D48. We Are The Masters Now.

SIGNATURES are useful here to establish one's authority. When one loops back to clear away rubbish at lower levels, the following can be useful. SWITCHING ON PSI. This will infuriate all the black magicians. Open or active zodiacs appear to act as a switch to switch on mentalism and switch off psi. One will gain more in one's own freedom than in positive psi ability. What one is doing is switching off negative psi and removing the barriers to any abilities one may have. Subjects include. THE MORPHOGENETIC FIELD OF MAN. Developing the theories of Rupert Sheldrake, we can purge the parasites of the basic human subconscious. The universal subconscious has been corrupted by the actions of our mind controllers, so it is best to go for basics. Hopefully this will allow Man in general to clear his own rubbish, and allow him to become his own master. Watch out for vampires. THE UNIVERSE OF DIY. If one wants a job done properly, one either has to do it themselves or take good responsibility for it. So long as we are living in the universes of other, someone is going to collect the rent in the form of energy. Beware of vampires as the exit penalty is very high. Amend the procedure to suit requirements. THE ORIGINAL GOD or the Original One who divided. Caution is needed as all that may be left is some sort of zodiac which has to entice in free Spirits in order to energise it. Beware of any invitations to take over its running. CLEANUP. One can go for cleaning up as most of the blockages are out of the way.

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