M08. How to use Women in Social Psychotherapy.

WOMEN'S TRAUMAS. A woman's emotions can be channelled to suit one's own purposes. In return, she must get what she wants or one will be closed down by her Guardian Angel. Things like births are duplicated in a woman, as she has been born herself, and she may have children herself. Now if she is commanded to purge the psychological traumas and rubbish around everyone's births, she is being invited to purge the rubbish concerning that of her children births and all such rubbish in her love links. A useful check list is as follows:- WOMEN AS HEALERS. Most women are healers and this can be put to good use. In the example below, Anne (as a healer) is being invited or commanded to purge the traumas of other people. This will also catch her own trauma's. It will also catch any traumas which claim to be outside but are actually inside, and these will the first victims to go on the apparent outside. ENERGY LEVELS. As healing can drain energy, stop if there is any apparent energy loss, and if possible repair her anger and vengeance. Healing can look after itself if the energy is there, provided healing has been woken up. MALE TRAUMAS. On the face of it, this list is not suitable for a man as men do not have hysterectomies. However their wives can and this can cause much trauma and frustration to both partners. The sneaky way to get into intelligence agencies is to look for miscarriages, abortions, and best of all hysterectomies, and then go in via their wives. The Guardian Angels of wives of villains are usually ready to sell the husbands down the river in return for relief from trauma.

ETs have most of our traumas plus a few. One has to use a little imagination.

ACQUIRED MEMORIES are not the only things which can be acquired, and the following list can be quite useful. If one can command a woman to purge things acquired in other people, then she will also be able to purge them in herself. "Obsolete" is a good alternative to "Acquired" and works better once the acquired stuff has been handle. WOMEN'S BODIES. Women tend to live longer than men, but their sexual apparatus is very vulnerable due to childbirth and other factors. One cause of cancer is the blockage of flows around the body from psychological or brain washing sources. A person's body parts are supposed to talk to each other. Below is a suitable list of targets. OTHER FLOWS include. RELATIONSHIPS are very important to a woman. There is a massive communications breakdown between body and Spirit in most people, which allows minds, brain washing and perverse spirits to coexist. Alternatively, minds and mind control cause a massive communications failure between body and Spirit. Targeting relationships is powerfull stuff and can blow minds completely if you are up to it. Some suitable example targets are below. HARMONY, REIKI and FENG SHUI. If the lady is involved in Reiki or Feng Shui, then everything has to revolve around the list below. This is something one will never find in a black magician. However this is how the basics of the universe work. See D17 and D50 for examples on how use harmonics. Natural order in the Galaxy runs on:- TANTRIC SEX MAGIC. The following is useful for the young man to make the woman compliant and for the married man to keep his wife happy. There are great complaints from some ladies that there are too many men who know how to ejaculate, but not how to perform the sexual act to a woman's satisfaction. The following hands on methods of are recommended as one can always claim they are asexual. A man must always prepare a woman to make her do what he wants. When a woman wants sex it is best to keep her waiting as this gives an excellent window to change her by remote psychotherapy to suit requirements. This is a time when a woman is very compliant in remote psychotherapy to change. For the young man, it is the time to cure all her bad habits and help her gain enlightenment. Women have the bad habit of trying to cure a man's bad habits after marriage which does not normally work. It is a relief to meet a woman who wants to change her lover's bad habits before marriage. THE SECRET of Tantric sex itself is to go slow and only speed up when she implores you to do so. This way you both have orgasms together. Going slow is good for altered states of consciousness. Get a book in your local sex shop for more details. Pay extra detail to contraception as the techniques described here will raise fertility levels.

On no account clean up a woman's sex life or love life without her permission, or she will never talk to you again, regardless of what happens in the short term.

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