M01.16 - Quantum Physics and the Master Zodiac.
Notes July 2011.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again.

The more psychological junk one can handle consciously, the more one can handle sub-consciously. In this way one can keep one's own sector clean, even if it is not as big as one thinks it is. Go for the biggest targets you can find.

Quantum Physics. We have is listed below the latest simple explanation. The lost dimensions are worth investigating as people have left a lot of junk on them, presumably sub-consciously. Conscious use of the lost dimensions appears illusive, but should not be impossible.

  1. The universe was created by the big bang and originally had 10 dimensions plus time.
  2. 7 dimensions promptly collapsed or rolled up. Distance does not exist in these dimensions, thus light years can become millimetres.
  3. Matter can only exist in the first 3 dimensions and can not exist in a 4th.
  4. Gravity can cross all dimensions but other forces can not. Thus all dark matter exists in the 7 collapsed dimensions.
  5. The universe has 11 dimensions if one includes time. However there are now reports that string theory in the 10th dimension needs an eleventh dimension to understand it.
  6. Quantum physics has no explanation of what happened before the Big Bang, or what created it.
  7. Quantum physics can be observed and used, but even the experts admit it is near impossible to understand and do not recommend trying.

Understanding Quantum Physics. The experts say that one can never understand Quantum Physics, but must accept it as a whole, which makes it sound a bit like a religion. Their statement probably implies that Quantum Physics does not lend itself to verbal or pictorial understanding and thinking. It is hard to express on paper. This in turn means that it is most difficult to teach students knowledge which can be regurgitated in an exam paper. For examination purposes it not a good subject, and definitely unsuitable for the tick box knowledge loved by the Ministry of Education and politicians. It does however lend itself to mathematics, which implies mathematics are another form of thinking, separate from verbal and pictorial. Conceptual thinking is needed here where one tries to map systems. Conceptual thinking is good for writing computer programs where on has all the knowledge, but not quite so good on Quantum Physics where so much information is hidden.

Types of human thinking. This is a list known to the writer. Should we ever encounter ETs, they will no doubt introduce us to a new type.

Conscious v Sub-conscious. We may not know consciously how to use the lost dimensions, but the sub-conscious does. This is not a matter of things we prefer not to remember as in psycho analysis, which are probably written on the higher parts of the brain. We are looking at the primitive sub-conscious. The higher regions of the brain, like the left and right hemispheres work very well in the conventional 3 dimensions plus time. The basic reptilian brain does not, but does access the Universal Sub-conscious in the lost dimensions, which gives rise to beliefs and disbeliefs in religion, astrology and magic, most of which is not logical to the higher brain. New agers are fond of telling people that they should integrate and use the right hand side of the brain. Perhaps if they integrated the left hand side of the brain into the right, there might be slightly less schizophrenia. The reptilian brain appears dominant over the higher regions, which it should be in times of extreme trouble, as it is the operating system to shut down and restart the higher spheres. However the reptilian brain should work in union with the higher parts in normal times, and should not be greater, higher in the hierarchy or control the higher parts. It is worth remembering that Freud was scared of the Id (sub-conscious) ever escaping, a theory behind the plot of the cult film "Forbidden Planet" (1956). We have also noted that normal psychotherapy can be very good at cleaning up the conscious mind, but not the sub-conscious, thus giving the sub-conscious a free run. This may account for why cults go paranoid.

Lost Dimensions and Pseudo Dimensions. The Sub-conscious can use the lost dimensions, but can not control them. Thus there is little evidence of physical levitation. However there is the problem of UFOs violating our air space, to the annoyance of the military, and probably violating the holy laws of the great God Einstein, a problem which does not go away. All 3 theories below may be true, one just has to apportion percentages to each. We shall refer to the dimensions used by the sub-conscious as pseudo dimensions regardless of whether they are pseudo or not.

Individual Dimensions. A probable reason for us not being able to recognise the lost dimensions is that we take them for granted. They may be staring us straight in the face and just be too obvious for us to see. It is also a puzzle to the writer that mass and energy are not regarded as dimensions. Some potential dimensions we have found are listed below.

Astrological Zodiacs and the Master Zodiac. Astrology is based on the precession of the planets, due to a 26,000 year wobble of the Earth. It is sub-divided into 12 house depending on which star system pops up above the horizon at a certain time of day. Each star system is given exactly 30 but they are not exactly 30 apart. Now there is no reason why the planets can not affect us; one only has the watch the sea tides driven by the Moon, or the light of day driven by the Sun. The other planets may be further away but even so should exert a very small influence. This in total does not account for astrology. The whole thing looks man or ET made, and anything but natural. The detail of zodiacs dealt with in chapter S03, and comprises of very long strings of goals. People who have tried working through these goal chains (including the writer) have given up in disgust as there are just too many, with estimates ranging from thousands to millions. This is why in S03 we advocate targeting goals as a whole and not individually. The astrological system is geared towards those living on Earth, and does not apply to any other planet. Thus it must have been developed on Earth and man is the first suspect. What we are now picking up is the astrological system has evolved from a Master Zodiac developed off planet, presumably by ETs intent on using us as slaves. The writer blames the Erideans or the Galactic Federation, but you may choose your own villains.

The Master Zodiac. This appears to be made using the lost dimensions, and exists in the lost dimensions. Who ever set it up had a good knowledge of how to use the lost dimensions. The Master Zodiac and zodiacs derived from it, are readable by the reptilian brain. They are not normally readable by the higher conscious parts of the brain, though astrologers may by intuition. This makes a very good reason for integrating the sub-conscious with the conscious mind.

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