M20. Telepathy.

This section is meant to be used with the command procedures in sections S01 to S07. Those who have not tried using these sections will be at a disadvantage. The missing ingredient is full blooded Viking intention.

Telepathy tends to follow the rules laid down by Dr Andrija Puharic in his book "Beyond telepathy" (1962). In the cases he investigated, the receiver was in a relaxed state of mind, while the sender was in extreme distress like being half buried in a collapsed trench. Now if an occultist can put you in distress, then he may be in a position to read your mind. However the occultist is usually so predatory that he is compulsively telepathing in order to gain mind control over new converts. This puts him at a disadvantage to anyone working on the lines of this web site, so that his mind can be read. All immortal minds are predatory, they have to be for their own survival. Entities within (as in schizophrenia) have to communicate with each other by telepathy, as to do otherwise would admit that they are within and not outside as they would like you to think. The greatest telepaths are probably all locked up in secure hospitals.

Types of Thought. There are at least 5 main types with any number of variations. People generally use a mixture, even if they they claim only to use one. It is best to use as many types as possible.

Telepathy is a substandard form of communication as compared with the written or spoken word. It can only effect a person if it is around for long enough. However it does add colour to other communications. In the case of group telepathy and minds, one has to fight one's way past all the junk put out by the paranoid schizophrenics and criminal lunatics. The Acquired Memory Syndrome is unfortunately the source of much of the occult, past lives and other such phenomena. It deals with the acquisition of false memories. It also accounts for multiple past lives for the same time period. Consider the following. Keep what is useful and purge the rest.

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