Paranormal, UFOs and Crop Circles list In the early 1970's it became apparent to the intelligence community that their covert military operations were gaining too much public exposure. Explore the exciting and mysterious worlds of ufology, astronomy and hi-tech/top secret projects. Analyze the beautiful color photos and thought-provoking articles. Open your mind to the infinite wonders of our universe and its alien life-forms. TGS Hidden Mysteries Reptilian Agenda Crop Circles - Ein wunderschönes Rätsel unserer Zeit Es gibt da offenbar einen wilden Haufen genialer Idealisten. Es sind die größten Landschaftskünstler aller Zeiten - doch sie arbeiten (wie es scheint?) völlig unentgeltlich und anonym. Sie geben keine Presse-Termine und lassen alle darüber im Dunklen, wie sie diese 'Kreise' eigentlich herstellen...und warum... The British (UK) 9/11 Truth Campaign portal, website and forums, Comprehensive portal to Ufo sites on the Web. Features popular Ufo searches, best of the Web, and a full directory of Ufo sites. the Ufo - Guide to the best Ufo sites. - Conspiracy Theories, UFOs, Paranormal, Politcs, and other "alternative topics" Public Diary is an online news magazine, which is created,edited, written and owned by Petia Ganeva. The prime function of this online media format is to inform the recipients shortly about different life topics. Your Own World USA - Planet X, ET, Earth Changes and Survival : Your Own World USA - Conspiracy Theories, UFOs, Paranormal, Politics, and other "alternative topics" Alien Abduction Experience and Research is the world's largest web site into the alien abduction experience. Features include an Alien Abduction Survey, a discussion group, questions and answers, research, photos, drawings, personal encounters. Welcome to UFO's The Beginning of a New World. This site deals with the many different aspects of UFO's, with the latest UFO sightings from around the world. Plus there are articles on Crop Circles and theories about what causes these formations. Crop Circle Research, crop circles articles and the international crop circle database

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