is a Lord of Survival, do not play games with him, where there are more losers than winners, for his wrath and indignation is terrible. He is certainly not a God of Black Magic.

There is a cycle in his encounters with Frost Giants.

  1. He meets a Frost Giant.
  2. He is taken in by the illusions of the giant.
  3. He recognises the giant for what it is.
  4. He dispatches the Frost Giant.

This cycle is repeated over and over again in meditation.

There is a legend that Thor is the illegitimate son of Surt. Surt, . it is said, had a brief liaison with a naive young corn goddess. . Due to the incompatibility of Fire and Air, this was doomed to failure. The lady cannot be named, as this would be scandal.

. This is a case of the lady believing that she could play with fire, saying "No" a bit too late, and being left holding the baby. The baby was a member of the Aesir and could not be destroyed, but as a son of Surt, he was too dangerous to live. The problem was solved by Odin bringing up the baby as if it were his own son, and in ignorance of his true parentage. One day, Thor will wake up to realise who is his true father, and assume the mantle of a Fire God. This will be the ultimate disaster for the Gods, for true reason, and for scientific logic. In other words Thor becomes a Zen God. This ancestry would account for his red hair and various other fiery attributes.

Intention is a great aid to communication. Curses and demons sometimes have to be banished. Understanding, responsibility and forgiveness are the best tools. Sometimes these tools fail, as there is something there in real time. The following two commands can be recommended, as tools of last resort, as long as one means what one says.

There is a weakness of these two commands. It is that it is all too easy to use these against things not in present time. In which case a person could easily be the Satan involved, and thus be sending the curse back to himself. Also the sender of the so called curse, might not necessarily be an enemy, and what is taken as a curse, is actually an instruction given in good faith. During meditation, what appear to be enemies, usually come from the universe one up. Exhaust other methods first, and only use either of these two commands when all else fails. Enemies are generally a symptom of the use of love. A good remedy is . to stop using love or any other emotion as a meditational tool.

Thor and Freya may be contacted in a number of older Protestant churches, depending on one's sex and objectives. Find a church that is on the older side. It is age of the site that is important, not the age of the building. Arrive about half an hour before the service starts. If one goes in when there is no church service, then it is possible to miss the obligatory Marxist sermon, which makes one wonder where they get vicars from these days. The last time the writer heard responsibility preached in a church, was twenty years ago. Vikings are not peasants, and pay homage standing up, facing upwards. Compromise and sit down. Sit back, listen with the mind, and see what comes. If anything is going to come, it should be within ten to twenty minutes. If nothing comes, it may be due to going to church too often, as there is a limit to what can appear.

If one wants to know what to expect, the book "The Little World of Dom Camillo" is a very good guide. This is a humorous book about a rural Italian priest, his fight with the local Communist party, and his conversations with God. He gets told by God exactly what he, the priest is doing. He gets next to no sympathy. However it is God who keeps the priest going. Coming back to real time, do remember to put the price of a cinema seat, in the begging bowl. Also visualise energy flowing into the church to recharge its batteries. This also goes for any meditation in any religious site. It is also quite in order to give Stonehenge or any other ancient site a military salute, when driving passed. Recharging a religious site with energy, is quite as important as putting something in the begging bowl.

2.15 FRIGG

Alternative - Wyrd (Old English for Fate)

Symbol - Flax

Meditational Exercises - Analysis. Analyse politics, religion, the status quo, restrictive practices, economics, and what ever makes the world tick.

In line with modern thinking, concerning the sexes, we have split the Allfather, into Allfather and Allmother. There are differences between the sexes, but they are complementary. A man can always pull out all the stops, which a woman will not do, but a woman will keep going. When running races, which last more than three days, with sleep and rest time included in the overall time, a woman will very often beat the man. Until man discovered, that he had a part to play in the production of children, woman was regarded as the superior sex. Thus the original Gods, were mainly female.

Frigg is a deposed earth mother, but who could not be lost, so that she becomes the wife of Odin. There is a hint of the earth mother, in the story of her introducing flax to man. It is she who spins the flax, for the three Norns or Fates, representing, Past, Present and Future, to weave into the fate of man. Another variation of the Norns, more in the Universe of Emotion, have the names, Fate, Being, and Necessity. The three Norns appear . in Shakespeare's Macbeth, as the three witches who tell Macbeth, the future he wants to hear, for he is not in the mood for the real truth. With her linkage to fate, she like Odin can see into the future. Her view of the future is superior to that of Odin, but will not or cannot tell Odin. Thus Odin has to find his information on the future, from other sources. Her silence is somewhat similar to that of Hoenir, who belongs to a higher universe, and she may do too.

She has a linkage upwards, into the fabric of the Universal Subconscious, and the fabrics of all universes. The fabric provides a passive framework. While there is useful linkage upwards, it is less than from Thor, Freya and Hoenir. There is some of the vice of Odin, over development of the ego, too high for the psyche to maintain. This over development is shown in the story of Balder, where she knows Balder will die, but still tries to avert it.

There are great depths here, perhaps too deep for a mere male to understand. In her linkage with the fabric of the universe, she may well the Goddess of the cleaner parts of the universal subconscious, that is the part above control.

