M17. Fire, Engrams, Telekinetic Power and Paranoia.

Biological Engrams involve pain and unconsciousness, and usually injury to the body. There should also be a message or instruction otherwise it is just a piece of psychological mass.

Psychic Engrams involve the overwhelming of the life force or spirit by an emotional or energy charge, resulting in a lessening of psychic consciousness. The downloader need not be anywhere near the target. When this is done by one individual on another, this is known as black magic. Psychic engrams can take on many forms.

Raw Energy and raw anger are identical and psychotherapeutic. Anger is the cross over point between the emotion and energy scales. Fossilised anger is used to keep other people in order. The downloading of emotion below anger has a negative effect on the target. Downloading emotion above anger may not be that much better. There are also various grades of energy.

Pre Natal Psychic Engrams occur before birth when an existing life force wants to continue its consciousness by taking over an unsuspecting life force in a fetus. The result is a download of karma, original sin and past lives. If one wishes to remain a "New Spirit", then these downloads must be handled. This has a great deal to do with the ownership of souls and vampirism. The primary entity appears to be the Life Force and not any God. This is constantly dividing and recombining. Consciousness is the byproduct and the cause of much confusion. Consciousness needs to delay the recombination of the Life Force for its own survival.

Supremacy. If someone is greater than you, it should be by their natural ability, possibly their bank balance, but definitely not the size of their karma. One must raise the ability level of their anger so that it is above all comers and can handle them. Might is right. The trick is to assume the position of being mightier still.

The GPM or Goal (or Game) Problem Mass. Where there are obsolete or imposed goals, there are bound to be problems, and goals and problems in turn create black mass. Past lives, karma and many other things all appear to turn into GPMs.

The Big Bang. All roads seem to lead back to this. It appears to have been a cock-up. It was intended to create a better universe, but the Life Force got severely injured in the process. The results of the scars have got justified into minds.

Boost the Positive. Anger is still the great cleansing agent and will resolve all problems of the Life Force and consciousness. On the surface the Life Force seems to able to keep itself clean. Scratch a little deeper and it seems unable to control consciousness. Memory is necessary for consciousness, otherwise it has no existence. However if there is no mechanism for cleaning up memory to get rid of the less important and redundant memories, then entropy will take over. With entropy come systems to justify entropy such as Karma and Akasha. Without anger, one will forever be trying to help a never ending string of lame ducks. The Endocrine Glands are worth clearing as they are definite links between body and Spirit.

Ownership. This is very important to all mental rubbish as it is all strictly hierarchical. This can be most unimportant to any living entity not under alien control. However there can be too many loose ends around to leave minds and other rubbish without owners, as these loose ends are liable to turn around and attack one. A mind must have an owner and must accept any suitable invitation. What one owns can not attack one. Find out which should be the senior, body, soul or ego.

Engramic Energy appears to be the most powerful form of perverse energy. Once one can get into it, it will dissolve engrams. Schizophrenics can be highly creative people. However do we sincerely wish to live in the creations of yesterday, especially when no one can remember who created what and for what purpose? Man is very good at inventing reasons for just about anything. Due their creativity, schizophrenics appear to be more exiting than other people and thus they do seem to be able to generate some mind control. If people really need Angels then they can soon be regenerated, but we do not need yesterday's Angels. At this point the whole of mentalism turned into schizophrenia for the writer. It is the writer's current belief that psychic schizophrenia was created by the Erideans (reptilian humanoids) to keep Ape Men in order. While Ape Men are busy playing in their own universes, they can not upset the Erideans. Biological schizophrenia is a genetic disorder, and for a classic case of schizophrenia one probably needs the 2 together. Paranoia. When this turns up, suspect dubious legality of some sort. Can Karma and Akasha exist without paranoia. The Death of (obsolete) Consciousness. One can not kill living consciousness by meditation but the fossilised versions soon fall victim. Put all consciousness through the eye of the needle of death. If one is living in the universe of some schizophrenic and not in the physical universe, then that itself is a form of death. Unfortunately to become really alive must go through the death of the obsolete. Core Control Modules. Every ET race leaves these behind in any other race that they wish to mind control and keep in order. If the controlled race wish to keep another race in order, then the resulting control module will then have 2 owners. Look out for their methods of reproduction and propagation. Expect them to change into contagious engrams. Psi Core Control Modules outrank the ordinary ones which just deal with telepathy and mind control. The ordinary ones may be occult but they are not true psi. Other Energies. Epileptic energy is a rather crude form of psychic energy, useful when under one's control and unfortunate when it is not. It appears to be available to most people. There are other energies. Fire may be the escape element from Akasha, but it is also the way in. The apparently massive amounts of energy necessary to finance mind control come from the akashic element of Fire. This is especially important if one is dealing with Eridean or Reptoid ETs.

Entities within. Do not forget oneself.

Criminality. All occult, evil, mentalism and mind control turn into criminality once the charisma has been stripped away. Most covert actions are going to be regarded as criminal by the receiver if the action is found out. They say "No man is above the Law". However when honest men are not above the law, one is living in a police state. If Man wishes to be free, then he must be above all Laws of Karma and Laws of Akasha. Laws are there to serve Man and not the other way around. When the Laws of Akasha are mixed up with the Law of the Land, which is the usual case, people have problems.

Honest Men. To balance up the above try the following. Diseases. Remote psychotherapy is not the best way of curing medical diseases, but there are factors which prevent a person healing themselves. Fire is part of all psychological entities, both positive and negative, and so it does help to be a fire entity oneself able to go through the fire barrier. Sacred Fire is the key to soul control and to the heart. It unlocks control modules and releases the unwanted entities within Telekinetic Enlightenment is rather drastic and may lead on to physical telekinesis. It is enlightenment with teeth. Consciousness may yet be superior. Total Personal Consciousness is greater than any form of enlightenment. Zero Responsibility means removing responsibility to all parasites and hangers on, and restoring dynamic responsibility to one's fellow men. Total Personal Godship. Man must take over from ETs and the ghosts of yesterday. ESP and Psi can be accessed after Total Personal Retribution, and are very sensitive to owners and vampires of any sort. Dynamic Consciousness removes most of the sins of consciousness. Static consciousness is not desirable. Body Dynamics are important as the Life Force is essentially attached to the body and not to Spirit. There are too many dubious Spirit entities. Conscience is an extension of natural ethics and morals necessary for Man to exist as a social animal. These natural functions have been hijacked. However all parasites also seem to have a conscience which is very useful. This level may be the top end or exit from Fire. At this level, conscience need only be a skeleton to render a target into a willing victim. The writer is probably using the word Conscience to describe behavioral codes which are still there on emerging from the top side of Fire, and do not fit neatly as either moral or ethical codes. It is also time to purge all remaining past lives, human or ET, real, acquired or imagined.

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