Healing Compiled.
By Joey Peters
He has written about schizophrenia with hindsight on what it did to him and how he dealt with it.

J01 - Problem This document is highly theoretical. The author only had small results which go as peace of mind and knowing all will be well eventually.

The physical universe is stubborn and has a steep learning curve in (controlled) ability inside it. We all know this. However the entities that have been running it are probably wiser and a lot older than ourselves. Enlightenment and healing here is often a case of good diplomacy from their part. Thank God it is not to be altered lightly by any kind of (junior?) entity, as they come with agenda and plenty of chaos depending on the number of participants in the physical universe.

There are several barriers which need to be tackled for controlled healing ability within the physical universe.

You have to be below other people as a servant, which may sound strange, to get rights to gain true healing ability. The author by believing this got his first results. Sounds like full on spiritual class warfare when more servants are bestowed upon them the Holy Spirit or it's equivalent... The reader should be able to fill in the political, religious and racial gaps so this will be dealt with shortly. When you have a higher responsibility profile you make more money, but you aren't much worth more than a bum in regard to rights towards the physical universe.

Realize that anything that is imaginary reduced reliefs its part of to one's conscious elements (weird formulation, I'm not a native). Spirit used to be flying in empty space, so it is always present to anything above it. From that part up, you or your spirit are probably a reflection of how other people see you or how you see yourself. Literally. These need to be in sync. This is also how the mind controls the body.

You don't need to know how the physical works to alter it. We all have the right of imagination, and this can be trained. However, imagination has little to do with actual ability. This is just a gift from our slave drivers.

The physical universe can be treated as an entity, preferably inside the/your subconscious. This is a dark aura between you and other people. Beware of the concept of individuality and it's form of enlightenment. Serenity and enlightenment have nothing to do with healing ability; unless you bestow it on someone else than yourself.

At death there is retrospect and sleep. The author believes in Jesus and the great resurrection. The kingdom of God is supposed to fall down or bestowed from the sky on people, not as an actual city of new Jerusalem, otherwise it would be Babylon.

J02, Solution

Reclaim your rights. Act below, think above. Try to keep your sanity. Don't accept anything of the bullshit from academia. Print yourself a document of "professor of non-academics". Respect spirit at all times by using psychological and spiritual hygiene. The author noted that he neglects his body but not his spirit and mind.

Jesus simply put it as: Abandon everything and follow me. A Christian is a person who carries the name of Christ, nothing more, nothing less. This comes with certain abilities. The things man added (especially religion and mysticism) to it its entropy and decay. Jesus has an easy yoke. Jesus wants you to heal other people in his name.

For the non-Christian healing, one has to go through more things as Jesus filled the void for you. However, this means playing by his rules.

Mysticism, however, can be a tool in understanding ability. It is clear to me that Jesus had full understanding but didn't boast about it. There are small traces to be found in the bible.

Keep the positive stuff.

J03, earlier and additional notes

This part is written without any proof, however, they pointed towards the stuff above.

1) There are plenty of commercial frauds. This is also the sort of stuff that claims that you can become rich influencing and controlling your fellow men. Also include the stuff you can see as television psychics, and self-help books that offer an easy path. The road to salvation is small and easy by hearth but quite thick to the head (minds won't admit they don't understand salvation anyway, as it is a spiritual experience just like a form of enlightenment)

Salvation can be described as going through the apocalypse and hell in a psychological way. That one is out of judgment and into the new world where God is present and where we are expected to be completely responsible for our actions and thought in a sane way, and above all have faith. Expect a bit of grief for leaving the old world, but don't become sycophant of it. The old world is worth nothing, only death reigns there.

2) too little significant ability available in one method. Most Christian healers only use one to three methods, where a method should be completely dynamic as you are dealing with relationship with people and their God(s? for those inclined in that direction). And what he should do for them on the short and long term.

3) too little belief that it actually works. This is to form the physical. In the bible it says somewhere: believe that it has been granted to you and it will be yours.

These actions of prayer are one universe up (in heaven? Before time?), and not in the physical universe at first instance (depending on the level of belief). Thus faith/belief in ability is a good method into growing healing ability using prayer, as it is plenty dynamic (one is only limited by language). However they will only be available when one goes one universe up at death (or worse), until the ego can do it by itself or doesn't care for it anymore. This is why we can imagine to move mountains, and see the result some time, but it is often forgotten. This is called psychological and psychic entropy. Things that are important and legitimate tend to be remembered. The same logic in the bible is used as looking to a woman with a lustful eye that one has already committed adultery. This is to keep the id under control or to keep it (reasonably) clean.

4) there are plenty psychics, but there is a definite shortage of telekinetics. Most telekinetics tend to have religious influences in some way (Pagan, Christian etc), but most psychics tend to be spiritualists (new age, the occult etc). One needs both.

5) Lack of being sealed with the Holy Spirit.

It does not appear that the physical universe excludes miracles, especially in combination with the Holy Spirit. This is healing and exorcism though, and not directly miracle working. Set that up straight before indulging in anything with wrong hopes or delusion, aim for something within your league. However, every little bit helps trying to work in that direction. The bible wants us to aim for perfect health and free of demons for everyone, so boast.

Anyone entering from outside theology would at best use a suitable archetype. The evangelic church still heals as Jesus would have wanted, and still wants (he is alive). I will attempt to put as little of religion and dogma in this document as possible. . .

A hint I am going to put here: genuine healers (or most remote psychotherapist (exorcists) and viewers (other psychics) by the way) don't ask for a money cheque before and after doing anything. In fact, if this happens, it impairs psychological telekinesis (responsibilities to a wild card (money) of what can happen, the order should be person to money and not money to person). The charisma gained and boredom relieved (and karma produced for those inclined in that direction) is enough for the genuine healer or remote viewer. Or maybe a bottle of wine. Ideally one heals a child and give him or her a toy.

