The route to spiritual government (by examples).
By Joey Peters

He has written about schizophrenia with hindsight on what it did to him and how he dealt with it.

That may sound like an oxymoron. However, how much of political ideology is made up by ideas on morality within spirituality and what does that specific morality have to do with government? Ideally a government in these days governs their people and apply their moral in their laws and bureaucracy. However, perhaps this is better a job for religion. We need a lighter, more connected to the folks kind of politic than democracy. Strangely enough, spirituality is the only right tool here as it connects the majority of groups, and for the author, is a straight out reality. This is not the case (that spirit is a reality) to most politicians, unfortunately.

Secularism can be described as a religion, atheism etc can too, anything that groups in it's own universes (in some extend even businesses are universes) that have their own agenda and intentions. If a person chooses a political party as to what applies to their psychological reality, that too can be seen as an transparent religion, as when this person receives psychological (political) input, they first refer to their party standpoint and agenda, and then their own agenda and morality; as is the case with religion. Religion is the same but above it is fixed and below it is loose. For political parties it is the other way around.

Politics and the rights of the many outweighs the morality of many, as was the case with Nazi Germany. This even is the case in the age of Aquarius, as the physical takes shape to human psychological history. However, God is still in control.

How should government govern their Gods, if they have any? Or should their God(s) govern them? Doesn't that space out a lot of overhead in the government if this was common reality? This may one day become a reality to deal with. Thus the usefulness of the spiritual government, currently the spiritual establishment is (which we should not blame for our position and lives at this moment yet) shunned by UFO-nuts. Establishing a spiritual government also eradicates the need for new religions. This is very much connected to spiritual singularity, or knowing how the freedom of spirit leads to freedom for all by minds understanding the games of spirit (life: war, evolution, games, immortality, psychology etc all connected). When the apocalypse happened last year we said goodbye to old minds clinging to logical reduction by psychological thermodynamics and shielded off imaginary powers. Now minds use free energy. Slowly the whole hierarchy of distribution is turned into a matrix and this will eventually lead to the fruit of the tree of life... This may all sound vague, I know.

A super religion is just not game as it is subject to wear and tear, however, respect for other people's Gods and forgiveness of sins is game, or anything else that operates in the real world (or kingdoms in the sky when they fall down). God wants us to hurry up forgiving others so we may forgive him for our hardships; we were forgiven, so now we have to forgive others, Jesus his charisma leads to monkey see monkey do. This is all natural, logical, and perfectly fine. Then logically, this creates a religion. How do we fork ("other" for the extremists) religions out??? Communism for Christians? However, this (communism) has too many pretensions about the human psyche (other people than Christians). Should we fork out government and take lead by or through God (society of higher minds, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) or the other way around (occult, satanism etc).

The living have the trouble of the living. This means we require living Gods. Perhaps human? Jesus makes a good benchmark. There are a lot of dead entities that keep on working in their own old style (Pisces?) which can make the nice hot bath from religion get lukewarm over time. The only way for now to fix problems in this world is honest politics. However, most politicians are one generation off of the present day emotions and realities living in society.

This means most politics are satanisms, as it tries to reconcile religions (and thus agendas) together into one super religion. This is what the some catholics wants, and it is pure evil, though those people probably make up about 1%. Catholics themselves are honest, it is their superiors that worry me sometimes. This upsets my stomach as a Christian, as this super religion won't be anything like Christianity. Satanism is anyone living above the laws of monotheism (sacrifice etc), but is still a monotheist. They are build up usually in the past, and should have nothing to do with modern day human morphic mind psychology.

We should not proselytize as this is a sin to any non Christian (you may not convert people to Wicca, you may convert people to Christianity); every man has a mind and makes it up him or herself. In Christianity, first the person is healed, then possibly (naturally) proselytized. The evangelist does not convert anyone, God opens their hearth to the gospel, not the evangelist. God is a source. The evangelist is a tool. Spiritual resale or trade like this is just a form to fork out various forms of common religion. This resale currently is the only way to proselytize that makes correct and moral sense as it was intended in nature. The author knows of no one who has patented God, but perhaps the Jews were given this, though they worked it around to benefit themselves and not others. Can you see what the Jews did to Christianity?