For a good earthly example of thinking in this sphere, look at Mrs Margaret Thatcher. There was a great deal of difference between her thinking, and that of her male colleagues. She is analytical and fatalistic. Her ministers being male, believed that they could always do something about something, which generally costs money. She was a dismantler of government, which saves the tax payer money. It also releases business men from political shackles, so that they can get on with the job of creating wealth. When did a politician or civil servant create wealth? She said "You can not buck the market". Her male colleagues thought otherwise, and this lead to her downfall. All her strengths and weaknesses . are far easier to understand in the light of Frigg. .

Analyse all agreements in sight, using surveys, mathematics, statistics, and computers if necessary. Analyse politics, religion, the establishment, the status quo, restrictive practices, etc. Again this is an area for discussion, down at the local public house. If politicians were to abandon restrictive practices, we might even get the single transferable vote.

2.16 ODIN

Nickname - Grim.

Symbols -

Meditational Exercises -

. Odin seems to have started up as the Wild Rider, gathering up the souls of the dead. A well-known country and western song about this aspect of his, is "Ghost Riders in the Sky". His horse, a son of loki, has eight legs, representing a coffin carried by four men.

The next phase is that of the wise man. He becomes versed in magic, sorcery, invents the runes or Viking alphabet. He becomes the high shaman. In this role, he ousts Tyr as the Allfather, and is a God of the people. He trades an eye for knowledge from Mimir. The student stands to lose the ego and personality, which in retrospect are not worth keeping, but sound like an arm and a leg. There is some argument as to which eye Odin loses. As Freya Aswynn points out, it should be the right eye as that is connected to the left hand side of the brain. This is in line with modern psychology, sacrificing logic for intuition. The reference to him hanging on a tree, to seek knowledge, refers to the initiation rites of a shaman.

The third phase is when he is taken up by the jarls or aristocracy. Now a God of victory for one side in a battle, becomes the God of defeat, for the other. If both sides pray to the same God, then there are problems. Thus Odin is accused of double dealing. In the sagas, he can pull a fast one, on any one who tries to trick him, which is not the same thing as double dealing. He is heavily involved in politics, and thus in treachery and corruption. He ceases to be the trader God, and this role passes over to Thor. He is rapidly building the ego up to a point, where the psyche cannot cope, a problem that can only be resolved in the Ragnarok. There is no room for an over developed ego, to live in harmony with a developing psyche. He splits into three, Odin the warrior, Vili the shaman, and Ve the wanderer who is a teacher to mankind. He knows that he will whisper the words "You will . be reborn" in the ear of Balder on the funeral pyre, and knows . he can not avert the Ragnarok. He is castrated by his son Thor, as Thor starts to take over. Odin is prepared to tolerate evil for political gain. This is quite alien to Thor. Thor would quite happily dispatch Loki, but for the fact that Loki has Odin's patronage.

As a God of the dead, he collects the psyches of all those who fall valiantly in battle, to have an army ready to fight the Ragnarok. In the cold light of morning, Valhalla, Odin's hall of the dead, has little to recommend it, and sounds more like part of the Underworld. There must be better things to do in an after life, other that fighting, eating and drinking. This did not prevent many Jarls from pledging their afterlife to Odin, in exchange for victory on the battle field. It was not unknown for the wife of a follower of Odin, to be thrown on the funeral pyre to join her dead husband. It was also not unknown for wives to desert their husbands, on hearing that their husbands had dedicated themselves to Odin. This led to some terrible scandals. Not everyone used Odin as their main God of worship, even among the Jarls.

The Valkyries, meaning "Choosers of the slain", belong to Odin, and no other God. They select those who will die in battle, and collect the fallen for Valhalla. There is very extensive literature on Odin and the Valkyries. This comes mainly from Germany, and is perhaps best left to the Germans. They do like political Allfathers. In defence of Wagner, we must mention, that he died in 1920, and was unlikely ever to have even heard of Adolf Hitler.

Something that has puzzled many people, was the complete sacrifice, by German tribes and some others, of all their enemies and their goods. Thus all captured weapons were destroyed in sacrifice, along with all captives, to Odin. The reason for this, was to . provide Odin with men and weaponry for Valhalla, to allow Odin to fight the Ragnarok. There seem to be no records of the womenfolk of enemies being sacrificed, and so probably neither were their goods.

The current phase of Odin, is in his incarnation as Father Christmas, and as such he has been very highly sanitized. He is merged with Saint Nicholas, who was a kindly Turkish bishop. He threw bags of money, through the windows of the houses of poor girls, so that they had dowries, to enable them to get married. Climbing down chimneys, comes from Lapland, where in Winter it was normal to enter a house by the Chimney, when the front door was under the snow. Odin is associated with the giving of gifts, and has been called a Cargo God.

The highest aspirations of the ego are total beingness, a winning identity, and the job of manager (control over others). To the psyche, there are more desirable activities. The worship of the Allfather or Sky Grandfather, can be measured in any society, by the murder rate.

The objective here is total beingness, even if it is somewhat unstable, for total beingness leads on to higher things.

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