M14. The Sovereignty of Man, Black Magic and Satanism.

The Sovereignty of Man. Ultimately all minds and Gods become obsolete egos. No God, Devil or mind is superior to Man, but they must create the illusion and delusion of their superiority for their own survival. Superiority / inferiority belongs to minds and not life. As we all know, every God is superior to every other God. Also the worshippers of every God are superior to the worshipers of every other God. In this nonsense only a God can sin. The fox may be at the top of the food chain, but he is not superior to the rabbit as he needs the rabbit for food. Indulge in your favorite delusions of grandeur because everyone else does. Look for the following targets and cut them down to size. Reinstate all useful egos and discard the obsolete. Godship. One may play at doing the works of a God. However if one becomes a God, then one starts the spiral downwards in ability again. Doing outranks being. Look at the following. Enlightenment is when body, mind and Spirit are in balance, and the best way to get balance is to purge all available minds. Some earlier targets are restated below. In a state of Enlightenment, Who cares! Most internal unbalance appears to come from overrun. Law. All this does conflict with the Law of the Land, and one has to remember the following. The Master / Zombie relationship in black magic. The writer is coming to the conclusion that this is an extension of what is described in Section M08 - How to use Women in Social Psychotherapy. Ethics. The following have to be balanced. Body Egos and Psychic Egos may be the only egos worth preserving. Ultimately all Gods and minds tend to turn into egos. Without a fuhrer to drive it or a leader to lead it, a mind is not likely to get far on its own. Consider the following relationships to see if the egos involved are more related to ETs than to psychology. Clean up the following. Love never did anyone any harm. It is the things which come with love which cause the problems. Make sure that the things which come with love are at anger or above. Telepathic Nets. Control these and one should be able to control the World, or rather control everyone else who goes looking for Gods to worship. Also there is a very strong link between schizophrenia and black magic. Clear down the rubbish on the following. Time. There are 2 types of time which apply to the same phenomena. Loyalty is greatly prized by minds, especially when it is non-survival to Man. Unfortunately it is sometimes hard to see where loyalties lie. All minds must be loyal to their superiors. This loyalty is essential for hierarchies to exist. All Gods are top of their hierarchies. Benchmark your superiority. Schizophrenics have multiple personalities just like everyone else. The difference is that schizophrenics are not sure who is in charge. Also their personalities may be so compartmentalised and separate as to appear to be completely different entities. Most of the Gods that one will meet are some past life of a schizophrenic living on as an immortal entity using the schizophrenic as a host. With a living body to back them up, such Gods can appear to have considerable power. The psychic helpers of many psychics also appear to be their past lives, but outside the control of the ego. These comments deal with the psychic side of schizophrenia and not the medical side, but if one relieves the problems of one side, one will relieve the other. This so called psychosis must have certain advantages for a human or it would have been bred out long ago. Unfortunately the writer does not know what these advantages are. There is a link from schizophrenia to the pituitary gland which is worth investigating. The writer gets best results by purging the past lives, original lives and karmas of the individual personalities. Zen Targets. Everything must pass through Zero.

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