G03. The Creation of Universes and The Creation.

Caution. This chapter now appears (in view of later work) to be a Reptoid download to justify the existence of minds and mind control. Giving everyone the wrong view of the Original Creation is a good way of keeping mind control intact.

The term Morph is used here to describe the basic unit of animal or life Spirit. Refer to Rupert Sheldrake, Morphic Minds and Morphogenetic Fields for more details.

THE ONE WHO ORIGINALLY DIVIDED INTO MANY is assume by many (including the writer) to be the original God. When He divided, he gave his parts various "gifts" to clip the wings and create identities to enable the parts to play out a game. He may have not have included himself in the original game, but that is for you to decide. The Big Bang was a cock-up or the result of bungling, which prevented the game from ending as planned. What sometimes appear as apports turn out to be memes, some of which are described below.

True psi operates in the Physical Universe and not that of the psychological God. Thus true psi can only be accessed when most of the psychological rubbish has been deloaded or cleared. We are dealing with engineering and not psychology. Consider the following subjects.

There were a number of universes prior to the Physical Universe. Probably most would not be recognisable as such to modern Man. Consider the following.

Destroying or deloading memes is all very well, but the real test is to create them ourselves. To create really new memes, we must first existing memes which get in the way. The body can not create memes, only Spirit (or should it be Morph) can do that. Bodies can not control Spirit, though the black magicians have a very good try. What bodies can do is help Spirit clear away all the blockages, which is something Spirit can not do on its own. A natural free Spirit can create all the memes it needs for its own purposes. Consider the following.

The black magicians and the Church will not like this. We do not need parasitic and unwanted memes. We now have highly sophisticated computers in the form of the human brain. Established religion and the Church are dying. If we do not take charge of our destiny, the next incarnation on the Original God will be electronic computers, with us having name, rank and barcode. With genetics, we have enough variation to be able to dispense with old systems of creating individuality. We are quite capable of creating any new Gods ourselves to suit our requirements, and have done.

The Spirits of all life forms appear to have much in common and are perfectly interchangeable, just as a human may both dig ditches and program computers according to his current needs. All Spirits have access to the Telepathic Universe and have only as much respect for the dimensions of space as suits them. They all have their minds, group minds, memes, engravings and engrams. These possessions are often shared and communicated. A single life form may contain many Spirit forms and generally does. If one brings all Spirits within a life form into union with each other, then the resulting Spirit will be better able to act as a Guardian Angel. Perverse individuality can be a barrier to union and communication with one's peers. Such things as individuality, sovereignty and individuality should be dynamic, when they will keep minds and memes at bay. Minds believe in "Divide and rule".


Before criticising the Original God, remember you are part of Him. What would you have done in the same circumstances to relieve boredom.

For the scandal on Jehovah and Company, see Zecharia Sitchin, Ancient Sumer, & the Nefilim / Anunnaki / Elohim list.. --> For the scandal on Jehovah and Company, see Zecharia Sitchin's book - The 12th Planet.

Everything in this section could well be a download of the prototypes of all our Creation Myths. Getting slaves and peasants to swallow the wrong Original Creation is a neat way of keeping their brainwashing intact. Take your choice.

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