M02. The Various Human Minds and their attributes. Updated February 2001.

THE VARIOUS HUMAN MINDS. This is a list of minds and their attributes as known to the writer in January 2001. These lists probably contradict others on this web site which were written at earlier dates at different reality levels. As the writer is not paid for his work, he can contradict himself as much as he likes, and sometimes does. Paid writers do not have this luxury.


THE MINDS OF SPIRIT. As it is impossible for a body to visualise a Spirit, even its own, it is normal to express the various levels as Guardian Angels and similar. Spirits do not recognise the dimensions of the physical world, and therefore can not have any form. Anything which raises their energy level, raises their ability. Holy Guardian Angels and the Holy Ghost belong to parasitic and control minds, not to Spirit. The word Holy gives them away. One can have an angel for anything one wants, which can be sometimes a good device in meditation. COMMUNICATION WITH SPIRIT GUIDES. After death (or before birth), we may spend time as disincarnate Spirits. The greater one's enlightenment, the more choice one has over reincarnating or otherwise. For thought or any kind of meditation a duality is needed like mind versus brain. A disincarnate Spirit is a unity and can only think when in conjunction with a human brain. Thus they need us, our brains and our energy and in return give us inspiration. Thus they need us as much as we need them. The quality of such inspiration will depend on the energy levels we can create and our degree of enlightenment. This is a case of fair trade. There are no free lunches. One of their methods of communication is to use the images of our heroes, and animate them. Thus we get the Archetypal Gods such as the Viking Gods, which have nothing to do with the Gods of parasites and mind control. Such communication is often far more understandable to us than if they tried to communicate directly.

PARASITIC AND CONTROL MINDS. These have been donated by our ET friends to keep us in order as good little slaves. Personal responsibility is needed to keep them in order. However without them, we would not personal responsibility other than knowledge of our actions. They expect us to be responsible to them. There is nothing living about them and they are just lumps of dead fossilised emotion. They will tell you that you can not create your own energy or psychic ability, and that only they can provide. They contain -

THE ATTRIBUTES OF SPIRIT applicable here are listed below. Attributes below energy and creation are pretty useless, except for responsibility which a good entry point. Responsibility does mean playing by the rules of higher minds. The highest a control mind can go is union. However without control minds, we would not need the positive attributes. There is a second dimension to this list which runs at right angles through Energy. This tends to be hidden so that we stop at one level and think we have found salvation by getting into the so called Positive Attributes. The writer could not get a good plot on this one. MORPHIC MINDS. This would be the racial or animal mind of Man if ETs had not given us control minds. Biologist Rupert Sheldrake is the acknowledged expert on animal minds and animal group minds. Some of his expertise should be applicable to Man. If enough energy is created, then all control minds and engravings can be cleared out. A bad temper is a marvellous tool for clearing out rubbish. Those under the control of parasitic minds have a paranoid fear of morphic minds, as the psychic and other energies can undo their mind control. They often resort to negative psychic activity (mind control) to suppress morphic minds. Morphic minds may have more in common with Spirit than first appears. Control minds try to divorce the 2, so bringing the 2 into union with each other can be useful. There is a window for a day or 2 at human birth when the human morphic group mind can be downloaded, which is a perfectly natural phenomena. This window has been hijacked by control minds such as zodiacs. Morphic minds contain - THE MINDS OF BRAIN AND BODY. Psychologists claim to be experts in the psyche, which is something they do not believe in, in violation of the Trade Descriptions Act. However they believe us to believe them, even though they are under the control of parasitic minds. "There is no God, long live the religion of True Science". They may have a few good points from the study of rats. Human emotions are something we can all study in humans. Rats are not good subjects for this. Human emotions are listed below. This is a combination from observation, psychiatric and other sources.

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