S07. Restoring Positive Psi and Harmonic Order out of Chaos.

If you run into problems in this section, drop back to S04 targeting "Owners" till the problems clear themselves.

Restoring harmonic order out of chaos would not be needed, if ETs, mind controllers, priests, and clever theologians had not been imposing artificial order to suit their own requirements. Zero is a point where we are nothing, do nothing and have nothing. From Zero, we can reach out and do what we wish, and return to Zero when we wish. Minds are some thing and therefore have a hard time existing in Zero. Minds are blockages in flows. The range of types of flows and minds is only limited by one's imagination. When a woman sends a man her love, she is sending a flow. When a man answers such a flow with action and protection, he is sending a flow back. Remote psychotherapy runs on such flows. Spirit is one or many, and does not follow the same rules of identity as say bodies. Thus Spirit as one is God, and as one of many is your Guardian Angel. He who owns Spirit, owns all mind control, perverse influences and discordant flows.

However one rarely wants to return to complete Zero as that will wipe out all minds. If a mind is one's own, one can create and destroy as necessary, and such a mind is dynamic. If a mind is imposed from outside, then it is static. Natural order in the Galaxy runs on:-

FLOWS can be categorised under at least 3 major dualities. OWNERSHIP. The great original mind control trick is for a mind to gain ownership of Spirit. Spirit always returns to Zero and Harmony when unhindered. Being owned by a mind blocks this. Minds then tell you that they are "Creating order out of Chaos" which is a lie.

DYNAMICS. Every thing one can do here is dynamic and can not injure Spirit, only fossilised static minds.

Amend the following to suit requirements. This area is booby trapped all over the place with Golems to prevent mind control being unraveled. Purge Golems often. Golem is as good a name as any for an item of discord. Discords can be virtually anything including war memes and past lives, and prevent one returning to Zero. All golems have owners which are better targets. One is liable to find more demons than an American evangelist. There are quite a number of alternatives to "Discordant" like "Obsolete" and "Redundant". There are a number of alternatives to "Destroy" in Section M07 or there is a short list further down. Cut the procedure down to size when starting, and build it up again. Add and invent missing lines as appropriate. Let Spirit, intuition, intelligence (or low cunning if all else fails) be your guide. Remove any line which becomes redundant. When starting, copy and paste the following to your word processor and cut it down to a manageable size. The correct version is the one which works.

Subjects include. LIST OF ALTERNATIVES TO "DESTROY". There is a detailed list in Section M07. PSI MINDS are not necessary and are blocked flows. All psi minds are made up of negative psi. UNIVERSAL PSI MINDS contain all the Akashic Elements, Akasha, Karma, all forms of Zodiac and mind control, and possibly images of Jehovah as well. These may have to be put in the procedure. Expect plenty of Golems. This contains all the prototypes for personal minds. All universal psi minds are made up of negative psi. POSITIVE and NEGATIVE PSI. We normally want positive psi for our own purposes and get negative mind control psi instead. We need positive psi to fill all voids and prevent fresh negative stuff coming in. One may have to prefix everything with "Positive", "Negative" and "Psi" as appropriate. GOLEMS may have past lives, crimes, judges and punishments. They want release, escape and forgiveness. They also need responsibility. OWNERS outrank golems. If one purges the owner of a meme, then one purges the meme as well. People can have owners. Owners can be a very varied bunch. The Ultimate Owner is the Source. THE DEATH BARRIER. In order to own Spirit, a mind must first "kill off" Spirit or appear to do so. This is an illusion as Spirit can not be killed. See the tables of Spirit Emotion in S02. Check the following. DOWNLOADS are of usually of ET origin, and therefore do not have past lives. Downloads can be transmitted person to person. Amend the procedure to suit when they appear.

RELATIONSHIPS are a good way at getting at particular problems. The relationship may behave differently if the targets are reversed or one changes the names. Targets usually have more than one name.

SEXUALITY. The writer can not pick up the colour of a person's skin by remote viewing, as this is the colour he was born with and is natural to him. (The writer can not pick a lady's age, but that because the lady's Guardian Angel will not let him.) Similarly, a person's sexuality is what they were born with, and is unlikely to show up. Heterosexuality can be discordant to a natural homosexual. Spirit is asexual but often takes on the sexuality of the host body. Consider the following. THE BIG BANG (or whatever did happen) was a disaster and is an ultimate owner, but there may be others. A cleanup list of targets include. DOWNLOADING SPIRIT ENERGY. When the Anger block of lines is reasonably free of abreaction, and one feels charitable towards the target, one can try downloading Spirit energy on the target. However this can be a mug's game as it raised the writer's blood pressure by 50%. The better way is to clear every owner of energy and psi, which should release enough energy. These owners in the target are liable to frustrate one's efforts.

THE FIRE BARRIER is normally called the Fires of Purgatory or the Fires of Hell. This is a barrier through which one has to pass in order to free Spirit. The following are the right tools for the purpose and not "Destroy". Use them to target someone else first as they can make one's hair stand on end. Certain ETs like the Reptoids and Erideans are the other side of the Fire Barrier, so one must go through the Fire Barrier in order to remote view, link in or contact them in any way. When one is happy with Fire Barriers, one can look into Personal Fire Walls for one's own protection.

DEMONS. The right tool here is REINCARNATE and not "Destroy". Most of them are operating from beyond the grave like Transylvanian vampires, so purge their graves. If possible locate their graves as this helps. Encourage them to reincarnate which should remove them as psycho hazards. A vampire's mind is immortal as long as it can feed on your energy and is not be forced to reincarnate. Some of them have most holy and respectable names. The writer is fast coming to the conclusion that all the ET mind controllers he has encountered are working from beyond the grave. Live ETs can send a raiding party to get him. Living dead ETs can not do this. Spirit guides and your late Uncle Joe may be minor vampires but one should be prepared to do a little trading, provided it is fair trade. Subjects include. MIND CONTROL INCONGRUITIES. HEALING and CURING DISEASE. Treat the psychic and psychological elements of a person's medical condition as perverse flows, blocked flows or golems. Get rid of these elements and the body has a fighting chance of repairing itself, and medical intervention will work. Do not try healing anyone who does not wish to be healed or does not wish to live, as this is courting failure. On no account try curing the writer of his dyslexia as he has been cashing in on its advantages for the last 35 years, while spelling checkers take care of the disadvantages.

EPILEPTICS can be very useful as they have an excess of the Akashic Fire element. As most of them are on drugs, they can hardly complain if one uses their energy, and in return balances up their flows. Epilepsy like Fire, is a way of Spirit trying to break free of minds, but as it has medical symptoms it is usually regarded as a medical complaint to make money for doctors, and not a psychic complaint.


TOTAL PERSONAL OWNERSHIP of oneself and one's sector is the goal, but it must be backed up by Total Personal Anger. Try other targets. Claiming ownership of God will bring one into conflict with MOSSAD and the Kremlin. One can not claim ownership of anyone who owns themselves. Anyone you own can not do much against you. There are plenty of variations on the theme in this section to suit your particular requirements. The writer can only give the bare bones as he is not in your sector.

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