M11. Psychotronic Enlightenment.

Psychotronics is a Russian term for psychic research, usually involving mechanical and electronic aids for mind control and other purposes.

James Spottiswoode (mathematician and scientist) has observed from mass mathematical analysis of scientific experiments on psi, that the optimum time for good results (about 400% of the minimum) is 13.47 hours (13 hours 28 minutes) Local Sidereal Time. The Earth apparently revolves on its axis 365.25 times per year. It actually revolves 366.25 times when one allows for its revolving around the Sun. Sidereal Time works on the 366.25 day per year cycle and is necessary for astronomy. The Sidereal Day is about 4 minutes short of the observable day. The 2 sets of time are in phase every September 22nd at 12 noon GMT (Greenwich Mean Time or London Time). In working out Local Sidereal Time one has to take longitude into account.

Joe McMoneagle (Ex US Army remote viewer) points out that at 13.47 hours local sidereal time one is facing the centre of the Galaxy.

The writer has noticed no effect of sidereal time on his work. This is probably due to scientists experimenting with live psi (and getting weak results). Most of the writer's work has been in removing old fossilised psi which is now independent of sidereal time of day. Spiritualists also report that time of sidereal day is irrelevant.

Thus we can assume that there is a stream of psychotronic rays or particles streaming out of the Centre of the Galaxy. This is a weak force which has considerable effect as it is continual and long term. Much has been absorbed by the Earth over time.

Thus he who controls the Centre of the Galaxy has considerable power for good and evil, and any other dichotomy one wishes to consider.

MAN MADE PSYCHOTRONICS. The writer can only tell the difference by context between old military mind control psychotronic zapping and old ECT. ECT or electro convulsive therapy is a now discredited form of medical psychotherapy. Both leave similar psychotronic scars. Other sources of man made psychotronics should include microwave ovens, mobile phones and radio transmitter aerials. Man made psychotronics are not in the same class as that from the Centre of the Galaxy.

Consider the following targets.

THE SOURCE. All minds are circular. The answer to the question "Who owns God?" is that we do. All Gods are vampires and if we did not nourish them, they would wither and die, and have to reincarnate. The same goes for all minds. HEALING and ENERGY. Once one is able to link into Psychotronic Energy (from the centre of the galaxy or wherever) it does provide a good outside universal source of energy to be used as one sees fit. Its use is only limited by your imagination. There are some examples below to expand and wrap up in a suitable procedure of your own making. Subjects include. GEOPATHIC STRESS relating to the Earth is known to dowsers. The writer is coming to the opinion that all minds of the unwanted variety are the result of blocked psychotronic activity. If these minds are grounded to Earth, they will disappear along with much of false Spirit. Try treating geometrics in the same way as psychotronics. Subjects include.

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