M19. Paranoid Schizophrenia, Mania and Depression.

This section is meant to be used with the command procedures in sections S01 to S07. Those who have not tried using these sections will be at a disadvantage. The missing ingredient is full blooded Viking intention. Other references to schizophrenia are in M14, M17 and M18. If things get too hot, look at Chakras, as they can cool things down.
NB. The writer is not a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

Use at your own risk.

We all have multiple personalities but most of us know who is in charge. The schizophrenic does not know who is in charge and thus control can shift about alarmingly. The paranoid has usually invited in Alien Spirits to take him over. In practice the aliens may be entities within. This in turn means that the paranoid must defend the Alien Spirits at all costs from all comers. Thus he gets the feeling that the whole world is against him. This is not helped by the general practice of all vampires to transfer their sins on to the host.

It seems that the whole problem of paranoid schizophrenia is based on a human vampire hierarchy. One is hardly likely to be doing anyone a favour by curing them of schizophrenia, but there is such a thing as using one's so called genetic defects to one's own advantage. Shrinking a person down to sanity is not a good solution. If one can keep their so called "genetic defects" under their control and not the control of other people, these problems can then become abilities and assets. Paranoid schizophrenia is best regarded as a natural human activity gone wrong.

Fire. The writer got a bit tired of the logic of Air and moved completely over into Fire. Under the Rules of Fire, any form of logic is either apology or propaganda unless it can be backed up by observation in the Physical Universe. The Rules of Fire are invaluable for working in the field of Paranoid Schizophrenia whose members have the habit of creating universes inferior to the Physical Universe for their own comfort. We are not aware of any universe which is greater than the Physical Universe though the normal model of it leaves much to be desired. Working in this area will undoubtedly bring one's own entities within to the surface. The time will come when you decide that it about time to replace the obsolete Gods of yesterday with someone far more competent like yourself. That is the time to go in into first party meditation and clean up yourself.

Greatness is the sum of one's actions over a set time period. In real or present time one is only as great as one's last actions. Thus they say an actor is only as great as his last performance. Fossilised greatness is the food of insanity. Unfortunately paranoid schizophrenics are liable to generate fossilised Greatness, which is really a form of negative psi.

In the Current Model of the writer, there is a master paranoid who is probably a grand master in the Masons, or head of a religion or cult. He recruits the Ghosts of Yesterday (who might or might not prefer to remain dormant) and converts them into predatory vampires to feed his delusions of grandeur. He then uses these delusions of grandeur as signs of his own greatness. He then creates negative psi to transfer his delusions on to schizophrenics to recruit them to feed his delusions and he thus becomes the top of the food chain. These schizophrenics in turn behave as master paranoids (subject to rent payable to their masters) to recruit other schizophrenics. Thus the chain goes on until at the bottom there are poor fools in lunatic asylums. In this model, all the greatest lunatics are free in society.

Schizophrenics can be highly creative people. However do we sincerely wish to live in the creations of yesterday, especially when no one can remember who created what and for what purpose? Man is very good at inventing reasons for just about anything. Schizophrenics have invented all your religions for you. They have also invented universes which are more comfortable to live in than the Physical Universe. Due their creativity, schizophrenics appear to be more exiting than other people and thus they do seem to be able to generate some mind control, which may be a reason for their apparent negative psi. Schizophrenics are generally more telepathic than most, so it is probably a problem of telepathy gone wrong, coupled with childhood wish fulfillment and fantasy kept on into adult life. Look out for Abramelins and other demons in the Adrenal Glands, the ones which produce adrenalin. This may lend extra truth to the old adage "A disaster a day keeps the psychiatrist away".

Paranoia. When this turns up, suspect dubious legality of some sort. Can Karma and Akasha exist without paranoia?. What is the paranoid trying to hide. The black magician and occultist is generally a paranoid who recruits zombies (generally female) to do his work for him.

The Remedy in this model is to cut any links between between a schizophrenic and his paranoid master, in which case the whole hierarchy will collapse. Without interference and aggravation from outside, there is a fighting chance that the schizophrenic can control his medical symptoms, and learn to turn his problems into abilities. These comments deal with the psychic side of schizophrenia and not the medical side, but if one relieves the problems of one side, one will relieve the other. This so called psychosis must have certain advantages for a human or it would have been bred out long ago.

