M18. Action.

Hierarchies of Beingness. Every psychological entity must be remembered, consciously or unconsciously in order to exist. If there was no memory it would no longer exist. Thus a psychological entity is a static and not a dynamic, and creates a state of beingness. There are limits to the amount of beingness and memory a living entity can take before being bogged down and controlled by past beingness. Beingness is the enemy of action and visa versa.

Body Beingness implies an absence of alien beingness or alien and vampire entities. It is possible to access this once one is sufficiently through the Fire Barrier. The objective is leave one's natural soul in charge.

Dragon Queens. "The Western Martial Arts students had never been taught the true Martial Arts. Their Dragon Masters left out the Psi Martial Arts. They just taught a few physical gimmicks but nothing of value. Never had the Western lot been allowed to see the Dragon Masters who are the Rulers of the Martial Arts Fighters."

The answer to this one is that before one can download the Reptilian Fire orientated Gods of China, one must first purge the Water and Elohim orientated Gods of the Judeo Christian mindset. No doubt Eastern theologies are about as corrupt as anyone else's, but they do give a person something to benchmark themselves against. Creating a few dragon queens among willing female friends is a good way of keeping society in order.

Above Akasha. Why bother to be slave of Akasha when one can be outside it. While Fire entities should be able to control any any parasites, the best way of avoiding Akashic parasites is to be outside the Akashic system. Hierarchies. All minds have to be hierarchical (greater than you) for their own survival. Eventually all Gods, Satans, engrams, etc, either disappear or turn into hierarchies or fractals of themselves. The writer got caught out on Inanna who turned into a hierarchy of Goddesses and incarnations.

Energy does not have much logic and therefore little description.

Schizophrenia and Human Vampires now seem to have far too much in common. All living vampires (people who drain your energy) appear to have a master beyond the grave. The rule remains that one should try to locate and purge the grave of the master vampire. Thus one is always dealing with hierarchies of vampires and not individuals. Schizophrenics need your energy to finance their dreams and creativity. However one can not go ahead and investigate psi and its hierarchies while others are sucking one's energy. One great problem is that schizophrenics are the creators of all new religions, cults, theologies, philosophies and political systems. Much of creativity is mighty destructive but it need not be so.

As an alternative to earth graves, vampires may also use pseudo-graves usually in paranoid schizophrenics. This can account for multiple personalities. Any entity to survive beyond the grave as a vampire, must have delusions of grandeur and also be able to convince the host that these delusions are genuine reality.

The Synchronisation of Time involves aligning past, present and future into one continuum. The Akashic system forms a frame work for most of ordinary mentalism. However minds do need bodies to activate them. The Grand Masters mentioned below are most likely to be in the Spirit World and are most unlikely to be in one's local branch of the Masons. Cleanup. All limits must be removed from Intention and Anger.

Who cares!!!!!!

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