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This is a logical document in an area where logic is breaking down. Logic belongs to the left hand side of the higher brain, while most material here belongs to the primitive reptilian brain. One can identify, attack and purge but understanding is not available.

Enlightenment remains being in balance with everything else. This includes being in balance with the unsavory. Thus enlightenment can exist at many levels. Ideally one should not be in balance with anything dubious. In a state of enlightenment, one is is also in the state of "No Thought", which means no logical thought, though one should expect heightened awareness of the environment. In terms of body emotion, enlightenment is boredom at a high level, and real interest, enthusiasm and work are above it. However it is not proving a good remedy for old age.
Work is not the same as enlightenment, but the 2 are often confused with each other. Work is a higher emotion than enlightenment. In a state of work, one is so busy that nothing else matters.

Always take the high ground. One is superior to anything which is dead, even if one prefers to have one's fellow men as equals. Always aim at enemies which claim to be greater than oneself, and hold your water.
Dr Goebbels. "Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth." This is especially true in racism.
Political Correctness is the price paid by losers and the conquered. There are plenty of dubious enlightenments.

Levels of Enlightenment are only limited by one's imagination. They include Charismatic Enlightenment. In a state of enlightenment, there is no charisma, which can make enlightenment unpopular. Also Religious Enlightenment, Racial Enlightenment, Telepathic, Body, Schizophrenic and Epileptic Enlightenment, Akashic Enlightenment and Karmic Enlightenment. Also Reptilian Brain Enlightenment. "Do everything in the same way as one's parents and ancestors. It worked for them." This argument is fine for the bee hive, but not so great for modern man. Working with the Universal Sub-conscious is like being in college where one is expected to automatically download the prospectus, time table and lectures. This system served us well until we had the power of speech and a decent vocabulary. Also Big Bang Enlightenment, Zen Enlightenment, and the Enlightenment of Enlightenment.
Quantum Physics. There is plenty which is dubious in this area. Look for ring-fences and other barriers to understanding QP. Look out for quantum minds which may be more in the lost dimensions of quantum physics than otherwise, and could be the basis of zodiacs.

Mind-Reading. People who want to wager their head with you, to download on you, do not want their own minds read. Mind-reading destroys other people's fossilised minds, even if most of the contents prove to be emotional with little logic. If everyone is mind-reading everyone else, then minds can not exist, and everyone will be enlightened. There is a suggestion on the telepathic net that MI5 and the CIA are using mind-reading to deter suicide bombers and other religious nut cases. Remote view the CIA and MI5 for further details, but beware they may mind-read you.
Charisma can be highly vampirish. Do not pay unnecessary rent to other people. There may be a charisma barrier.
Apocalypse can exist on many levels and acts as Ring-fences or fire barriers.
The Works of God / Virtue / Evil / Science / Source. There are the great fossilised works of organised religion. All works should be made dynamic, and not superior to the living. Fossilised work does not like others working on or reading it. These are the great Towers of Babel of organised religion and the establishment. The Enlightenment of Work is where the 2 come together.

A Big Source of Duality is the right hand side of the brain which likes to make life comfortable and is thus "good", against the logical and sceptical left hand side which is "evil". Labels are inclined to get swapped.

Since the Apocalypse of 2012 which was the change over from Pisces to Aquarius, which few people noticed, the astrological scene has been active. Thus the astrological scene is now vulnerable. We may be able to clip its wings a little. The path now seems to be:- sources of engrams, memes, zodiacs, the 12 astrological houses, Akashic rings, planetary astrology, Galactic and inter Galactic astrology, sources of Akasha, the Galactic Federation (??), the Big Bang (??). Astrology must have a source, as it appears to be a system to keep man in order. It precedes all known Gods. The source currently defies understanding.

Astrology now appears to be an old system, modified by Jehovah and the Elohim gang to fit the Solar System and Earth in particular.

Ultimately all engrams, memes, gods, zodiacs and astrologies all turn into schizophrenia and then into the akashic element of water.
The akashic element of water is held in place by the various fire barriers, representing the akashic element of fire. These fire barriers include the Fires of Hell and Purgatory, and the fires of religion and all psychological systems.
The akashic element of air is man's attempts to explain what is happening, while earth is a happy dumping ground.

To be outside the whole system where we want to be, target -

Hierarchies of thought. There is a great human urge to economise on original thinking. The table below is of the emotions of thought and not the body.

The God Engram from time before one's boggle barrier.
Every (God engram, engram, meme, zodiac, Astrology, etc) in (distress, torment, conflict)

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