D49. The Secrets of the Universe.

Please note that this section is liable to put one through the Fires of Psychological Reincarnation and Purgatory. There is also plenty of pain. It is not suitable for anyone with a heart condition.

POWER THOUGHT. When one is happy with Godship, it is time clear all rubbish around thought. Free thought is superior to Godship, but one does have to knock out all gods and mind controllers in one's sector first. Godship is good for benchmarking one's state of enlightenment, but is a state of beingness and thus not a state to remain in. Godship appears to be the highest state of beingness. Dynamic godship is fine, but any static god is to be purged. Dynamic godship is transient to be switched on when needed. However rules outrank godship. One is likely to get some insights into the basis of psychological reality, as reality changes will come up. The writer may know the structure of memes, but only Spirit knows how to make them. Try to keep to the creation of positive memes or we may come looking for you. Communication is everything, and telepathy is a subset of it and subject to mind control.

Subjects include. CHAINS OF ENTROPY. The whole of mentalism is a system of entropy, with one decaying universe inside the next higher one. A chain is a good analogy as each universe acts as a closed link to keep one going around in circles, while linked to the next highest link. Why not go for the whole chain up to the top and ignore individual links? One may care to slot some of the following into the end of the procedure. It does appear that we have been programmed by our creators to discover the Secrets of the Universe for them. This sounds like the old practice of burning down a few villages of a rival nation to get them to come to a friendly conference. Subjects include. THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE. Try the following. THE SECRETS OF THE PSYCHIC UNIVERSE revolve around telepathy and communication. THE RULES OF ENERGY. MORPHOGENETIC MINDS. When the whole of mentalism appears to be pure psychosis, insanity, mind control and brain washing, it is time to look again at the basic Morph or unit of life in everyone of us. Cut any dead wood out of the procedure as not all the things that work on mentalism will work for the Morph. There is a lot of pain holding back psi ability, so break off into one's psi list after handling anger and pain if there is a good hit on psi. Note that as psi activity is perfectly natural to the Morph, psi activity of the Morph can not be increased by this type of meditation; one can only remove mental blockages. The command list will probably collapse into something like the following. Expand to suit current requirements. Some extra subjects. CONCEPTS outrank godship. ARCHETYPES here are the mental machines generated by Man to modify outside forces, and act as a buffer. Zodiacs when they appear are probably ET archetypes. Unfortunate archetypes probably cause quite a few degenerative diseases. What is more important, who owns these systems. ZERO is of interest as if one is in a state of zero, one can not have any fossilised mind. This could be a real key to psi. Also one can leave everything to Spirit which bypasses any mind. If one has done enough active work in raising levels, then it can be unproductive to do any more work which is brain directed. If new levels appear then one can go back to brain directed work. This does mean going into the passive state which dumps all responsibility on to Spirit. As we are a symbiosis of body and Spirit, this does put control in the hands of Spirit and we will have to claim it back again to suit requirements. THE VENGEANCES of obsolete entities one has has purged may be lying about. It is quite easy to purge an entity but leave its defence mechanisms intact. Some later updates have gone into R09 and R12 as they include emotional and ET stuff.

We regret that the Secrets of the Universe are so terrible that a person may only find them out for himself, and they may not be divulged to others.

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