M12. The Legality of Owners, the Source, etc.

Slavery was abolished in the British Empire in 1833 and in the USA in 1865. As slavery has been officially abolished, all Gods and mind controllers are illegal under current law, as they are covert slave masters.

Most people try to keep within the Law. Most people do not seek to break the speed limits in their cars. The reason they break speed limits is that their cars will go considerably faster. This is a case of criminal negligence and not criminal intent. A large number of our prison population have psychiatric disorders of some sort or other. They would not have broken the law if they had free access to free will. Thus it is little wonder that most people obey the covert laws of perverse psychic entities. These are often called Gods. Skeptics and scientists have their own versions.

This is not an argument for or against law. You want the other driver to obey the law, especially if he is driving in the other direction. You probably prefer to see active pedophiles locked up for the protection of your family. However when the writer finds himself mixed up with heavy lorries on the motorway, he normally boots the accelerator for his own safety. There is also the case where one is quite sure that the law has been drafted by some wretched European Union control freak in Brussels. If one is in doubt as to a law, then get a printed copy from one's national stationary office. If it is not printed, it does not exist.

If your would not object unduly if your activities were written up in some newspaper, then your activities are legal in the eyes of the people. When some so called Gods get so ashamed of their activities on being found out, they do not respond to their correct job titles, but answer to the name of "Arsehole" instead.

One can not destroy any living body, Spirit or life force by meditational methods. The entities which fall victim are dead minds and self replicating engravings (or engrams). The writer's maxim is "If it produces malice, purge it". There are far too many obsolete and discarded minds masquerading as living Spirits. If the the Lord God Almighty can be dispatched, he was not exactly a Lord God Almighty. It is time some of these obsolete entities returned to Zero. If such minds are necessary, then Man is quite capable of regenerating the necessary.

Galactic and Planetary Energies are quite plentiful, with quite a bit landing on Earth. There are enough for one to believe in the Zodiac as known to Astrologers. However the writer has encountered quite enough zodiac material of ET and Man made origin to justify his belief that perhaps the ratio of ET zodiacs to planetary zodiacs is probably 50 - 50.

There is a window at birth when a baby is wide open to outside influences. This appears to be 1 to 2 days. This is a natural biological mechanism to allow an animal to pick up the subconscious or group mind of its species. This does allow for an astrological snapshot of the universe. However if the baby is under the influence of medical drugs, say from the mother, it can get a double snapshot. Just after birth is also a good time for perverse influences to enter. In remote viewing, it is also a good time to pick up reincarnations, as such entities as ex-Anunnaki are liable to light up.

Perverse entities try to convince Man that they are the legal owners of all Galactic energies and all things invisible. They also try to convince Man that both he and the Life Force are illegal and have no legal rights. As Man is law abiding, he must obey their law. This is a formulae for slavery, and the ownership of Man by perverse entities. This situation can be reversed by breaking the legality of these entities and reestablishing the legality of Man and the Life Force. Thus Gods become illegal and Man and the Life Force become legal.

James Spottiswoode (see section M11) as good as proved that there is a source of psi particles or rays landing on Earth. This is at 13.47 hours (13 hours 28 minutes) Local Sidereal Time, when we are facing the centre of the Galaxy.

Madame Kolisko and others have shown how the position of planets can have small effects on metallic salts in solution. (See The Kolisko Effect, Gauquelins, Pineal Gland, Astrology and Zodiacs List.. )

The 11 year Sun Spot cycle is well documented. There are reports (which the writer can not at present trace) that the Sun has a approximately 28 day cycle, made up of 4 periods of 7 days. There is a suggestion that the ill effects of electricity pylons are not due to their electrical emissions, but their blocking out of certain emissions from the Sun.

The writer has yet to see any evidence of energies coming from star systems. This evidence may yet emerge, though he expects anything to be more psychological than physical.

Enlightenment. The writer has had arguments with Buddhists over enlightenment. To the writer, enlightenment is being in balance. The first stage is to be in balance with higher minds within and dispatch the primary ego. What if the God within is a right stinker? This is a problem of many cults, where the God within of the leaders is of occult or contagious nature.

The writer once encountered a gentleman of Buddhist disposition who had incurable cancer. In remote viewing, it appeared that he had to be in balance with his cancer. It was not supposed to kill him and he was not supposed to kill it! This is not the writer's definition of enlightenment.

The writer believes in enlightenment as being in balance with the various Earth, planetary and Galactic energies plus the Life Force. He dispatches anything which gets in the way.

Ownership. Dealing with one's owners is the first step. One also has to deal with the owners of one's enemies, and in some cases their owners too, as ownership occurs in hierarchical chains. Your enemy is probably your enemy simply because someone is riding his back. Ridding your enemy of his parasites will probably do you both a favour. If one is going back through the ET chain, it may be necessary to invent a couple of extinct races of ETs to suit one's own scenario. Slotting in something on the lines of the following into one's current procedure will help alignment with natural energies.

Subjects include. Legality is the next step up, to query the legality of everything which might be relevant. Legality and illegality are man (or ET) made concepts and therefore should be irrelevant in everyday life. Common sense is far more important. Personal Legality comes when one has dispatched sufficient perverse legality to establish oneself as a legal entity. Once one has established oneself as a legal entity, all perverse entities become illegal. Psi when it should be available, may not be because it has not been made legal. Clean it up. Pain Might is right. Most people avoid pain like the plague and thus the avoidance of pain is king. There are plenty of self replicating engravings or engrams with delusions of grandeur masquerading as Gods. We must change the priorities. Anger is still the best cleansing agent. The legality of Spirit. Dispatch all false spirits and reveal the real ones. The legality of the Spirit World can be a little curious. Spirits may not communicate with each other (other than to a limited extent) as this would destroy their immortal minds. However these immortal minds contain Karma and many of the ills of Man. This something for the reader to investigate for himself. What is the use of immortal minds, when most people can not even remember their last life or incarnation?. The purpose of incarnation may well be to sort out the problems of the Spirit World and not one's own problems. The Original Beingness. As one clears away the debris from various ET races, one is likely to get back to the Source. An Original Beingness lies at the heart of every Source and is a vampire. This is likely to be part of an extinct ET race which has evolved into the Spirit World (and existing on as vampires to avoid reincarnation). As there are many extinct ET races, there is liable to be a series of sources. For practical purposes it is useful to give the current original ET race a name, and give a name to their God. The Physical Universe. Minds would like us to think that all is illusion and only minds are real. They can do nothing in the Physical Universe without us. Try variations on the following, preferably first on the entity or institution one definitely does not love. It definitely plows up a load of old zodiacs and arseholes. The Enlightenment of Universes has a great deal to do with Eridean ETs (Reptilian Humanoids), engravings or engrams (combination of pain, unconsciousness and command), thought police and brainwashing. The Erideans do have a sub race of slaves on their home planet in the Eridanus Star System. This universe stuff was mind control to keep their slaves in order, and has overflowed on to us. Why not live in one's own universe and that of the physical universe, and not a universe belonging to someone else. An ego is a private universe, not necessarily one's own. Caution - Enlightenment is highly emotive and easy to overrun. At the heart of everything are perverse telepaths and minds could not exist without them. These telepaths are probably in ET Spirit Worlds. Overrun. Doing is king. Everything else is liable to overrun and dig in if used past the point of usefulness. Substitute Gods. As gods reincarnate or disappear, so their places are taken by substitutes relying on the original brainwashing and mind control of the Gods they are replacing. Anyone short of Gods should ask a politician.

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