There are two strands of healing. The healing that gives peace of mind (often psychosomatic) and actual physical healing. Physical healing is used by God as a method of recreation, to relief boredom and raise faith of the people. Imagine having to bring up 5 billion people. What practices would you use? Would you first raise a few (Jews) who in turn will teach the rest of the world (Christians) who in turn keep up morality with your laws (over the 'other' rest of the world), and then stretch and split ability to them to get them to obey you? Also note at the history that in the start God was there, even to as few as 2. The real history isn't lost at all, it is just that the bible has more psychological history instead, which has more truth than history as one line of facts in the outward physical universe. History is bunk, especially personal history. 90% of our memories are altered by present day emotions. Static beingness is a way out.

For those interested in such things one should look up meta-history. Mighty boring stuff to minds, so it doesn't untangle easily. Mighty powerful to spirit though as it understands the material. These tend to be the secrets of the universe the devil wishes you not to explore.

The author only (attempts to) heals through Christ. Often healing has heavy links with exorcism, and the author wonders why there isn't a name for both used in sync. In theory commanding the demons out is the same as commanding a body to heal itself, as a body will always attempts to regenerate, but demons/zodiacs generally block this. The western world has plenty of pain problems, because they have too many demonic downloads which makes their arse sit in front of the telly/computer agreeing to whatever is on and activates their demons, to psychologically and sexually (!!!) arouse them. Any soul inside a body besides the master ego of the subject is liable to be demons, devils, or your late uncle Joe who was and is afraid of death, thinking he or she can find refuge in the time and space of his family members. This also loads the gun of grief and tend to be negative to both parties. This can be rampant and traumatic to deal with.

The kind of reality I'm trying the get you in tends to be second hand.

Skip this religious talk if you wish. As I have searched the Internet for "miracle" healing that works for my mother, I've found that too much is based on the occult or cribs from eastern methods (new age Reiki etc). It just wasn't satisfying, only to minds. The best stuff I found was from the Levenstroom Ministry (stream of life). The author believes in God and that healing has heavy links with the common God of Israel between the healer and the one being healed. This is when doing healing, one must first ask: "do you believe Christ will heal you today?", "We don't heal, Jesus does. " Remember the way God wants to bring us up to be self-responsible (apocalypse). This is like a single time to use ticket into healing to the one it is being used on, thus indulge carefully. If the good news is rejected once, it is often a lot more difficult to get them to the flock.

Be sure to touch a persons hearth with your own psychological charisma so God can change him or her. Psychological charisma and physical charisma combined gives this worlds greatest healers. This is why Billy Graham was so great.

Healing must be done fresh without mentalism (often people telepath the body to heal itself, including the message that they know what they are technically doing, which they don't).

Incurable disease tend to be ghost parasites on the host. Probably a demon, but ie cancer can be seen as the ghost of Satan himself.

Mentalism will keep one sane until the end of the ride though. If one, for instance, comes across a method to heal with (often schizophrenic/mind) technology, that does not actually help to imply that you know how it works so that you can use it to whatever extend you would like.

I mean, it is logical there can be only one God, and that he must be jealous of other wannabe Gods (ALWAYS younger and less experienced than the real God of Israel) and use force to make certain time lines don't collide too much. However, even when you understand this to the fullest, that does not make you God. It is the other way around, as pride and pretensions it gives is very much of the devil.

God is a society of higher minds, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The author wonders why he sometimes hears the spirit of Michael when indulging in this kind of material.

Remember that when God is angry at you and you are part of his family it is raising children angry and not typically a wrath of God or whatever. The greatest enemy of the author are his psychotic pretensions. He isn't paranoid about vampires or demons. But would they please not come back; thus fill spirit with Christ, Angels, and members of one's family. There is no room for demons in my hearth!

A healer typically has only his natural mastered ego (stripped off "enlightened" mind) to create and steer his reality. The body itself should be the responsibility part of God within and part of the ego. Make the ego responsible to everything you are using as a reality. Natural ego is the ego that does not care for itself. It is inferior egos generated by minds that believe they should be the one and only (illusion they are greater than your soul), and that they should be treated as such. Use plenty meditation to get rid of them. PROBABLY VERY COMMON HERE IN THE WEST, where we don't use meditation but hobbies to pass our idle time.

On no account take personal responsibility over miracle (creation) healing. You are not that great. This may be hard to accept.

This is the logic of the occultist: Anyway, spirit has to be located before it can be (mildly) commanded by minds to produce healing on demand. The author believes spirit is oblivious of the physical universe, so don't look for spirit in the physical universe, look in infinity, or better, outside of minds. When spirit tries to understand a body, this is a person's aura pulse, which is primary in physical healing. A spirit likely doesn't want to be in a sick body, which probably inflicts the body's aura when spirit browses bodies. Cleaning the aura thus clears illness. However, a spirit will not help a body until it is ready to be helped. Minds block these things, which raises the belief that "believe that you have received it and you will receive it" or "who seeks will find" which is an old folk method to overrule the mind so spirit can do what spirit has to do.

There is absolutely no gain in understanding of the old world to actually change that world. The worth of such information is equal to fish guts. Where the occult is fish guts there stands the Christian with the flesh of the fish, the gospel.

n.b. The penalty for killing off (holy) spirit so mind is in control is atheism, possession, depression, eternal un-forgiveness and suicide. Respect spirit at all times by using psychological hygiene.

© Joey Peters - October 2012.

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