M01. Tables of Emotion for Body, Mind and Spirit.

February 2013
A Table of Reptilian Brain Emotions. The reptilian brain is the brain we have inherited from our reptilian ancestor, and includes the third eye or pineal gland. The left and right hand sides of the brain were developed later. It becomes apparent that the following emotions belong to the reptilian brain, and not as we thought to spirit. This is to aid the survival of the family, working outwards from there. This table is not linear. There is no logic. These emotions are the drivers of telepathy.

These are very primitive emotions and their misuse leads on to other emotions previously attributed to spirit. One is naturally programmed to be responsible to one's family, to love one's family and forgive all transgressions. These emotions are hijacked by politics and religion, which is the price of civilisation.

This is a combination from observation, psychiatric and other sources.

The above table takes no account of emotions above enthusiasm, like Work, Exhilaration, and Enlightenment as they are not body emotions. Also no account is taken of the Fates Worse than Death like Blame, Shame and Regret, for a body cannot drop below Death.

The writer has spent much time trying to work out a table of emotions for Mind and Spirit. The problem is that these are forever changing. If however we use the emotions of a body as a model, then a consistent pattern emerges which is highly usable in practice.

If one admits being an Ego with 2 other entities within, then one will be at 3 different emotional levels, one for each entity. If one gets into a higher level on a high, then the body will experience emotion out of this World. If a higher level comes into play on a low, then the body is liable to experience a fate worse than death.

This can also be called "The Games of God". Some of the less obvious identities associated with these emotions are included in brackets. This is a working list and may contain a few purely body emotions. This list contains godship. As every god has a satan or yesterday's god, and yesterday's god having a satan before him, this list has multiple levels. Actually the original prototype god is Total Personal Responsibility. When we get back to this level, all mind and its associated problems vanish.

THE FATES WORSE THAN DEATH. The Pit. This is a problem to anyone coming in for the first time. Once in the emotions of the mind, there are so many layers that the fates are not the problem.

THE EMOTIONS OF SPIRIT. The Games of Spirit are little different to ordinary emotions as they do not belong to anything resembling a fossilised mind. They do contain the start of psi, but moral codes are the great limiting factors, and there are too many of them. By the time one gets into this, the ordinary subconscious is near empty. Spirit is completely amoral. Good and evil are just part of the Great Game. Spirit claims no sex. It leaves the title of God to its pale imitators. It has no objection to anyone cleaning up the Game, for that rejuvenates the Great Game. Note that minds create, but Spirit synthesises.

THE TOTALITIES. These are the original prototypes of mind until we forgot to take full responsibility for our actions. These are also the prototypes for all the better archetypes. They are states but can be treated as entities or gods. One can assume that everybody has one of each within. The most important is Total Personal Responsibility. Totality still exists in layers. Love and healing are sub-standard emotions, and thus cannot be Totalities. Any emotion or attribute above anger can be included.
These can be raised up a level by using SPIRIT instead of Personal.

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