M16. Electromagnetic and Psychokinetic Energies.

Physical Telekinesis is the ability to move physical objects in the physical world by psychic means. Some people do have abilities in this area. It seems to be a young man's game and out of reach of the writer who is now a senior citizen. However these energies are accessible once one has reasonable control of minds, and one can target "Loyal minds" (minds below one's current level). Once one has enough control over minds, psi appears to be a function of Spirit and body working together, which is why the young man has the advantage. These energies outrank all lower minds. Body and Spirit must work as equals to use these energies.

Electromagnetic Fields and Energies. There are plenty of these. The Earth has its own electromagnetic system which can be detected at any time using a compass. Then there are man made energies such as TV, radio and microwaves. A popular theory now is that dowsing works by people being able to detect subtle changes in the Earth's magnetic field. Earth electromagnetic energies make a good bench mark for psychic work as there is nothing psychic about them. However their interaction with human bodies does cause psychic effects, and these can be harmonised at the expense of minds..

A Faraday Cage is a six sided box of wire mesh, with all pieces of mesh electrically connected to each other and to earth. This was invented by Michael Faraday (1791 - 1867, English chemist and physicist who discovered electromagnetic induction). Wire mesh is as efficient in screening out electromagnetic energies as a solid metal box. Professional cages are made out of copper mesh, but some amateurs have been quite successful using galvanised chicken wire mesh. Sitting in a faraday cage has the reputation of inducing mental peace and increased mediumship, but detrimental to physical psi. However hazards have been reported in using them too much. There is a report of a lady who turned her bedroom into a faraday cage, but had to find another bedroom due to mediumistic dreams. The writer has no direct knowledge on this subject, so the reader is advised to look on the Internet for details.

Law. There is plenty of this from minds which do not wish to be purged. Laws tend to break down to injunctions not to talk or communicate about minds to protect them. There are also plenty of injunctions from minds not to communicate with naughty boys like the writer. The preservation of hierarchies is another function of the law.

Subjects for investigation include -

Charisma and Glamour are essential for the survival of minds. They tie in with hierarchies. Without them, who would bother to adopt minds? What is a God without his charisma?

Too many enemies? Try variations on the following.

Obsolete goals and the Tree of Life. There is probably nothing more depressing than being stuck in an obsolete goal, regardless of whether it is one of our own or imposed from elsewhere. The writer does have archetypal memories of the Tree of Life as a fractal (fernleaf, snowflake or mathematical) pattern where each leaf is a group of goals (which sounds like the work of Jehovah or El). When one is stuck in an obsolete goal or objective, it is time to move on. One should be quite capable of finding new goals for oneself if these are required. Otherwise one can refresh an old goal or project (provided it is one's own) by purging all the associated acquired goals and karma.

A fractal is a pattern which keeps adding copies of itself to itself. Each copy must be less than half the linear size of the copy that created it. Fractals are very common in nature and the fernleaf and snowflake are not the only examples. Fractals are best treated as a whole as the detail trails off into infinity. Now if the Tree of Life is a fractal and all its points are life goals, then each of these goals is itself a fractal, and so on ad infinitum. One can purge any goal, fractal or the whole Tree of Life using Hamlet, otherwise target -

Obsolete souls and Spirits can turn out to be nothing more that the creations of acquired goals. It is best to be as near the Life Force and its creations in this life as possible. Other Trees tend to be out of range of most peoples logic, but that does not mean they can not be inspected. They do succumb to observation and appropriate action. Try to keep things from the viewpoint of the body to include both body and life force. Magic is not what it appears to be. NB The God Within proves to be the ultimate ego. Keep it dynamic, clean and free from obsolete parasites and owners.

The Owner Within should be the legitimate owner of all minds within.

The Psychic Within is worth investigating and there are many more faces of the body / life force combination.

Peculiar Entities Within. These depend on the area one is working in. If one finds a schizophrenic within, there should be counterparts outside holding it in place.


Goddesses outrank all ET Gods. These Goddesses are the common ancestors (on the female line) of ethnic groups. In the case of nations, they are a group of common ancestors on the female line working together. Black Eve of the Great Rift Valley in Africa of 200-300 hundred years ago is the original Goddess as she is the mother of the human race.

Total Personal Divinity implies that one owns oneself. To get there, one may have to convince all on the Telepathic Net that one is both the Lord God Almighty and Satan Himself (ie the Supreme Owner Almighty.) Boost the divinity of the living and purge the divinity of the dead.

The Games of Ownership outrank all previous games. There can not be many things a disincarnate spirit can own in a disincarnate world other than memories. Ownership of one's parents, children and spouses is probably an excellent survival device. The further from the family, the more dubious it becomes. All minds are circular. One is owned by the Gods that one tries to own and thus is responsible for the survival of such Gods.

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