Try fitting and adapting the following into one's current command procedure. Not all will work at any one time. As most mind control is based on the Akashic element of Water, a bit of Fire can be a great help. Zero is the great benchmark.

The Model of Pedophilia is that a young person gets infected with a pedophile spirit by the pedophile actions of someone older. When the time is right, the pedophile spirit creates the desire for pedophile action against another young person. This either has to be satisfied or the older victim must take the consequences. Thus the cycle is repeated.

Unwanted gifts from the Gods. It appears that those who genetically engineered us left a few little gifts to keep us in order. Some people believe they removed some of our abilities, which boils down to about the same thing. It is impossible to destroy anything which is essential to life as the Life Force will instantly recreate it. The Akashic Soul appears to be something passed down by the female line and downloaded at the time of conception. They also appear to interfere with Genetic Entities which should normally have nothing to do with acquired entities.

Physical Telekinesis is psi in the physical World and is true Fire. It works best in sorting out internal and external communication problems, and problems on the Telepathic Net. Ownership Modules can be very similar to control modules. There seems to be a general need to be owned and be a member of a group. This may start off by ownership by mother. The difference in modules may be that it is a control module when being used on oneself and other people, and an ownership module when it is downloaded on to someone to establish an ownership link. Female Demons are usually well hidden. What man would be so ungallant as to strip a lady of her defences? Unfortunately such demons in a paranoid schizophrenic can cause a mere male a merry dance, and provide a wealth of disinformation. The Emptiness of Spirit. (This is also mentioned in S06.) Spirit should be empty. However nature abhors a vacuum, so as one purges rubbish so fresh rubbish comes in to take its place. The real remedy is to fill Spirit with psychic ability, Fire, physical telekinetic ability, energy and control. Any fresh rubbish which comes in has to generate sufficient propaganda to prevent the host purging it. Thus one of the usual results of psychological therapy is to remove all Freudian rubbish and replace it by the spirits of the dead, the curse of the more successful cults. If one goes to a priest, he will tell you that the answer to your problems is to download his favorite Messiah, which will only raise a Tower of Babel one floor higher. The answer is to fill Spirit with ability instead. Command the target to raise his ability and purge all the rubbish which gets in the way. Look at the following commands for guidelines. Responsibility for Psychic Actions. Many people have psychic experiences of ability never to be repeated, as they can not take responsibility for psychic actions. Yet it is important that one does take responsibility for any such actions. Psychic Fire and the Battle of the Gods. Gods tend to be an amalgam of thought forms generated by ourselves with a few gifts from our ET friends. Genetic entities can be quite as psychotic as Akashic ones. Inspect the following. The Wounded Genetic Entity. The Genetic Entity may be mainly passed down via the Female line. However it starts to appear that any merging of Genetic Entities, say at conception, can show up as an engram. This may cause stresses and strains in the Genetic Entity which can invite disease. The Elohim created man out of the ape 300,000 years ago as slave labour. In doing so they added 2 extra chromosomes, and also added part of their Genetic Entities to the human one. In the writer's scenario, most ETs are escaped slaves who have been genetically engineered as slaves by earlier ETs. Thus our Genetic Entities contain parts of Elohim, Nordic / Pleidean, Eridean and Dinosaur Genetic Entities, a great cause of stress and strain. The Elohim additions were designed to keep us as good little slaves who will bow down and serve anyone who looks like a Lord God Almighty or anyone who appears greater than ourselves. This has added a unit of beingness to prevent us doing our own thing. This is a sure invitation for unwanted Spirits of the Dead and their memories, and could be a possible source of past lives. The Physical Telekinetic Net appears to be above all forms of Akasha and Akashic Fire. Physical Telekinesis is probably just human native ability and any psi that goes with it. This net is booby trapped with political and social engrams. Anchor Points on the Paranoid Net. One can receive a large amount of disinformation and false scenarios. There is also the noise of the market place. A good place to look is on the Paranoid Telepathic Net. Any net (like the Internet) is made up of a field of activity or communication, and has terminals. Thus the Paranoid Net is made up of the dreams of paranoids intended to create comfortable universes for themselves and to control others. Also there are terminals in individual paranoids, obsolete data banks and unsuspecting victims. If these terminals are fossilised, then they become anchor points. This is similar to the Control Module Within. Terminals should be dynamic not fossilised. A net without terminals is like a tent without tent pegs. Pineal Bodies and Chakras should be used alternatively for the sake of balance. This is where the real anchor points and terminals lie. Guests should be there by invitation only, and uninvited aliens are best expelled.
The Pineal Body (a small gland at the base of the brain) is the seat of the Soul, energy and control. Thus it is a great target for alien entities with a view to taking over. It is also the great target for any downloader. When over stimulated, Pineal Bodies can raise the temperature no end. Pineal Bodies tend to contain both enemies, engrams. They tend to be active. They also tend to be dominant in the male, probably as an indirect effect of testosterone. There are links to the Etheric Body.
The 7 Chakras control the health and emotions of a body. They are passive. They control health and disease, mental health, criminality and mood. The Chakras moderate the effects of the Pineal Body, and can cool down the Pineal Body when over stimulated. Expect to find genetic entities and blood ancestors, love and healing. There are links to the Astral Body. The Chakras tend to be dominant in the female, which makes women rather intolerant of uninvited guests in the Pineal Body. However as Chakras tend to be passive, a woman has to try to find a man to give the active element to do the clearing. The Chakras appear to be linked to the endocrine system and brain in general and not any specific gland or organ. Great Gods. Dreams must also be taken through the Fire Barrier. Fire dreams look like the ultimate form of psychic self defence. Mania and Depression appear to be bound up with Control Modules (especially Control Modules of the Dead which are linked to vampires), and Masses (usually black). Then there are the hierarchies of all parties involved. Expect to find more Mania than Depression, as people usually complain about depression but rarely about Mania. Mania seems to be very basic and underpins depression, schizophrenia and paranoia. There is the unanswered question of why we invite in non survival guests. One possible answer is that it is the price we pay for being a social animal. Ancestor worship does keep tribes together. The psychic equivalent of mania is glamour.