It (government) is forked out actually pretty easily. Spiritual government by spiritual singularity. It is already there but we don't see it until spiritual adulthood (enlightenment, who cares anyway). This includes the structures of a government (departments etc), applied to spiritual and technological singularity and the conclusions they have. Naturally this comes with people running a system or universe, not a religion. However, this is called a system out of formality; it is actually just the government at that point. So then when we take out government, people will put it back, though more locally, in communions. This is hardly to do any good to society, and probably boots up a form of socialism anyway as people don't like to refresh and rehash their norms. Eventually there will be civil war with this system, and to the author this seems inevitable.

An extreme example is homosexuality. The author accepts homosexuality in other people, not himself, as spiritual singularity tells him they are free, plus there is the fact only God can look into a persons mind, and we can not, and we are commanded not to judge anyways. I can not look into your reality or window of consciousness as what other people's desires are or their abilities, psychic or physical/mental. However, it is my right to judge, though I should not. Halfmen are usually controlled by demon. Homosexuality is a problem, with emphasis on sexuality, otherwise you are just really good friends. I have a few good friends, and one has to watch out for the bro-zone. It is best not to experiment with thoughts like: "what if I dated someone of the same sex?"; which Satan tries to make OK, to think about it like that.

What use is the written law of God when the law is in writing within our hearths? Then we are free, through the apocalypse, and responsible for ourselves. The author is a strong believer in capitalism for governments and socialism for cities. A city/community can handle the paperwork, without the larger governmental institute creating a Frankenstein monster for splintered establishments (cities) where a small group of people figure out the laws for many (it should be dynamic, not static, some parties have better dynamics than others, but only on different fields). When the community doesn't fit you, move out. If both global and local government choose to be bureaucratic, we get the moral of the bureaucrat behind Jesus telling the whipper how many times to whip, a neutral view thus-fully. That is hardly any use other than political correctness from Satan.

Up to the future! There we see the society of higher minds, Father, Son and Holy Spirit governing the people giving them ability (since government is gone, it no longer has responsibilities towards old (satanic) sources) through his spiritual singularity. Most Christians believe Jesus will come back (he is already present as a parousia), and tell everyone that He was and still is "the way". A "way" presumes a destination. We are going towards Christian disclosure. Of course, he is, but it will probably go a little less harsh than most people think. I won't even discuss the insanity of the personal rapture and what happens next for the rest of the world. We serve a righteous God the Father, not a narcissist maniac. I'm not arguing the rapture will happen, it will, it is just how and when that is sometimes a bit fantasized by the loony right Christians.

Get a clue about socialism. We over accentuate that we should be progressive here in Holland, and attempt every static law to dynamic problems. Why change a working system? It is already there, just enter it! Sure, the church may be cold, but so is every house when built up in the winter. Become a Christian! Socialism is about details (and surrogates), it takes the lower classes in perspective to the higher classes. If the higher classes had a better perspective on what is below they would have probably lead the world to a safer journey across the globe than all the wars we see now. The problem with power is satanism, satanism is worst when it is linked in non (or even sub-)clinical schizophrenia. Power for politicians is only created by bureaucracy, who do you serve, a government or God? All alarms should go off when someone takes the lead above established authority and then creates bureaucratic law that instates his power. This is most rampant in government personnel that don't take criticism seriously. However, I am probably here going somewhat overboard with earlier material I wrote. It is best to assume any politician that enters requires some form of schizophrenia as they always deal with problems from the past, never creating something truly new. Some intend new things but are revised versions of earlier things. These are the Dutch going with Sodom and Gomorrah.

Spiritual awareness in the media.

It is not strange that most of the media is liberal and socialist. They benefit from this (socialism) the most as they use older universes still used by the established government and people, expressed in bureaucracy. The government controls bureaucracy which usually also includes laws in the media. Props to the Americans for still having some conservatism in their media. The real people of the world care only about their local government and know what is wrong 4 years before politics find out about what is wrong, and patches it, not solving the real problem. Example, people kill people, guns don't. Eventually, a problem like this will catch too much entropy and emotional anger in the universal subconscious. The gun lobby is right, but for those where it doesn't work just piles up until it can make a point. They have a point, they just aren't right. How thick is the book of the law of the land? How thick is your bible in comparison? Why do we need both? Do we need both?

