G02. Atma and Buddhi, the 2 Akashic Elements yet to be discovered. (August 2000.)

THE AKASHIC ELEMENTS. Four of these are well known, and there is a heavy Ring-Pass-Not to prevent access to the others. There is a good description of the Akashic Elements in G01. The Attributes of the Akashic Elements, Fire, Air, Water, Earth. This was written in 1995, and was written under the rules of minds. The attributes of Earth, Water, Air and Fire can probably only be written from inside minds, which are in turn controlled by Buddhi and Atma, described by astrologers as the 2 essential elements yet to be discovered. This section is written under the rules of remote viewing where we are bodies and Spirits, and all minds are useless parasites. All elements tend to create inferior duplicates of themselves. A duplicate can never be better than the original. Spirit can not be duplicated though it may replicate itself. Above Harmony lies life completely in the Physical Universe and outside all minds

ZODIACS There seem to be a number of different zodiacs, possibly by different creators. If you are interested in astrology and dislike the current interpretation, try another system. You may have downloaded the wrong zodiac. Systems like numerology look very similar to zodiacs but this is for people to check for themselves as to their creators. The writer has no knowledge on these zodiacs and similar. The 3 main ones are -

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