Free Man. Expect plenty of fossilised psychic warfare. Charisma and Glamour outrank even mania, and work outranks everything. Perhaps the glamour of mentalism and minds is due to the avoidence of work. Pleasure outranks the lot. All minds are circular to deliver one back to where one started. One has the choice of living in the Physical World or other people's universes. Loop breakers are needed. Enlightenment here is the state of being outside all universes and in the Physical Universe. It also means being outside other people's universes. This is a good place to start practicing the Forgiveness of Sin, especially for the Spirit World and the hierarchies of the dead, where they are all desperately short of forgiveness. However for forgiveness, one does need the knuckle dusters of Fire and energy as backup. Cleanup of other people. One also has to silence the market place in one's sector. Producing too much noise and negative psi can be more of a habit than a psychosis. This can even make one sympathise with psychiatrists. Make conditions livable for both other people and oneself. Entropy. The greater a God or entity is, the greater the poseur, the greater the entropy, the greater his impotence and inability. One just has to ask the question "Show us what you can do?". The entropy of individual human bodies is inevitable. There is not much one can do about one's genetics, apart from maximise the advantages and minimise the disadvantages. Psychic entropy is not inevitable and can be reversed. It is quite possible that a cancer golem or cancer control module can not cause cancer, but the fear it can generate can in turn cause cancer. Thus these golems are best removed. Clear out the multitude of petty vampires which use a normal body as a host. Fire. Unwanted Genetic Entities can be the last to go as they are the most basic. No useless rubbish can survive the Fire Barrier. Look out for Attention Deficit Disorders which is another name for lack of love. Inherited genetic entities which fail to harmonise with the natural genetic entity will lead to multiple genetic entities, a problem common to schizophrenics. Probably most parasitic entities start off as genetic entities. Psychosomatics and some allergies appear to be the result of violating engrams designed to keep one's "Insanities" in place. One can also consider Trash Filters and their negative equivalents.

Prologue. Do not take all responsibility oneself.

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