Channeling Schizophrenia.
By Joey Peters
He has written about schizophrenia with hindsight on what it did to him and how he dealt with it.

The therapists have now switched to other criteria to explain various types of what used to be MBDs, minimal brain disorders. These will be ignored or respected as much as I like here as I don't hold any academic responsibilities or degrees.

Sometimes I get angry when people ask me: are you an autistic? Would society (especially government personnel on public access TV) please stop calling me by my disorder and just call us by our names. True, I get welfare, but does that mean I lose my dignity?

Mental disorders can sometimes be a great source of frustration, but when channeled properly, it can also be used as ability or assets to personality. Cleaning up schizophrenia often means trunking a lot of psychological junk and abilities.

When schizophrenia is channeled, it is pure creation and power over that creation. Generally a person eventually starts getting problems when they create more psychological things like memories or fantasies (acquired or not) than they can destroy or maintain themselves in their window of consciousness. They then invite other entities, which in turn destroy/create and animate things to find out what the creations are. These entities within must also create a little in this universe so they can exist as such. Much like how we need a body to be in and be part of the physical universe.

In exorcism the recognition of a entity (of demons or devils) is their downfall. This is why they can not be proven, but similarly cannot be debunked. Demons are at the root of every psychosis, and they are always invited trough akasha. Demons and Angels give the idea, you have to give them room.

(According to the figures) A person younger than 17 does not usually develop schizophrenia but evidence for genetic make up is there. However, there are many precursors to concealed disorders and exceptions to be found.

Personally I think the right age to get a diagnosis for MBD etc is between ages 7 and 8. The only way to cash into one's hidden abilities from disorders is to be aware of them and channel them, by writing about them, or by meditation.

Most schizophrenia is caused by non/wrongly-matured brain into adulthood combined with childhood fantasies, which are usually schizophrenic theories on technology in the physical universe. The natural state of consciousness without any actual thinking/beingness aid is schizophrenia, as this creates the reality we live in to be available to the ego.

Schizophrenics want to be called glamorous names. The author was no exception, he prayed to God when he was young that he may become "very important", which is Satan's original sin anyway. The key, especially when young, is to loop it back to source by parents commanding "this is wrong, you will not do this again, who taught you this?" etc. A good way to prevent children from developing schizophrenia, is to not let them play so passively on their computer games but let them play with other children, in an active way. Computer games aren't natural to psychology but one day it may be.

Always punish the guilty is Jehovah's message to all sinners speaking with them and their gang. Now it is highly likely schizophrenia was involved into the creation of universes. Universes such as heaven live on because there is life in them, namely Jesus Christ. As Edmund put it, one has to appeal for a higher source, and later question whether the method is still useful. (other words) A psychosis is the culprit for schizophrenia. A neurosis is more an autistic thing. However, patients with autism (as myself) can also have psychosis.

The most dangerous thing about a psychosis is the risk of getting addicted to it. This is especially true if the victim has nothing else to do than getting emotional downloads to relief their mania (by allowing other entities to make psychical decisions for them) or arouse themselves sexually.

There is definitely an emotional high about changing reality, get it on the telepathic net, and the response gives one grandeur and mastery of other people's universes and memories. At such a psychotic pump mechanism one gets overwhelming amounts of remote viewing. If you set up psychotic filters, you only become a greater schizophrenic, which is not worth having, or generally escalates the situation. No schizophrenic will admit that they find it important to be important no matter what the psychological price (schizophrenia), which is a problem to me as well.

In New Age, we are commanded to heal, make important etc ourselves as much as we can. This is not the way. One can drop it to Jesus, which appears to guard one's sanity to satanic influences, or do one's own battles, which is a lost cause.

When emailing with western style guru Edmund I found out I was autistic and psychotic much earlier than my psychiatrist. At one point I was also afraid of suffering Tourettes, because of certain demons. If you admit to it, it will flow out of you as curing schizophrenia is in ALL entities interests. Living now might not be comfortable, but it will get better. Neurosis or epileptics is the phenomena that keeps the fabric of time space together, schizophrenia does appear to be the other end of neurosis and epilepsy.

The best way is to take medication and redevelop functions on another part of the brain. If you are successful at this, you will not usually remember your psychosis. The author can't see the difference between psychotic reality or normal reality, which is probably just as well. A heavy filter or an all out obstacle on thought is worth having. The author ritually got rid of his old archives and occult books.

Likewise there are people in society that don't get found out being schizophrenic, which are the biggest lunatics. Non clinical schizophrenia starts when just people which don't get criticized enough, so they accept anything within without testing it outside themselves by not allowing criticism or review. This boasts their personal reality, until they change it to their liking (because they think they have that right), and then wonder why people start slowly losing track in the story line of their sermons. Organised religion has plenty of schizophrenia, but then it also has plenty of enlightenment. However, Jesus can enlighten one sufficiently without the need of organised religion.

The ground of all knowledge is worth having. The fruits on it are not, as Man isn't that fully developed yet. This is the attitude to take against rivaling religions.

The way out is living full in the physical universe, however, all realities within personal universes have to be abandoned, and entities, including God and Satan within WILL object. You beingness will change. And then there is the remark that the physical universe is too brutal. We never said it was going to be easy. Life is strictly for winners.

