M13. Overrun. The Curse of all Religions, Philosophies and Cults.

All religions, philosophies and cults suffer from overrun if they are used wrongly or to excess. This web site is no exception. There are many Christians who would be better Christians if they stopped going to church and stopped praying.

The Law of Increasing Returns comes from Economics and normally applies at the start of a cycle. If you do not put enough money into a business when starting it up, it will probably fail. If one is over 40, then one will probably benefit from a multi vitamin supplement at the dose rate as recommended on the bottle.

The Law of Decreasing Returns applies to the middle of a cycle. Pouring money into a business will not necessarily make it more profitable. Taking double the recommended amount of vitamin pills is unlikely to give double the results. This applies to all religions, philosophies and cults.

The Law of Negative Returns comes when one loses more than one puts in. This applies to the end of a cycle. This is unusual in commerce as accountants try to see it coming. However when the money is borrowed there can be some spectacular bankruptcies. The people who rarely see this coming are in religions, philosophies and cults. All things are poisonous in excess. Do not eat polar bear's liver or you will die of vitamin D poisoning.

Overrun. The writer is comming to the conclusion that all fossilised minds are the result of overrun. Because one has overrun something in the past, a mind is formed which persists into the present. Where the original overrun was of a telepathic variety, the result is likely to be a contagious telepathic mind. ETs are the biggest offenders at creating contagious telepathic minds. Black magicians are the most likely people to pick them up and use them. Ordinary people are their victims.

Illusion and Delusion. Suspect that all is illusion that one can not sense with the 5 physical senses. All minds are illusions and cease to exist when their bluff is called. This includes all so called Gods, Satans and demons.

Handling Overrun. Probably the only safe targets for handling overrun are those below. Doing is king. Everything else is liable to overrun and dig in if used past the point of usefulness.

Hierarchies. All minds are hierarchical and the trick is to purge the apex, so that all underneath it collapses. One may normally expect to find an apex in some ET Spirit World. However members of ET Spirit Worlds have a tendency to reincarnate sometime. The writer and others have been giving them encouragement to reincarnate sooner than later. Thus an apex may not be in an obvious place but may be the Grand Master of a local occult lodge.

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