So we need fossilized systems to stay in place so on that base things can be revamped and patched. This is like academics; there is an establishment that needs to be respected, and then evolved. We always want more evolution, but in a singularity things are evaluated and not evolved. This is also apparent in science, and with the coming of quantum physics and their free thinkers this field seems only to benefit the scientific extroverts that can't think of a system themselves. This may sound weird, but quantum physic on a psychological plain creates jobs people can handle. PSYCHOLOGICAL consequence quantum physics and scientific singularity (however, how useful is it to have a logical government?). However, I have to admit this is like the hippies in south park saying they don't want government and call a baker a "person who sells bread and for this service gets services from other people" when we apply a form of logical politic. Leading to a mammon.

This was in the first paragraph. It only splinters, it only creates dis-responsibility towards a higher organ (government or God) so Satan can play a game with his demons... This may be hard to understand right now. There will always be alpha males, the ultimate extrovert alpha male is Satan. There are enough of these unjustifiable things in the world; the author usually thanked God to be born in the western and free world. Should we then conquer those who are not governed by the people through democracy? Perhaps this is just ignorance of the reality of an all powerful omnipotent God, or ignorance of other cultures... Example: They say pot is safer than alcohol, however, when you grow up with safe use of alcohol, alcohol is probably A LOT safer. If we just "lived our lives for ourselves and not others" we would be better off. However, this makes care for others bleed if you use government instead of religion. If it uses religion, there will be a group responsibility towards all races and kinds of people, by what God thinks of his children, and not what we think of them. However, even this is splintered into a thousand theories and theologies. It may take a few years, but better things are ahead. The rapture (?!). Usually family and friends are the best support, not the government.

The above seems a bit a ramble.

Note: The rapture is probably the merging of the kingdom of God with the world. The bible isn't that chronological. I don't know for sure, and I don't claim to know. I just accept it for this moment being for the heck of writing something without constantly saying: "maybe" or the like every paragraph.

Example spiritual duality politic.

Quantum physics allow for a great deal of variation, even in universes where I choose not to write this, where more inspiration is for other people, etc. In psychological quantum physics, we get the idea that all have a set of genes with enough direction to free will as possible. Perhaps the ultimate quantum physical mind is a female as a female works with other psychological principles. There is a lot of ignorance by man about the female psyche. "What do women want?" is a question man ask. However, a female will just want a stable universe to live in with her family (a woman needs children, or they will treat their husband like children, spoiling him or her), without their men asking any questions. The female cares little about asking questions other than whether their pants make their butt look fat and variations on such.

The following paragraph is probably very wrong. They don't care about the questions or outcome, heck they may not even be logical. But the female psyche will forevermore forgive men of asking question, where a man puts emphasis on being right, they care about being biologically (instinctively) right. However, women are as diverse as men. There is an alpha female as well in female societies, though this is usually a woman without many female friends, so it is of less use than for a male. Government is a male principle, which started as a cave for early females to live in with their family. Acceptance of the physical universe on one's own terms is a female variation on it and that should be the future. This does ring the bell of acceptance of homosexuality. Let females figure this out, not men.

We men have been too ignorant of the potential of matriarchal society. Even a person with downs syndrome can come to acceptance of the universe, male or female. The male will ponder why this happened to him, where the female usually accepts this and tries to excel at the things she can do. A man won't swallow unless it is the best he can do, however the variations on this are infinite. A female will simply accept it and reluctantly get stuck in things she can do.

I do not understand women either, by the way, as a female may call her girl friend the best friend in the world and next week fight their lungs out. Male friendships call each other dicks and fuck-heads and in 20 years still be friends. This is what a female needs in a man, so a man can be the government of the local family versus other families. Yes boys and girls, men need to govern women. Where did we see this example again? In the bible. There is no injunction towards the rights or value of women. It is thus also a man's job to make the woman feel important, as she only can be when she has children. A woman will not feel important unless she is told so. A women has an instinct for this as much as man. This sounds a lot like biology but there we go then...

A good note is a male saying that he loves his wife is not the same as telling them they are important.

What does this have to do with the media? The media doesn't have what is written above in their picture of an ideal world. The media thinks you can stop bullying and answer great questions eventually. The fact of the matter is, you can not by governmental means. This is something parents need to discuss in their families, not on government based schools. The school doesn't have the flesh hearth beating for it 24h7. A father and mother are respected naturally, but not some socialist short sighted idiot telling children what to do in situations. A family is the template of society. Locally, we have our flesh family, globally, our spiritual, Godly family (Christianity).

