M21. Memory, Identity and the Acquired Memory Syndrome.

This section is meant to be used with the command procedures in sections S01 to S07. Those who have not tried using these sections will be at a disadvantage. The missing ingredient is full blooded Viking intention.

Problem. Our knowledge of the past is recorded on our memory. A man's most treasured possessions are his mind, identity and memory. They tell him who and what he is. Due to entropy, these memories become corrupt. Too many memories will send him insane. Thus old memories have to be cleaned out along with old identities. Memories and the Life Force are not the same thing, even if they are usually grouped together. Immortality of the Life Force is available. In practice immortal memory is neither available nor desirable. Any great creator God went mad long ago. Memories registered on the brain are reasonably desirable. The normal healthy brain will dispatch redundant memories. Memories registered on Spirit such as past lives just clog up the system and need to be dispatched. We must learn how to live without redundant memories and in present time. This problem caused the writer to experience the "The Dark Night of the Soul" when working out this section. Immortality of memory by vampiring the living is not an option healthy entities will wish to take. A common source of depression came from the defence mechanisms of engrams.

Sexuality is essential for the survival of human and most other forms of life. A spirit can not exist as a male spirit in the Spirit World without vampiring the living. The male principle is one of action while the Spirit World is female passive. Thus one can expect plenty of lesbianism and homosexuality from the Spirit World. Living lesbians and women under lesbian control can be very awkward in remote psychotherapy. They will offer you their knickers in RV, but be quite frigid in the flesh.

Genetic Engineering Engrams. In the Galaxy advanced races tend to enslave and genetic engineer inferior races. Eventually slaves escape and the cycle is repeated. Watch out for the retribution released when these engrams are accessed (see M04 concerning the revenge of memes and engrams).

Conception Zodiacs may appear. They are dependent on time of conception and not time of birth. They behave as very sophisticated engrams. Blame Jehovah and the Elohim for this one. Watch out for survival engrams.

The Acquired Memory Syndrome. Memories are just as valid, whether they are real or acquired. The observer can only tell the difference if he rises to a higher level of consciousness. Thus we have downloads of acquired memories, where the creator has long since ceased to exist, and maintained by memories of pain and unconsciousness. Purge everything which no longer exists. Acquired Realities behave in a similar fashion at a higher level.

Martyrs. There is a hint from the original genetic engineering engrams which matter. This is that they were laid down by blood sacrifice of members of the same race as the genetic engineers. All churches (including some thoroughly modern cults) are maintained by the engrams of their martyrs. Worshiping martyrs is necromancy. Thus if one purges the martyrs, one also purges the attached church as well. It appears to be the habit of all ETs to eat their creators, the penalty being to get a download from the creator. In the story of Adam and Eve, was the Tree an Elohim body? The more one looks at genetic engineering, the more revolting it becomes.

The Roots of Akasha.

Particularly for Paranoid Schizophrenics. One can have problems addressing the right entity. The Life Force. Always boost this when conditions allow, to boost the positive. Fire the Great Cleaner. Telekinesis appears to be highest form of psychological psi and has teeth. What one wants one has to fight for. There is plenty of false fossilised telekinesis which has to be purged for our freedom. If one can steer psi into physical psi, this is all to the good. The only person who is going to fully authorise you is yourself. Paranoid Ability may not sound of very exciting but if one is to be free of all predators, then one must have equal or greater ability than the predator. Paranoia may be nothing more than psi gone wrong. Creation and Uncreation must be kept in balance for reasonable enlightenment, otherwise there will be an overload of creation. The normal state of affairs is that there is an overload of creation which no one dares uncreate. The following is a variation on material in section S03. Profiles can be very useful. These are the sum of what a person does, what he is trying to be, habits, and all his entities within and other possessions. Targeting a profile can be a better device than say "Every Member". Barbaric Energies. These are Fire energies which can override all psychological and theological rubbish. The entry point is epilepsy which should really be regarded as an ability and not disease. They are not popular with theologians, medics and occultists. When suppressed they result in fits. If this energy is allowed to flow freely, it is a great cleansing asset. If using it produces fits then one should carefully examine for what one is doing wrong. All barbaric energies play havoc against paranoid schizophrenic unwelcome quests. The Psychological Equivalents. The Suppressors. Control is for winners. War is for losers, but one has to fight to become a winner. However control for the sake of control will loop one back into mentalism. Otherwise you can only attack entities which are trying to attack you, which is reasonable action. Inspect the following. Reincarnation. The Dark Side. The current views of the writer are at variance with most occultists and theologians (official and New Age). They can be summed up as - Reincarnation. The Light Side. Take you choice. Where you draw the line is up to you. Remote Influencing. There is an old jibe about remote influencing, "12 months high pay followed by the rest of one's life in a lunatic asylum". This is due to most of it being practiced for dubious and covert reasons, which invites in old static mental rubbish. If one can keep remote influencing dynamic and in positive ground, then it is nothing more than active telepathic communication.

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