Self help with hind sight on my clinical schizophrenia. Only use after needs of the body are fulfilled and one is in normal health:

Lastly, some help developing on other parts of the brain:

© Joey Peters - December 2011.

Notes 2012. A schizophrenic usually relies on memes/zodiacs to control their reality where it should only (at maximum) control their mind. This is how a psychosis is born. Always clean up things that aren't charismatic to you anymore, or they will come back and take away you sanity as their house still stands. Memes and zodiacs should only exist as an auto pilot for thinking. This can be seen as mind control but it can also seen as evolution; where stronger memes survive.

If you question yourself when you're schizophrenic, "what are those zodiacs that need to be purged", they are either too obvious and present (romantic and charismatic) to be removed. Shame is only well in the psychiatrist office committing that you have dreams outside the physical universe. Let this go.

The collective imagination of the subconscious is what passes as dreamworld. Anything above that barrier is in the physical universe. However, consciously accessing this, is just called remote viewing. This is an area of psychological law. Lifting things from the subconscious to the conscious is like lifting weights, it will get easier if you do this often. Psychotherapy on your entities within (your sector) is more important than knowing they have problems. Though knowing is the first step to health.

Cleaning these entities up and breaking all past links and living by the senses is always the first step.

Sounds a lot like an eastern method.

Consider the following demons in your life on outside meditation:

Remember the game element in these. Seeing this as a game makes it easier to cope with them. However, this is not politically correct. It may be crude to say that a criminal is playing games with people, as everything has to reduce to games to make life enjoyable to minds.

It can be taken to such an extend, that there is an entity which is probably the great gamemaster; quite possibly alien.

For inside meditation

© Joey Peters - October 2012.

Notes April 2013

The following will hopefully show an exit view on schizophrenia by the author. I haven't had much disconnect or decomposition of reality for quite a while. These are probably one of my final notes for this article.

Schizophrenia usually comes from a schizoid lifestyle in combination with unfortunate mindset from genes or elsewhere or lifestyle where you don't see a lot of people, where you don't do much, and where voices in one's head are the only thing that keeps your mind in activity laying in bed the whole day. The writer knows what he's talking about.

In some ways it is better to have battled with a schizoid lifestyle when you are young. However, it does come with other complications. The key is to develop yourself when your brain is still in development, which is up to the age of 26.

Something I noticed with schizophrenia is that once you get a job (volunteer or real), the psychotic realities tend to become redundant if you place your physical work above your schizophrenic work (often mental gymnastics, statements repeated until they give off spirit emotion). It is tough to start picking up work so start with labor therapy when one is a total addict to psychosis, or in case of the writer when he was young, addicted to fantasy

ONE STEP AT A TIME! The writer has a chaperon. There are probably institutions for you to call upon in your country to get help with your schizophrenia or getting a job. One can always try church for help also.

You'll have to discover these non schizoid realities which relate to in real world activities. It is a mental exercise at the end of the day to unravel your old realities best done consciously at night. This only works if the new job is rewarding, mentally and financially, and is fit with your talents.

Working with your brain and especially body tend to work better channeling schizophrenia than using your artistic abilities. It is also advisable for autistics not to turn on the radio or distract yourself from what you are doing; to keep input low. For autistics it is also recommended you pick something you could do the rest of your life as change is going to be a problem after having a "job" for 3 years or longer and having to change.

I'm starting to think schizophrenia is like mental masturbation or something, I don't know how to put it. Done to oneself to keep one busy in a unvanitifull (???) way, though pleasurable, it can degrade you to being a bum when you don't dose the emotional high off. I blame all (seriously) schizophrenia on white mass (expressed as euphoria) and one's reaction (a psychic high) to such. To bring up Lenin to date, "religion is opium of the People"

White mass is the kind of psychological stuff that gives the schizophrenic his high. He will then have plenty of memories of his highs, which all must be purged to be free from schizophrenia. In drug addicts, you have to purge it in a similar way and for many reasons is similar.

Schizophrenia, when detected in remote viewing and healing, is just a load of satanism with acquired demons. The demons are between the layers of highs. Don't hold on to your rubbish. The writer had dreams of becoming a dragon (yes, I know the religious implications) when he was a child, and kept these fantasies until his late twenties up to his psychosis, which became very awkward and shameful. Purging these is also mandatory. Second step after purging memories of highs is memories of fantasies or acquired memories of highs like in movies. Most people keep a snapshot of a movie in their head so they know whether they've seen it. A schizophrenic does this as well but it tends to get out of control if you're are fantasist.

Love at first sight is never from an imagination but always a verbalisation of spirit to spirit magic. Satan wants you to fall in love with yourself to justify your sins that have pleasure in them. Satan is just the sum of atheism and humanism; they don't control it because they don't believe in it. Put your naivety (also things in the past) in the sweeper once memories and fantasies are purged. This should be your last thing to purge.

If you don't have anyone to talk to about your progress, you can always find contacts on the Internet. I'll gladly hear your problems though in 90% of the emails I get, I recommend going to a psychiatrist. Please do not email me when you use drugs, first stop taking drugs and get your life on rails with the institutions that are fit. The author lives in an apartment complex for normal people and autistics.

© Joey Peters - April 2013.

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