If nature intended us to go to the genetic unfamiliar with our children, he would have not made us love them so much. The love of the school is a surrogate, to love of a parent is real. A righteous parent should have more power in the school than the council of the school. However, as some parents and children are "evil" we require some form of bureaucracy within school to handle social interactions of children. The problem with solutions based on this is, they will work for a month, heck even a year, but after that it is sour. The same can be seen in sports.

I brought up woman earlier so you can see why they are needed 24/7 for young children.

God and the "new age" (additional notes).

The problem was well expressed by Nietzsche, "God is dead". However, he is still alive in retrospect, and that is for in all eternity. Sounds a lot like a paradox. Schopenhauer makes a better philosopher in the age of Aquarius, though the author never read Schopenhauer, he just feels he would be. We can still learn things from Jesus. Jesus lives. Did he intent to say Jesus is dead as Jesus is God or the whole trinity? God the Father, however, is probably quite fed up by his own society of minds. In the subconscious of Gods mind, so much human garbage and sin was accumulated, an apocalypse was needed and more ability through responsibilities for the human race. This works with two spirits or zeitgeists, one that "teaches conservatism" another that "destroys conservative teachings". Thus society as a whole is spoken to by Gods mind (sounds weirder than it is) and the compiled result was the apocalypse.

Note: Would the idealization of "death should lead to grief" please soon stop? Death holds no power. Man kind is weak, or just too emotional. They have planks in front of their eyes.

God will be revealed to society, not by showing himself off to us with miracles and apparition, but by taking out the beams from the people's eyes, so they see that he has always been there. When the time is right. He is already there, for those that have the water (akashic element loved by religion) enlightenment, which motto is hilariously, ironically and unfortunately "yes we can". "You can figure out who", however, is driven by the spirit/geist of the antichrist. I could be more political correct, but that is for time to figure out, correctness in politics is for those that lost (wars, battles, laws).

However, we can establish a democracy of spirituality in the spirit of Truth with the holy spirit, or with the mentality of satan through the spirit of the antichrist. Satan is a fungus parasite, it will take something good and waits until it is aged and often torn down (Christianity, Catholicism. Politics, America?) and take over, as there is little resistance as the owners are senior or dead. The new generation just doesn't care or is brainwashed. We will see the antichrist before society is rehashed and freshed in a last attempt to lead people astray from Gods flock. He is already there too, his name is "you can figure it out"?

Both are realities. Learn to only care for your own sector and what keeps your thoughts going. Spiritual government is about people living their own lives, comfortable. The government shouldn't be responsible for you, unless they have harmed you. However, you can commit your responsibilities if you want. It is called insurance or family and (true) friends. Friends make a good non financial investment.

The antichrist isn't that active in my subconscious as the antichrist doesn't like biting people who can bite back. There is little point for me to think about liberal politics anyway, I'd rather bother figuring out what to cook for dinner. Sounds like thinking about experimenting with homosexuality. Never a good idea. Satan is too busy trying to control social media and pop-songwriters to boost this. Satans days ended a long time ago, if you come to understand this, you are truly free.

"Yes we can" should be a statement of "let's make waffles within our personal responsibilities and resources because we can (freedom)", not "let's tax other people for making waffles so also others can enjoy waffles that don't have resources". Do you want free waffles or free people? A free Christian will care for his neighbor so this spiritual singularity can space out a lot of politic and bureaucracy. Sometimes it is idiotically upside down. Group-responsibility (communism?) generally only works in businesses at specific time frames, never longer than 3 hours (or 4 years for government), rarely anything political. Every political party or business has a frontman who holds PERSONAL responsibility over that party, and the whole system drags down and is eredicated in case of personal scandal and so forth. When it is a group responsibility, the quality will go down, the party itself will not. This happened in Holland with Pim Fortuyn.

"Yes" to some action. "We" implies a universe of communion. "Can" implies authority.

Anyway, this has been my view on politics right now in the world. Have to ironically admit I collect welfare. For the record: I am center-democratic, not like in America, but in Dutch terms (which is a big difference).

© Joey Peters - January 2013.

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