M22. Mutual Telepathy and the Evolution of Psychic Ability.

This section is meant to be used with the command procedures in sections S01 to S07. Those who have not tried using these sections will be at a disadvantage. The missing ingredient is full blooded Viking intention.

Control Engrams. Perhaps Professor Richard Dawkins would call these memes, but they are rather large. They are highly predatory and date back to the dawn of Man, generally transmitted at conception. Jehovah makes a good culprit for their creation. Without these control engrams there can be no fossilised control, and thus the elements of Fire are not then required. These control engrams can not be controlled without Fire. These control engrams enable vampires and other owners to take up residence.

Telepathic Psychosis. These tend to be of a group or universal nature. The main reason that psychologists do not research telepathy, is that successful telepathic psychotics have far more money than psychologists. The same applies to the webmaster, so he will not discuss this further.

The Law appears to be something left behind by our genetic engineers to keep us in order. Parliament has never heard of over 95% of this and the rest it wishes it had not. The Law is one of the devices needed to keep memes and engrams in place. Keep the following emotions clean and dynamic, and the rest should look after themselves.

Circularity. The following should be purged wherever possible. Everything seems to point back to egos. This tends to confirm the view of the writer that the whole of mentalism is circular. The Primordial Female Principle originated before the male counterpart and created it. The primordial male principle ensures that we no longer live in caves, for which most women are grateful. However the male principle is also responsible for most of our unwanted psychology. It is only the male that can do, and thus it is only the male who can undo. Cat ETs can be a good entry point as cat and female psychology and the female mysteries have a number of things in common. They all can be very deep and private. Primordial matters either have their sources lost in time or are very basic indeed. Memory and Pain appear to be the basic components of all redundant minds. Mutuality. Mutual universes lie above the "Divide and rule" of minds made up of pain and memory. This does tend to reveal basic mutual engrams. Mutual planes are happy planes in which to live. What do we really want proves a very good and enlightening question. The list of targets is very wide. Two way telepathy and psi proves to be a good universal solvent. All components of body, mind and spirit should talk to each other as equals. Bodies should be in telepathic communication with each other. Unknown or covert entities within or without that own us are a menace. Two way telepathy and having owners is not compatible. To keep the 2 way flow open, consider the following. Most things below the Fire Barrier resolve themselves into engrams, memes, downloads and other similar entities such as redundant and unwanted souls, demons and angels. They all look remarkably similar to the memes described in sections M04 and M05. The important components appear to be downloads and downloaders of memory, retribution and meme reproductive systems. This all appears to bound together by Engram Law.

Good and Evil. In practice these do not exist, but some people have mighty curious ideas about furthering their own survival, games, work, freedom and identity. These need to be cleaned up in one's sector.

Genetic Engineering. Look out for the following.

Games and Systems appear to be senior to most other things. Watch out for the Downloaders of the Law and Retribution of the players. Human Beings are an essential part of the mind loop. The Ghosts of Yesterday can not do anything without human help. The humans in question appear to be very paranoid schizophrenic, a complaint essential for the continued existence of the occult. Such people must manufacture black magic, law and retribution for the survival of their own psychosis. The list below leads out of this loop through the Acquired Memory Syndrome. There are plenty of defence engrams to maintain the Law and download retribution. Harmony, harmonics and dynamics together with observation, communication, understanding, intention and psi all exist above the Fire Barrier. Note that they may have engrams attached. Move over into the higher levels when one is fed up with all the rubbish below the Fire Barrier like identity, memory and reality. There appears to be nothing above the Fire Barrier that will upset or dismay anyone of Buddhist inclination.

Basics. Only the following seem to be really important targets. It is surprising just how much just disappears.

Completion. It now appears that Spirit memories are a telepathic projection into the future. When there is an excess of negative energy which can not be handled at the time, this is telepathed forward as pain. There are various types of energy, both negative and positive. Mass is probably confusion telepathed forward. These telepathic messages exist until either they are acknowledged or returned to sender. This section is very much based on "M01.2. Table of Spirit emotions. 2003.". See this page for extra information. Ultimately all false egos and souls are lost as one gains enlightenment. One is left with one's Natural Soul which is only interested in the here and now, and one's Natural Ego which is only interested in this lifetime and cares about the maintenance of the body. There is no place for the Gods of yesterday in the ego. The Evolution of Psychic ability. The evolution of psychic engineering probably started as a fight between two single cell animals like the amoeba. This represents the negative side of psychic ability. The minds which have been developed since would much prefer you to believe in Creator Gods to do all in their power to hide their humble origins. They must be respected if they are to control you. The original psychic engineering of organisms like amoeba must have been of infinitely small proportions. The influence of such activities is now very great indeed. In modern time, psychic engineering has little relation to the psychic ability of the Psychic Ego. Evolution has been a slow activity. It probably took about a billion years for single cell life forms to develop into multicell organisms on this planet. Rabbits were introduced into the UK by the Romans, and for 1,500 years were an endangered species. Then rabbits learned how to breed. Psychic engineering has produced some very sophisticated forms and has jumped species, sexes and planets. Originally there were only Goddesses as natural order is passive. Gods came later. Consider which is the more successful religion today, Christianity which is Elohim based, or Women's Lib (Liberation) which is based on the Eridean matriarchal society. Cleaning up Psychic Ability brings all rubbish to the surface. Schizophrenics appear to be in desperate need of owners, so perhaps we should go out of our way to own them. Check the following. Setup.meme. Most computer CD discs have a file called setup.exe to kick start them into action as soon as a disc is loaded. There appear to be a series of memes designed to kick start minds into operation at the slightest pretext. If these memes can be disenabled, then the minds they control will also be disenabled.

Things we love and should not. Do we wish to obey the commandment "Thou shalt love thy brainwashers".

The Universal Subconscious. This is a collection of memories. All roads lead to it. One may be forgiven for believing that 100% of religion and the occult is the result of living schizophrenics necromancing dead schizophrenics.

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