M23. Paranoid Schizophrenia, Ability or Curse.

The knowledge of the writer on this subject tends to be second hand, as he is a great believer in the Physical Universe. However he does admit to being as paranoid about vampires and other unwanted Ghosts of the Dead as most people are about fleas. He has been trying to understand certain aspects of human behaviour which have puzzled him. Command procedures have been omitted from this section as there are too many examples elsewhere on this web site.

Consider the following concepts.


Sanity. Schizophrenia, Ability or Curse. Hysteria and Paranoia. Thought and Imagination. Insanities. The following list is used by the writer when purging. Shamanism. In cultures where this occurs, the shaman is expected to go into an altered state of reality, and return with news of the best hunting grounds, words of wisdom, the solutions to peoples' problems, and good folk stories. He is expected to return fully to the physical universe. If he does not deliver the goods and return properly, he will be ridiculed and the village elders will look for a new shaman. The shaman may have to learn how to be more in contact with the physical universe in normal life than his fellow men. Modern remote viewing and Spiritualism follow similar lines. Targets. Trying to take responsibility for ones thoughts in not on in the first instance, as too many thoughts originate outside. Thus target other people's thoughts first. Only take responsibility for one's own thoughts when one has run out of outside material. Personal responsibility is essential but it does not have to be first. Everything is suspect till it is above the responsibility barrier. The following are suggested targets to use in one's current meditational command list. Use remote psychotherapy to clean up any paranoid schizophrenics who are disturbing your serenity. Only use the positive stuff otherwise you will be as bad as they are. However please leave loving your neighbour to Gay Lib.

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