M24. Poltergeists and Physical Telekinesis.

Command procedures have been omitted from this section as there are too many examples elsewhere on this web site. The material does not lend itself to verbal description, so the notes are somewhat short. This is the area of the human reptilian brain, primitive parts of the brain inherited from our reptilian ancestors. Do not expect to find any love, logic or human emotion in the reptilian brain. Do expect to survival, the emotions of pure evil and pure malice, psychic self defence, telepathy and telekinesis. There is psychic activity, but not perhaps as we like to think of it. As its telepathy contains no logic or normal conscious emotion, there is little that the conscious brain can understand. However it is the conscious brain has given us civilisation and not the reptilian brain.

Consider the following concepts.

Targets. Off the edge of Logic. The Ragnarok is the doom or judgement of the Gods as foretold in the Viking Sagas. It occurs when Man takes over responsibility for his own destiny from the Gods and Ghosts of Yesterday.

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