S08. Miscellaneous Notes.

The writer is not going to rewrite the procedure in S07. Anyway the reader has probably used it in a completely different way to that originally intended. This not a problem as we all live in different sectors. The reader should have deleted all the lines which do not work or no longer work for him. Consider adding the following.

PSI is a perfectly natural phenomenon provided it is not blocked. The entry point is Discordant Psi flows. PSI HEALING can provoke a number of barriers. Consider the following. CHECK LIST. The following is useful for personal cleansing as targets. VAMPIRE SPIRIT WORLDS need to be handled if we are to live in comfort. The writer's list includes the following. Add and delete to make your own. One problem is that the writer has difficulty telling whether entities are in body or without. These can be targeted in the following style. All the existing fossilised owners have to come out to fight. FIRE WALLS are the far side of the Fire Barrier where one turns the barrier around to keep out the ungodly. Consider the following. TOTALITIES.
TELEPATHY. Consider the following. As all minds and owners are telepathic, then claiming ownership of all telepathic communication should be able to relegate this sort of work to Spirit and subconscious levels. This not easy to get into. THE FIRES OF PSI. Again this is not easy to enter. Consider the following. THE FIRES OF ENERGY. Raw Spirit is pure energy in the zero state. Consider the following. THE HEAVY MOB. The following are detested by mind controllers. THE NOISE OF THE MARKET PLACE will come in when all major sources of trouble are dispatched in one's sector CREATION is a good way of flushing out mind controllers. MEMES are the basic building blocks of mind.

ANTI-SPIRIT comes into view.

ESTABLISHING ONE'S SOVEREIGNTY. Using variations on the following lines (as an addition to the procedure you are using) is useful for establishing control over Zodiacs so that they no longer control you. This is replacing their control mechanisms with yours. The improvement in telepathy is more likely to affect Spirit than the body. Things like Zodiacs depend on not being found out and thus have to control Spirit to Spirit telepathy at all costs. They live on our misguided love. Select from the following those lines which will work at any one time. Subjects include. TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION OF ALL MINDS. If one makes all minds their slaves, then these minds can not do very much. Any hints the writer may know are highly politically incorrect and are quite unprintable. Once one can assume full authority, one can thump the unauthorised.

ZERO. There are a number of natural Zero States to which all things eventually return. Emotional Zero deals with fossilised mentalism.

OWNERSHIP OF PSI. First one must establish ownership of all dead minds. These minds can not stand being owned by a living entity and disappear. It is not possible to gain control of a living entity in this way. Mutual ownership is no problem. One has a mutual share in the road outside one's house, though the local town council may disagree. Minds demand exclusive ownership.
The Fires of Psi are a reaction to the negative psi used in mind control. Ownership of psi cancels out all the negative psi that has been used to control one. Once one owns psi, one has a fighting chance of developing psi for one's own use. Unfortunately the only psi ability readily available and what everyone else wants is the "Forgiveness of Sin". MENTAL MACHINES are generated all the time to do our thinking for us, and are no problem provided they are dismantled again. They cause problems when left around. They can be attached to people, places and artifacts. There are a few god machines around. The best way of controlling people is to take command of their pleasure and pleasure centres. Thus activities by the target will only be pleasurable if authorised. OVERRUN can occur quite easily when one runs out of material or gets on to the wrong track Overrun tends to put everything back again.

Viking Remote Viewing and Psychic Self-Defence.

© Edmund Meadows, August 2001.