M15. To Many Souls.

A native ego and soul are generated by the life force in a body along with the God Within and Owner Within, sometime between conception and birth. These entities may be the same, the differences being in the way they are viewed. Such native entities can be regenerated so long as the body is alive. They can however be suppressed. The ego should be the public psychological face of the body. The soul should be the spiritual face. Target the items below, and purge all obsolete versions. One should be one's own God and Owner. On death of the body, native entities must either return to the life force which created them, or find a new host (in which case they become immortal entities). If they find a new host, then they must either suppress the native entities of the new host or come to some agreement with it. Suppression appears more normal. This in agreement with the theory that we are all part of one which has divided and must eventually return to the one.

At birth there is a window of a day or so when the young of any mammal can download the subconscious of the race or species. This has been hijacked by a conspiracy of "immortal" souls to download minds on to the unsuspecting victim to make it compliant with the wishes of "immortal" souls. These downloads distort reality and give rise to such things as the akashic elements. They also distort the native ego to give rise to akashic egos. The best known of these is the very self conscious Water Ego. This is the ego which disappears when one receives enlightenment as in Buddhism.

Between lives "immortal" souls can reside in the Spirit World before returning to the life force to complete any unfinished business. Otherwise they can come into this world and may vampire the living. Before an "immortal" soul can reincarnate in a new host, some problems of the previous existence must be resolved. If an "immortal" soul does not wish to resolve old problems, then it can remain alive by vampiring the living. If it vampires one person it is called a vampire. If it vampires many, it is called a God. Mind control must be generated to keep the host compliant.

Continuity may be of use connecting up separate lives. However if one is to be dynamic, then all problems from all past lives and other entities must be resolved as one goes. The alternative is to be owned by vampires.

"Immortal" souls waste away with time. There was no current God around at the time of the Big Bang.

Mystics will tell you that one reincarnates again and again to learn new lessons to achieve spiritual perfection. Spiritualists talk of new souls who are dynamic and have not been around long. They also talk of old souls who have been around too long to be dynamic and have too much karma. This rather puts the lie of the mystics. The younger the soul, the more spiritually perfect it is. The powers of a God depend on the psychic power of the last body it incarnated in. All souls are equal, but some are more equal than others. Thus the power of a God is greatest if it still has a body. Its power is less if it has to operate from a grave, but it still can operate. Hence the legends of destroying vampires by locating the grave and driving a stake through its heart. The powers of a God are least if it does not have a body, grave or some sort of epicentre. All minds are circular to deliver one back to where one started. Thus all sources are also circular. The answer to the question "Who was the dirty rotten swine who downloaded a reptilian vampire on you" is probably "Yourself". Our current religions tend to teach that Man is born evil and is shit. Thus there is every incentive for black magicians, men of God and Masons to download some "superior entity" to take the place of Spirit, which in the cold light of morning appears more demonic than saintly.

Cleanup. Loyalty causes so many knee jerk reactions in minds, that one might as well make use of it.

What one generates and radiates can be rather important. All emotions under the control of Spirit appear to be as important as each other.

Resident Vampires. There can be far to many of these even if individual vampires may be very minor.

Clearing away unwanted rubbish. If one removes the blockages to clearing, then remaining minds will tend to fall apart. Telekinetic clearing can be tried once one can handle psychic clearing

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